I’ve always been inspired by the philosophical words of Steve Jobs, his impact on humanity, and the legendary story he has left behind.

When I start steering off course in my own life I hear his words playback through my ears…

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. – Steve Jobs

I believe Jobs is suggesting that we follow our own path, and see through to realize the dreams we all talk about, but don’t always walk about. We don’t write them down, make a plan, share them with others and build an unstoppable fire of action to turn them into a reality.

No. We settle.

We settle for a job that brings security, but a feeling of shitty emptiness, a relationship that is an unhealthy dependent lie, a college education as our path, because it is the “thing that everyone today has to do to get a job and build a successful career. We end up walking this path laid out in front of us by society, our parents, friends and never take the time to just STOP

all the bullshit for a few hours to ask ourselves with an honest open heart… What do “I” really want? What will bring my happiness, inner peace and joy?

See what we get as a result of not doing this is a whole lot of what we do not want, simply because we never took the time to consciously define what we want and we have not decided that our dreams are something worth working for.


Inside all of us is a small seed of our youth that screams for what our heart most desires. It was most alive when we were first born into this world, when we would scream our little asses off until we got fed, our poopy diapers got changed, or we got the toy we deeply desired.

But, somewhere along our aging we started listening to other people say…

… don’t touch that.

…. stop crying and being such a sissy.

… stop eating so much food fatty.

… emotions… if you’re a man, then man the fuck up and don’t be such a pussy.

This sounds harsh, but this is exactly what happens. And, we believe this crap. As we get older, it becomes even worse…

… your dreams are ridiculous, they will never come true.

…. Stop doing what you love and come follow my path.

… your dream will never make you enough money to survive and thrive.

… don’t feel that way, you should feel this way.

… that sexy person in the Outside magazine is way better than you at everything in life.

More bullshit.


These voices ruins us. It ruins us from realizing what we deeply want life to look and feel like. It crushes our hearts and numbs us from having the ability to ever write an “I want / dream list”, and if at some point we had the courage to write one, we maybe even burned it.

Again, as Job’s said… “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Breaking this is not easy, since many of us know nothing more than how to walk through this world striving for other people’s approval, we become master people pleasers and never dance to the song that makes our heart sing, and with each day thicker and thicker emotional layers cover up our core being. We spend our lives doing what other people want us to do…

  • We go to college, because our parents wanted us to.
  • We run marathons because significant others wanted to see us physically thrive.
  • We get a “disheartening job” rather than pursuing what we are deeply passionate about.
  • We keep going to the party to get loaded because where else would we fit in?

So start reclaiming your natural desires and heartfelt dreams now. Lean into them with no shame, guilt, or inhibition. Don’t fester in feeling of selfishness, because one of most selfless things you can do is build and inspiring life that you are happy and proud of. In doing so you will help more people that you can even possibly begin to imagine.

This starts with one simple action…

Start honoring your preferences in every single situation. Stop letting other people decide what you eat, where you workout, who you hangout with, what you wear, what color your fucking notebook and the color of ink you write with is. These might seem like inconsequential petty things, but they matter, everything little thing matters.


One of the most powerful exercises to begin gaining clarity around what you want in your life is to take 15-20 minutes to write a list of 30 things that you want to to be, do, and have in your lifetime.

This list will help you express your true values, what you want your internal and external world to look like and empower you with the ability to start noticing other people who have realized the exact same dreams that you wish to bring to reality.

Just do this and stop being that person that when asked… what do you want? Answers with a sigh and shameful “I don’t know.”


People often stop doing the things they love and settle for a full lifetime in a job doing things they hate simply because they don’t think they can make money doing what they love.

Well I love talking with people, helping them realize their dreams, overcome unhealthy addictive habits and build healthy inspiring lifestyles, so I work full-time as a health and recovery coach.

My buddy Sammy loves to ski and has made his living for the last 15 years skiing all over the world and making movies that inspire others.

Jack Canfield loves helping people and has done so with his books and seminars for the last 4 decades.

Tim Ferris loves human experimentation and sharing his experience online, in books and on his podcast.

And people all over the world make livings in the wilderness guiding, they grow gardens, ride bikes, take photographs and find ways to maximize time doing what they most love while making money and so can you.

For now, just take a little time to clearly define what you love doing.


A big theme of my work is helping people gain clarity around what they want, then most importantly, how they are going to make it happen.

At this stage, I’d like to push you create a vision for your life that is so big that it scares you a little bit and either inspires others and freaks them out because it is bigger than anything they have ever thought of. And, there will be these people who try to talk you out of your dream, or follow it with shit comments like…

“Maybe you should get your head out of the clouds and be a little more realistic.”

“There is no way in hell you are going to able to turn your business into a million dollars in the next 6 months.”

“I see no possible way that you could lose 100lbs, stop your bad habits, and build an entirely new, healthy, inspiring and happy life.”

Again, these are harsh, but there are people out there who will literally sabotage your dreams, don’t let them.

So next, take some time to complete a vision exercise to gain clarity on what you want your life to look like. This is a big ask, but if undone is likely your most important task. This is designed to help you gain crystal clear clarity on exactly what you want in your life. And remember, if you don’t know what you want you will still end up with something, but it will more than likely be something you don’t want.

Your vision will clearly summarize what you want in the key areas of your life that make it rich…

  • Environment: Where you work, live, and play?
  • Money: How much $ you have, relationship with it, and how it is used?
  • Career: What do you do for work? Do you love it without hesitation?
  • Relationships: What are your relationships like, what do you value in a relationship, what are you doing to rid of toxic relationships and replace them with those that inspire and lift you up?
  • Human Growth: What you do to grow personally and professionally?
  • Community: Are you involved in your town, who are you friends, what do you do with your family, how do your nourish your online tribe with inspiring content?
  • Spirituality: How do you remain connected to your higher self?
  • Health: What does optimal health feel like and look like to you?

