Depression is as uncomfortable as going through puberty.

Let me state that again… Depression is as uncomfortable as going through puberty.

I know this because I’ve journeyed through both in my lifetime and while I can smile back upon those experiences, this really not a funny fucken subject.

Depression; I’ve come to believe is an extreme feeling of sadness and uselessness, emotional paralysis, a state of mind where I am never good enough… a world where past accomplishments do not fucking matter, a place where emotions have been bottled up into a dangerous potion mixed in the chemical laboratory of the mind, a potion that is literally controlling our life, a day to day where doing the things that are necessary becomes impossible and where joy does not exist, a body-state where pain seems to always persist.

These are the extremes experienced from not expressing our emotional needs, wants and desires, from numbing out and bottling up how we “really” feel.

See, the clinical definition of depression is so elementary that one who has struggled with it might actually come to feel like someone alone on an island, someone who is “weird or different”. I mean when you read…  a mental health disorder characterized by a persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life…. How does that make you feel? What do you think about?

Did you know that de is a prefix meaning “down to the bottom”, and pressed is the application of pressure. With this simple word deconstruction we can come to understand that depression is really an act of pressing something down, rather than giving it it’s full expression; an emotion, event, conversation gets stowed away for us to express on a later day (which often never comes), and we then experience the effect of bottling up until an unbearable tidal wave of emotion occurs that sends us screaming for help, or lashing out in anger at ourselves and others that we love. So really, depression is just a medical word given to diagnose someone with buried emotions.

To some degree every single human battles with depression… we are not immune, but we can manage it through right livelihood, through sharing how we “really” feel, through doing what sings most true to our heart. Through providing HOPE by helping other people everywhere.

See, workaholism, perfectionism, alcoholism, addiction, infidelity, physical harm to others… add to the list of causes to human suffering infinitum, can all be traced back to emotional distress and a desire to feel a different way. Most all of these are reactions to us not meeting our emotional needs as humans.

So, what if we gave our feelings there full expression, rather than a painful repression that lead to depression? What if we shared “honestly” how we felt through an authentic voice and realized we always had a choice?

Do we then move our lives from a state of a depressed false identity to one of natural authenticity?

I believe yes.

I believe we have this choice every moment of our lives, in every interaction that we have with one another, but something often stops us.

We let fear of what other people will think, feel, and say morph our response into something that is not really true. So today, give yourself permission to be an emotionally honest version of you.

See, when things like depression, unhealthy habits, physical and mental pain are present in our lives, achieving a life of freedom, joy and abundance are impossible.

Give yourself permission, today, to be the true you. Call someone up and tell them how you are really feeling. Get honest with yourself and watch your life begin to evolve into one of true happiness.