Profitability is a business responsibility, and while this is a part of our core values at Peak Prosper, we also believe in being a part of something bigger than ourselves… in giving back to causes that we believe in and that business is a source for good. This post summarizes what we have done as individuals and as a business over the past year to help give back to the greater good.

Peak Prosper, Inc. exists to help adventurous entrepreneurial men experience prosperity and joy in their everyday life. They provide tools and support to help their clients define, build, launch and grow a purpose driven business that provides financial stability and lifestyle flexibility while achieving optimal health, and a thriving romantic relationship. 

Peak Prosper, Inc. is an Oregon B Corporation certified by Benefit Corp for Good since June 27, 2018.

The Peak Prosper mission is to create a more joyful and prosperous everyday life for entrepreneurial men. We believe that within all of us there lies the ability to create thriving relationships, and achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle while experiencing breakthroughs in business. Our manifesto supports this mission as a collection of beliefs that guide the culture of Peak Prosper toward realizing our shared vision of having a positive impact on one-million adventurous entrepreneurs around the world. It’s a growing set of thoughts that inspire conversation, and solutions to real problems and crises. Get to know our manifesto and allow it to inspire you to become your best, healthiest self.

Summary of Public Benefit Contributions To Date

1-1 Coaching Program Donation:

  • Project Summary: Provided 4 months of 1-1 performance coaching to a college student who was faced with the challenge of transitioning back into nursing school after five years out of education. The client’s goal was to establish the necessary routine and discipline to improve his health while achieving a 4.0 in school. Over our time period of working together he went from being a consistent C student to achieving his first A+. He is now consistently getting A’s on his exams, has less stress and more joy in his daily life.
  • Hours Volunteered: 20+
  • Date: May 2018

Hood River Skatepark Cleanup Effort

  • Project Summary: Peak Prosper, Inc. partnered with the Hood River County Parks and Recreation to provide the man hours necessary to help clean up the Rotary Skatepark. This project involved power washing surfaces and preparing them to be painted, then painting areas in the skatepark that had been vandalized by vulgar graffiti.
  • Hours Volunteered: 30
  • Date: July 2018

Do Good Shit Website Support and Toilet Installation

  • Project Summary: Peak Prosper, Inc. has established a partnership agreement with the non-profit Do Good Shit to provide on-going website support for the next 12-months, in addition to business coaching. They will be working with them during 2020 to sponsor one full toilet installation in an underfunded remote mountain recreation area within the United States.
  • Hours Volunteered: 40+
  • Date: September 2019

Everest National Park Garbage Cleanup (15 KG)

  • Project Summary: In 2019 Peak Prosper visited Everest National Park where they participated in the Carry Me Back Program; an effort to help mitigate the waste management problem within the region.
  • Trash Collected: 15 KG

2020 Vision to Benefit our Planet

In 2020 Peak Prosper is going to focus on maintaining their established relationship with Do Good Shit in an effort to support their mission of implementing long-lasting solutions to waste management problems in alpine recreation areas and mountain communities around the globe. Our 2020 goal in partnership with Do Good Shit is to provide the funds and resources necessary to implement one Toilet Tech Solution outhouse in an underfunded and overused recreation area in the United States.

2020 Do Good Shit and Peak Prosper Partnership Goal: Implement 1 Toilet Tech Solution installation in the United States in an underfunded alpine recreation area or mountain community by 9-1-2020.

2018-2019 Summary

Peak Prosper had a successful first year as an Oregon Benefit Corporation. They partnered with Hood River County Parks and Recreation to help make the Rotary Skatepark establish cleaner and more welcoming space for the community, helped a client achieve his goals of becoming a 4.0 student and established a long-term partnership with Do Good Shit to help them carry out their vision of implementing long-lasting solutions to waste management problems in alpine recreation areas and mountain communities around the globe.

To learn more about working with Peak Prosper, Inc. please visit our coaching page and schedule a call if it resonates with your current needs in life and business. We’d be stoked to help you achieve new heights as you grow into 2020.