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See what high performing adventurous men are saying about their results with Peak Prosper.

How Sean Went From...

Feeling Like a Shell of His Former Self to Gaining True Self-Confidence, Passion For Life, and Finding Clarity For The Life He Desires to Lead.

"I didn’t realize how much this was impacting other areas of my life. I’m a different person now."


 Sean shares the transformation he has made since deciding to work with Peak Prosper and how it has positively impacted his life. Listen to Sean's first-hand story of personal transformation and how he...

  • Learned how to be 100% confident in himself.
  • Moved on from the fear of failure and judgment.
  • Stopped comparing himself to others and went after creative work that inspires him.
  • Improved his knowledge and relationship with money.
  • Dramatically enhanced all areas of his life.
  • Figured out exactly what was holding him back for so long and how he solved it.
  • Shifted to no longer engaging with negative or anxiety-driven thoughts.

How Evan Went From...

Feeling Stuck, Distant in His Relationship, and About to Lose His World-class Restaurant to Creating More Connection in His Relationship, Saving His Business (setting a record month), and Donating 1700 Meals to His Community...

"Life felt chaotic and my relationship was struggling. I've found inner peace, freedom, saved my business, and elevated my life to new heights."


Since working with Peak Prosper, Evan...

  • Dropped the emotional weight and feels better, more confident, and aligned with his mission.
  • Saved his business, and donated 1700 meals to people in Oregon displaced by wildfires, they also just had their most profitable weekend since the pandemic
  • Rekindled his relationship with his gf as they work together to build more compassion, loving-kindness, and excitement into their relationship
  • Is climbing and getting outside more than ever and feeling more inspired to really be an elite adventure athlete

How Drew Went From...

Labeling Himself As A Failure And Working In A Toxic Job To Marrying The Woman Of His Dreams, Getting The Job He Wanted, And Becoming Man He Is Proud Of.

"I was lost and feeling like life was horrible. I was dragging my feet for a paycheck feeling zero confidence."


Drew shares his journey from fear and regret to confidence and purpose since working through the Peak Prosper Program. Drew discusses how he…

  • Was labeling himself as a failure and how that was negatively affecting his life.
  • Was able to break free from negative thinking and get out of his own head.
  • Got clarity on his purpose and direction so he could live a life with fulfillment and meaning.
  • Stopped himself from being pulled in a million different directions so he could focus on the things that matter.
  • Left a toxic, unfulfilling job that was eroding his self-worth and drive.
  • Shifted his mindset from “I am a failure” to embracing challenges and new opportunities.
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How Logan Went From...

Feeling Totally Lost to A Thriving Romantic Relationship, Growing His Climbing Gym, and Guiding Business and Sending 5.13...

My internal dialogue and mental strength has improved significantly, romantic relationship is way more intimate, and my business continues to thrive."


In this short interview, Logan discusses the results he has created in his life through working with Peak Prosper. He talks about he...

  • Created a thriving romantic relationship with the woman of his dreams.
  • Grew his European inspired climbing and guiding business even through the pandemic.
  • Sent a 5.13 climbing route, while improving his mental strength and embracing the simplicity and joy of climbing.
  • Discover more meaning, purpose, and passion in life.
  • Took small simple steps to build massive momentum in his life and business.

How Erik Went...

From Unconfident & Confused to Reigniting His Love for Life & His Career .

"My girl left me and I got hit with an internal storm. I was stuck inside my head with painful thoughts and emotions. I've rediscovered my passion for life and my career."


In this short interview, we discuss how through the Peak Prosper Program Erik was able to...

  • Quickly heal from “hyper stress”, and overwhelm.
  • Established productive and powerful routines of personal growth and mastery.
  • Empowered himself with the tools to become the man he wants to be. 
  • Got a promotion to hotshot crew lead with a new wildland fire team with a leadership role.

How Craig Went...

From $2K/month to $5K/month And Zero Exercise to Running a 1/2 Marathon with Peak Prosper

"I had low motivation to follow through on my dreams. I knew I was capable of so much more..."

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How Nate Went...

From Heartbreak and Business Confusion to Focusing on His Start-up, Celebrating His First $20,000 Month, and Building His Confidence...

