The Peak Prosper Masterclass - For The High-Performing Adventurous Man:

Discover Your Purpose & Get Paid To Do What You Love Using Our "3 Inner Success Principles"

In Just 20 Minutes You're Going To Learn...


👉  Our proven methodology for getting paid to leverage your authentic skills, strengths, and passions (with something you have right now).

👉 The real reason men struggle with finding their true purpose - and why you need to change the "programming" FIRST.

👉 Why most personal growth and self discovery hacks don't work (we've tried them all) - and what to do instead.

👉 The truth about achieving success... and why very few men ever attain it!


About Peak Prosper

For the last three years, we’ve been perfecting the art of getting paid to do what you love while living the life of your dreams. In this exclusive training, you'll learn our method to show you how.

Who We Help

We help high-performing adventurous men find meaningful work that aligns with their purpose. These are men who have a passion for life, adventure, nature, and becoming the best version of themselves. They have the raw materials to make this happen, but lack the mindset and internal success principles to turn their dream into a reality. They often feel stuck, confused, and continue to run into the same roadblocks.

What We Do

We help these men find and achieve work that is energizing, fulfilling and aligns with their soul purpose. Work that allows them to live their desired lifestyle of freedom, abundance, and prosperity while reaching their full potential.

Our Methodology

NOS - Natural Operating State

By clarifying your Natural Operating State, you’re going to develop a powerful sense of who you are, what your true purpose is, and the key skills, strengths, and passions that you should be focusing on to do the work you love and be the happiest you’ve ever been.

MTV - Massively Transformative Vision

Once you clearly understand your Natural Operating State, the next step is to create your MTV - Massively Transformative Vision. This unique process will give you the clarity, direction, and confidence to know what the end goal is and why you’re working towards it.

Path To Prosperity

The final piece of this method is  called the Path To Prosperity. We break down your MTV into a simple-to-follow plan of action that allows you to build serious momentum and stack wins - which we call #newsummits. You know you’re moving toward your dreams because you’re seeing them become a reality.


Is This Worth 20 Minutes Of Your Time?


Clarified his entrepreneurial dream and landed his first $4,500 client (and $100k in future work).

"The amount of people I can reach and help with my GIS design work is incredible. The money & financial freedom & changing the world is so amazing."



Quit his unfulfilling $4k/mo job and made $25k in one month from work he loves.

"When you truly get clarity, understand your vision, and commit to it, the world will conspire to work in your favor."


Masterclass Led By

Mike Morelli is the co-founder of Peak Prosper. He has a passion for adventure, world travel, and discovering “what could be” instead of “what is.” He loves to go against conventional mainstream advice and show people a different way of life.

This journey has led him to walk 400-miles unsupported across Iceland, bike solo through Southern India, and live in various countries across the globe. Two years ago, Mike quit his dead end serving job in pursuit of something more meaningful and to reach his full potential.

This journey has led Mike on a mission to show other adventurous men how they can do work they love while living the life of their dreams by using his real-world experience and obsession with personal growth.

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