There are bullies in all of our lives, many of which make unconscious, un-deliberate, indirect attacks on us that have a direct effect on who we are today, who we are becoming, and how we emotionally feel throughout the day. These people are bullies.

They are what I will simply call negative bullies. They carry with them a negative life charge and have developed the habit of focusing on conversations, experiences, and nearly all aspects of their lives on “blame”. They are victims of circumstance rather than orchestrators of their own reality. They are bullies because in many circumstances they spread emotional toxins to those they interact with.

Rather than taking ownership over their lives, being grateful for what they have, and courageously and joyfully dancing through life’s moments of epicness and tribulation, they find a way to blame, complain and drive others insane.

Right now, for a moment, ask yourself, are there any bullies in your life? They are likely people closest to you; co-workers, family members, or friends. People, who naturally bring you to lower lows? How do these people make you feel? Do they supercharge you? Unlikely. It is likely that they drain you from the emotional energy necessary to live the life of your dreams.

Please do not overlook this question, because we become like the people we choose to spend the most time around. Therefore, if we want to change something about our lives, anything, we must make a deliberate decision to begin spending time around those who have already accomplished what we desire to do. People who regardless of what the day or life may bring them have a tendency to look for the silver lining in a situation, people who charge you with positive energy and a zest for life. People who make your smile a mile wide and love you for the person you are inside.

Quite literally, it will be much harder if not impossible to create a positive outcome, if we continue to allow negative inputs into our lives, families, and businesses.

So, today, take 5 short minutes to list out 5 people who positively influenced your life, business and health over the last month and 5 people who have emotionally drained you, then make a deliberate decision to surround yourself with more of the people on the positive side of your notebook.

Happy Friday Friends.