"I needed to do the inner work, and build my discipline muscles so I could turn my dreams into a reality."


In this short interview,  Nate discusses how he grew from a point of heartbreak, vague business focus and some success, to improve his confidence, clarity, and commitment.

We also explore…

  • How Nate discovered inner peace, boosted his confidence and enriched his interpersonal relationships.
  • Why working with therapists and reading self-help books was simply not the solution for Nate to get the edge in his life, breakthrough his emotional challenges, heal and grow his business and get back into dating women.
  • How Nate grew his confidence and committed to a business start-up that is likely to become a 1 million dollar per year business, (while working together he celebrated his highest-earning month ever of $20,000).
  • How installing a series of small high-performance habits in Nate’s life helped him increase his energy, remain resilient and focused throughout the current world events and Covid.
  • Why he invested in working through the Peak Prosper Program even when money was tight was the best investment in himself that he could have made.

How Andrew Went...

From Stuck to Living His Greatest Life & Achieving His Goals with Peak Prosper

"2020 was hard, it surfaced some deep emotions that made me feel stuck in survival and acting out on some bad habits. Financial challenges were huge. I felt the weight of life."


In this short interview, Andrew discusses how the Peak Prosper Program helped him...

  • Break free from feeling “stuck” in some bad habits that were holding him back in all areas of his life.
  •  Hit some new major financial milestone.
  • Built new confidence and mindset to create an amazing relationship with a woman that aligns with his vision and values.


How Xander Went...

From Having a Vague Idea Of What His Business and Plan for Life Was to Creating Clarity and Turning The Life of His Dreams Into a Reality

"I felt scattered and overwhelmed with my start-up business... I realized this was affecting other areas of my life as well."

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How Chris Went...

From Thinking He Was Going to Be Stuck Like This Forever To Restoring His Confidence, Running 7 Miles And Getting Out of His Own Head.


"I'm no longer feeling guilty for the way that I was feeling. I feel free from the thoughts and emotions that was holding me back from living my dreams."


In this interview, Chris shares the transformation he has made since deciding to work through the Peak Prosper Men's Transformation Program and how it has positively impacted his life. Chris and I uncover how he…

  • Went from lacking belief in his physical ability to recently running 7 miles.
  • Overcame the paralyzing “what-if” thoughts.
  • Stopped comparing himself to others.
  • Got clarity over the things that were really holding him back.
  • Eliminated confusion and started focusing on the things that really matter.
  • Stopped doing “hacks” and why they don’t lead to real change.
  • What true confidence really is and how he attained it.
  • Shifted his mindset from “I feel like I’m going to be stuck forever” to constantly evolving into the best version of himself.

How Aaron Went...

How Aaron Went From Feeling Like He Was Headed Nowhere To Finding Meaning, Direction, and Confidence In His Life

"Before this…I didn’t know how to get what I wanted in life."


In this interview, Aaron shares the positive impacts he has seen in his life since completing the Peak Prosper Men's Transformation Program. Listen to his story to hear how Aaron...

  • Went from posting on Reddit in desperation to rebuilding his confidence.
  • Developed the tools and belief in himself to improve all areas of his life.
  • Eliminated the confusion over “what life is really about.”
  • Went from not knowing what to do to have a clear direction.
  • Found freedom from dwelling on the negative thoughts in his head.
  • Learned to confidently voice his opinion and feelings rather than sweeping them under the rug.
  • Developed personal drive and a stronger sense of self.

How Keith Went...

From Having Frustration Over His Past To Confidently Stepping Into His Future And Conquering Uncertainty

"Don't mold yourself to live in the reality of the world, change the reality of the world to the one you want to live in."


In this interview, Keith shares the transformation he has made since deciding to work through the Peak Prosper Men's Transformation Program and how he has completely shifted his outlook on himself and life. Keith openly talks about how he...

  • Overcame uncertainty over his future to getting new and better opportunities at work.
  • Moved on from the frustrations and regrets of his past to focusing on the man he wants to be.
  • Eliminated the noise and confusion of life to discovering clarity.
  • Broke the self-imposed boundaries and restrictions he set upon himself.
  • Went from trying “everything” to getting real change.
  • Shifted from hopelessness to prosperity and positivity.
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