Introducing Peak Prosper’s Whitefish Montana Mountain Retreat for Entrepreneurial Men & Business Leaders
Whitefish, Montana October 7 - Oct 10, 2022

Step away from your business & reconnect with yourself, nature, & your highest vision for the future.


Even if you feel overwhelmed with having too much to do.

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Introducing The Whitefish Montana Mountain Retreat

Step away from your business & reconnect with yourself, nature, & your highest vision for the future.

Even if you feel overwhelmed with having too much to do.
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Are You Ready To Disconnect From Your Business & Reconnect To What Truly Matters?

2022 has been a big year, and when we talk to entrepreneurs and business leaders, they are telling us things like…

“I feel overwhelmed with so much to-do, it feels like I never get ahead.”

“I need to take a break.”

“My mind never turns off.”

So we went ahead and created a 4-day, 3-night all-inclusive personal and business growth experience in the heart of the Montana wilderness.

We even rented an entire lodge located on 40 acres to create the experience of a lifetime.

This is an opportunity to…

Disconnect from the speed & stress of everyday life…

Connect with other like-minded leaders…

And refresh your highest vision for the future!

You’re going to walk away from this retreat feeling rejuvenated and fired up to focus on what matters most in your life and business.

For the last five years at Peak Prosper, we've been coaching and working with adventurous entrepreneurial men to help them grow thriving 6-7 figure businesses in harmony with their lifestyles.

Adventure is at the heart of Peak Prosper - and we know that the best way to grow ourselves and our business is to reconnect with the core of nature.

Over these 4-days in the heart of the Montana Mountains with nature as our classroom, you will…

Leave the hyper speed and “always on” world of your daily life…

Reclaim a mindset of inner peace and freedom…

And evolve your business vision for the future to create more freedom, growth, and prosperity!

If you’ve been feeling like you need a break and to step away from your business, then the Peak Prosper Whitefish Mountain Retreat is exactly what you need.

The Peak Prosper Whitefish Mountain Retreat

A 4-day, 3-night retreat to disconnect, recharge and create your highest vision for your business yet.
Whitefish, Montana October 7 - Oct 10, 2022

Imagine this… waking up to the fresh autumn mountain air, going on a quiet stroll through the woods, and drinking fresh Montana coffee to start your day…

Or what about… an afternoon hike with 14 other high-performing entrepreneurial men, the sun streaming through the pines, and opening your mind to new possibilities in your life and business…

Or lastly… a sunset paddle on a remote mountain lake, warming yourself by a campfire under starry skies, and the feeling of freedom burning inside of your soul.

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Whitefish Montana October 7 - Oct 10, 2022


"There was a poor harmony between my personal and business life and my ability to just BE. Now, I'm more of myself all the time."

- Jack Fonderwhite | Jackupuncture

"I’ve become a master of my thoughts, no longer do they control me. My vision for the future is something that the whole family is behind and excited to work together to turn into a reality."

- Justin English | Heartland Payments



In this 4-day, 3-night retreat, you’ll wake up to the sounds of birds in the morning, and fall asleep to the wind blowing through the pines at night. By tapping into the natural rhythms of nature, you’ll discover an entirely new sense of balance and inner peace. All while immersing yourself in a stunning mountain environment, with powerful workshops and a supportive community of other entrepreneurial men.


Remember the empowering feeling that was generated inside of you the last time you deeply connected with nature? Using nature as our classroom, we will put ourselves in an environment to create and define the most powerful and abundant vision for the future you’ve ever had. You’ll leave this retreat feeling confident and focused on a future you’re stoked about.


The path towards our highest self is a process of elimination, not addition. By stepping away from the hyper-speed of our everyday life and removing digital distractions, we will focus on clarifying and defining what matters most in our lives. You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, your business, and what is going to maximize your growth, happiness, and success.


Peak Prosper has the only community in the world for adventurous entrepreneurial men. Immerse yourself with those that are humble, open-minded, and want to see you win. You’ll be surrounded by leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your network to a group of men that will make you a better person - this is it.


Located in Northwestern Montana just 8 miles west of the town of Whitefish, our lodge is surrounded by hundreds of acres of wilderness. Everyone will have their own twin bed and you can expect delicious food with every meal. Our lodge even has a wood-fired sauna!


  • All adventures
  • All food
  • All coaching, workshops, and event material
  • Photos and media from us to document your memories


October 7 - Oct 10, 2022

The investment is $1,750.00

The experience is a tax-deductible business cost!

A 50% payment is required to confirm your spot.


Schedule a short 20-minute call with us on the calendar below to get your questions answered and secure your spot.

The retreat is limited to 15 people.

Number of spots left: 15 11

Spots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

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"In the last 4 months my confidence is at a different level in business - and it's all because of my mindset. It's not because other people are changing, it's because I'm presenting myself in a different way."

- Nate Kay |

"I was beating my head against the wall and having a lot of self doubt. Things weren't going well in my personal life and business. Peak Prosper has been life changing - and if I pulled my wife in here she would say the same thing."

- Ryan Anderson | Anderson Homestead Design

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About Us


We help entrepreneurial men grow a thriving business that is in harmony with their adventurous lifestyle. These are men who have a passion for life, adventure, nature, and becoming the best version of themselves. They have the raw materials to make this happen, but lack the mindset and internal success principles to turn their dream into a reality. They often feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, and continue to run into the same roadblocks.


Scott is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He draws inspiration from challenging adventures ranging from the peaks of the Himalayas to his home mountain ranges of Whitefish Montana, where he lives with his beautiful wife Alexandra.

Mike’s soul is found in adventure, world travel, and discovering “what could be” instead of “what is.” This journey has led him to walk 400-miles unsupported across Iceland, bike solo through Southern India, and live in various countries across the globe.

 Adventure Is At The Core Of Who We Are





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