Why Men Can't Figure Out Their Future (The Truth)

mindset Sep 22, 2021

It’s Mike Morelli and I’m down here in Costa Rica. Pretty stoked to share this vid with you today.

Hopefully you tuned into our 5-day challenge last week (if not you missed a cracker...no stress). One of the key things we talked about was creating a meaningful vision that is in alignment with what you really want in life.

Maybe you walked away from that challenge with more clarity, but you’re still feeling like you just can’t figure out your future.

If that’s you, definitely watch this short video I created for you right now.

In this video, I’m going to talk about 3 key things.

1) The #1 reason that holds you back from defining what you really want in life.

2) Why most men get trapped in a vicious cycle of self doubt and inaction.

3) How to get clarity on your vision very quickly.

As always, I hope you get tremendous value from this video. Scott and I want to create content that helps and inspires you to take new actions in your life. The people you love need you.

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 Okay, that’s all I got for today. Go get out in nature!


Hey guys, what's going on? Mike Morelli here from peak prosper and got an awesome video for you guys today I'm out here in Costa Rica just came out for sunrise down to the beach and recently moved here with a buddy of mine. And, you know I'm gonna really cycle in today, you know why I'm sharing this with you and you know, this was a goal and a dream that I've had for a long time, you know, kind of living more of a digital nomad lifestyle and something that I've been working towards right and something that was important to me. And you know, I think in life, we talk about having these dreams and goals, right. And the biggest component to those dreams and goals is clarity, is having the clarity that you want, or need really to make these dreams and goals a reality. So the biggest thing that I see guys run into is this is that they say, you know, oh, you know, I don't really I don't really know what I want. Not really sure yet. There's kind of this indecision between Should I follow this path? 


Or should I follow that path? And, you know, I was talking to a buddy the other day, and, you know, there was talk about, you know, getting clarity more behind your vision. And, you know, he's in a place where he's saying, you know, just, I need to make it a little bit more clear, I'm not really sure. And guys, like, here's the thing, here's the thing, the myth about that is that we think that one day, we're just going to wake up and a lightning bolt from God is just going to strike us down on the top of the forehead, and that we're going to know exactly what we want in life, that it's going to be down to a tee. And this is because our society has programmed men into believing that all you know, if you just follow this path of money of success of having this girl or having this family or the two car garage with a mortgage, that you're just gonna find what you're really looking for. And that is a myth. That is the illusion. And so we've also been programmed that when we don't have those things that we actually feel guilt, right, we actually feel inner frustration, we feel disconnected, you know, why are Why am I not happy? 


Why am I not living this life that I feel that I should be living? And so what do we do is that we blame ourselves, and then we we wind up losing the relationship that we actually have with ourselves, which is the single most important thing. And that's why you see a lot of guys leading to perfectionism, right? not living up to the standard that we think that we should be. And that's been programmed into us from our parents from school, from our friend group, right, throughout our whole life. And especially because we see so much stuff of men being, you know, leaders, and strong and tough, you know, and we're told to kind of kind of go at it alone, right, real man guy, he handles the load, he goes out and alone. And that's nothing but an ego driven belief. If you really think about it, there's no one who has truly achieved what they wanted to achieve in life by doing it alone. You know, this is called a human network. And so, you know, I may be out here in Costa Rica right now. But this is my dream, right? This is my goal. And this is what's important to me. And I'm not, I'm not going to Costa Rica. So that, oh, you know, I'm finally going to be happy when I get to Costa Rica, right? No, the goal is to be truly fulfilled, and at peace with yourself now. And then allow those experiences to organically come about, see when you have clarity on yourself first. 


See, a lot of the times we want to we want to find clarity, we want to find our dreams and goals outside of us. We want to find, you know, the big house and we want to find, you know, world traveler, we want to find a new adventure, we want to climb new peaks. And a lot of the times we're not at peace with ourselves. So we go out into the external world to go and try to find those things. And yeah, don't confuse short term excitement with long term fulfillment. Right? It's not what it's about. It's about living life. That's true to your nature. And following this thing that's inside of you not listening to this thing up here. This is the biggest trouble that guys have is that we've listened to this thing up here. And we get stuck in our own head thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking about what dream what goal, you already know what it is. Right? If you're watching this video right now, deep down inside of you, you truly know what it is, you truly know what you should be taking action towards. But you don't see the end goal in crystal clear clarity, and that paralyzes you. And that's the illusion of life. You know, if you want to be a guy that wants to go with the flow and is more peaceful and relaxed, and you have to actually go with the flow, you have to actually take actions that are going to allow you to just experience the surprise and beauty of life. So this is the difference between a vision and a goal. Right? A vision is something that's broader, it's longer term, it's not absolutely concrete down to the detail where a goal takes that vision and it breaks it down into achievable parts. So guys, like I may be out here in Costa Rica and I'm trying to inspire you to get up off the couch and go take a different action. See, I don't need to inspire you to typically go take Action, because a lot of the guys that are following Scott Knight at p prosper and all the guys in our transformation program, they're taking action, right? 


So you're not a guy who's typically lazy. And if you are, you know this video is probably this video probably isn't for you to be totally honest with you, you know the guys who are following Pete prosper, they want to make the most out of life, I don't need to motivate you to get off the couch. I'm trying to motivate you to take a different action. If you keep taking the same actions over and over and over again, you will get the same results. It's about new actions, right? So just define some sort of a vision, define something that you feel interested interested in and follow your nose and see what happens. See what new opportunities people relationships, surprises happen in your life. And keep following that. If you need more clarity, please click the link below and just schedule a free one on one call with Scott and I we'd love to help you gain real clarity and give you actionable steps about what you really need to be doing that guidance and direction will be so profound for you. So guys, if I can be out here in Costa Rica, you know running my own business helping people inspiring people. You can too you know, Scott's done it. I've done it. So many guys in our program. I've done it starting to sweat. It's getting pretty hot. It's like seven in the morning here. But guys, you know you are on. You know, just go take a new action. And please, if you feel inspired to just set up a call with Scott Nye, it's free, and we'll be stoked to talk with you. So guys, go get after it. Go take a new action today and happy days, as always