Do you ever reflect back on time that you spent and see it as a complete waste? You may think… damn, I wish I could have that hour, day or week back.

And, how often do you say… I don’t have enough time to (fill in the blank______)?

Many of us are overwhelmed, overbooked and committed to so much shit in our lives that does not matter that we no longer have the energy to invest into things that really do matter to us. We get too busy to invest in the important things in life, to focus on projects that matter deeply to us, to follow through with changing those unhealthy habits we talked about smashing 6 months ago during the new year.

And, really, it is not a matter of us not having enough time, because the same people who are out there crushing their goals, forming dream building habits, and sharing shit on social media that makes your mouth water have the same 24 hours a day as you do. The only difference between you and them… they invest their time differently and get a different return, cause, and effect. Simple. 

They don’t waste the same 24 hours on thoughts and things that get them what they don’t want, rather they invest it into thoughts and things that get them what they want.

So if we begin looking at time as a form of energy invested and not just “time” spent, then our relationship with it might change a little. And, if we do not invest our time now for wellness, we will certainly have to spend our time on illness in the years that follow.

How can you begin reinvesting your time for greater returns?

Investing your time for a higher return of joy will have a positive effect on your health, wealth, and happiness. Invest some of your time today to write down 3 things that you would have not invested your time in during the last week and what you will use that time for in the future to create more joy in your life.