As you begin working through these questions, do not sabotage  yourself by saying things like “there is no way I could earn $1,000,000 million dollars per year doing what I love.” or, I’ve been a drunk, substance addict for 15 years, there is no chance in hell that I could stop using and build my dreams.” or “success is reserved for other people not like me.”

Right now it is not important how your dreams will show up in life, just that you have clarity on what they are.


Once you have found that vivid picture of what your heart most desires, share it with the world. Whatever you do, do not keep it locked up inside, let it free so it may become your reality.

Share them with a trusted friend or coach, someone who inspires you to think and act big. And while you might think that this person will perceive your dreams as materialistic or unrealistic, it is more than likely they share many of the same dreams as you. See in each and every one of our hearts we desire financial abundance, nourishing relationships, optimal health, a life dedicated to doing what we love, and an opportunity to make a difference in our world.

Once you share your vision, and then share it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and re-read it everyday, people, resources and opportunities will begin showing up in your life to turn it into a reality. You will become clear on the path to climb your own mountain and along the way will get the opportunity to show other people what is possible. So once you start sharing your vision, keep doing so, this will program your mind to start believing that it is in fact possible.


In the preface of my book, I share a little bit of my story… how I’d found what life was like on the rock bottom, in the pit of despair, how turning my life around felt like climbing Mt. Everest; something I have never done, and am just now starting to believe is actually possible by taking baby steps just like cleaning up my life and realizing the career, relationships, health, community, financial prosperity, and inner peace that were clouded out for so many years.

In honor of 2 years free from the shackles of alcohol and drugs I am going to revisit this piece of my story, simply in hopes that it inspires you as to what is possible with a little bit of willingness, heart, and a lot of action.

It was May 8th 2017, two years ago today, I met my mom for a short 4 mile hike that would completely change my life.

Life hurt so fucking bad. On the inside I was dying even though my external world was pretty perfect.

And, it was not the first time, but God willing it would be the last.

Death had washed over me.

I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest, or my body was going to simply fall over and stop functioning in the middle of the woods.

I’d spent the last 24 hours consuming alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, bad food; poison.

And, finally, I had reached a diverging point on the trail in my life. In that moment, I realized that I could continue in the direction I was heading, or dive head first into a complete transformation.

I’d found a new bottom, and it was there that I could rebuild my bedrock in which relaunching life would become possible.

Up to this moment, I’d built a pretty successful life on the outside filled with the completion of dozens of marathons, skiing all over the globe, building several businesses, climbing mountains, developing a successful corporate career, and being an active member of my community.

But the truth, through all of this on the inside I was dying. Always seeking more, enough never existed. And, therefore I would go through continual cycles of building my life back, breaking it down, rinsing and repeating this over and over again.

Psychological transformations began to settle into my mind, body, and spirit; depression, loneliness, and sickness became norms. Everyday was worse than the last. And, everyday got harder to do the simplest shit like get out of bed in the morning, get dressed, and get moving.

Until that day.

That day that I showed up at the trailhead for a simple hike with my mother, and each step, each breath was also harder than the last. And, on that hike I realized that everything had to start changing, or I would die quickly as a result of the lifestyle I’d built.

Life had to change, not in a day, or two, or week or three.

It had to change today.


Since that day, everything has changed.


My career, how I live, what I do on a day to day. How I present myself.

Today, I get emotional over some of the most ridiculous shit, but I guess that is what life feels like sometimes when you can feel. Emotions truly are a beautiful part of the human experience.

Today, I share my feelings with others, rather than bottling them up and washing them down with booze.

I took the time to literally empty every physical, emotional, and spiritual drawer in my life, look at it, and decide if it was something I wanted to keep or get rid of.

Today, I simply don’t drink alcohol, use drugs of any form, and strive to live in alignment with the purpose that has been given to me.

To use my love for adventure, health, and the great outdoors to inspire, empower and lead people to their next summits in life and the mountains.

Today, I have been blessed with an incredibly rewarding career as a health and recovery coach where I get to share the detailed process I have gone through to literally begin living each day on fire.

To stop running from my problems and start taking ownership of every aspect of my life, and to build a life on purpose.

Because, truthfully, I have found no greater fulfillment in life than realizing that every little detail down to brushing my teeth and typing this next period will matter. It will fuel or deflate my life’s purpose.

And, the truth, my life is still far from perfect. Somedays, like you I still run into physical, emotional, and spiritual walls, but these make me stronger, because I do not quit.

I find a way to push through, climb over, or break the walls down.

I keep surrendering and when necessary fighting for what I have come to believe is the right thing; to live simply, to share each word and action from a state of compassion, love, and stillness.

I am grateful to get to share my process for re-launching life with you, and I hope that what I have shared today will ignite your own flight to living the life of your dreams.


Next week I’ll be diving head first into the subject of believing in ourselves and that the life of our dreams is actually possible, because as Arthur Williams said… “the number one problem that keeps people from winning in life today is a lack of belief in themselves.”

And, finally, I’d like to extend an invitation to you…

If you are interested in exploring your untapped potential, and getting through the barriers that are holding you back from stepping into the person capable of living the life of yours dreams in a 1-1 setting, then I invite you to book a free no obligation coaching session with me. This hour will likely be the greatest investment that you make into yourself all year and it is absolutely free. There is a link to my online calendar in this post, and I do hope that for your own personal growth you take advantage of this limited time offer.

Summit as Friends, and I will see you all next Wednesday.