How to Refocus When You Are Overwhelmed and "Feeling Underwater"

high-performance practices Aug 28, 2021


What do you do when the work keeps piling up?

When you are pulled into meeting after meeting, distraction after distraction and the ability to make progress on projects that really need to get done is just not happening. 

The ever-growing to-do list, idea-list and never going to get to my dreams list can create an ever-growing level of overwhelm, feeling of being overworked, and a sense that you are just sinking with no hope of ever getting your head above water again.


This leads to the inability to focus, to enter flow state and to get things done that bring you a sense of meaning and purpose.

In today’s video I am going to give you a simple method that you can use to overcome the constant distraction and energy drains of today’s always-on, always more mode.

You will learn…

  • A simple method to spend more of your day in a state of pure focus and flow and close to none of it wasted away on energy drains
  • What the cause of constant distractions really is and a way to get rid of them
  • How to get more done that you are proud of at the end of the day and week

Warren Buffett's secret to success is intense focus — instead of doing more, he does less.

 This means Warren does less that doesn't matter so that he can focus on the tasks and projects that do matter. You deserve the same unfair advantage in your career, business and life.

Enjoy the video!


Video Summary;

Today I am going to share with you about a re-focusing exercise that you can implement throughout your day to rechannel and rebalance your energy so that you can gain a gargantuan advantage in your field and start making massive progress towards the goals that matter most to you.


Buried In Work & Too Many Meetings Leads to Overwhelmed

So what happens in life, oftentimes, especially in today's world where we're plagued with constant distractions, constant buzzing and beings and ringing and dinging that are trying to pull our energy from all different directions is that we experience anxiety and frustration and the feeling begin overwhelmed.

Perhaps you are invited to such an abundance of meetings in your organization that you find that you're spending over 80% of your working hours in meetings, only to realize that at the end of the day you've made zero progress towards the things that really need to get completed those projects that have deadlines that are due by the end of the week you've made no progress, you're left with only two hours per day to actually focus on completing the projects that are most important to moving your clients results forward. What happens as a result of spending so much time in meetings, for example, is we just feel overwhelmed overloaded burned out, and like our energy is just being wasted away on menial meaningless conversations.

Poorly Optimized Meetings Are One of The Greatest Problems In Businesses

Often what the outcome of meetings, especially in the corporate world... the creation of more work, little progress is actually made in meetings, which creates more work for ourselves. As a result, you have these middle managers, executives in upper-level management that are spending so much time in meetings that they have no time to actually execute on the projects and the tasks at hand that need to get completed.

This leads to working 60 hours - 80 hours per week, which is practically like working two jobs and leads to just feeling incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, and underwater like you're making little zero progress on the things that actually need to get done. 

"The All Over The Place Entrepreneur"

This problem also plagues the entrepreneur who has so many ideas to build his business and execute upon things that actually build a gargantuan advantage, moving closer to where he actually wants to be. As a result, overwhelm the anxiety, the feeling like the way that the day was invested leads to nothing more than a low to no progress day.

"I actually got no further along than I really wanted to be by the end of the day."

How to Get Out From Feeling Underwater and Overwhelm

Now I want to talk about a solution that you can put in place no matter where you are in your career or your business so that you can reach out and refocus your energy and actually make massive progress every single day. And I call this the refocusing energy exercise.

This might look like a morning routine or an evening routine or something that you do sporadically throughout the day. But the intent of it is to program it into your mind so that it becomes a habitual thing that you were doing throughout the day.

And there are four elements to this refocusing of your energy exercise. Let's talk about each one and unpack them in detail.

  1. So the first one is just waking up. And the intention of this is to wake up to your present time experience, where are you, what are you doing, and who are you, what are you feeling right now, what are you actually doing. Are you actually investing your time, your energy right now in the things that you actually need to be doing to make progress for the day. See we spent so much of our time, unconsciously reacting to things as they come into our life, rather than consciously responding to them and really aligning how we're using our energy throughout the day with that which matters most to us. So again, the first step in this four-step process is to just wake up to our present time experience.
  2. The next step is actually hydration just drinking some water, making sure that your mind and your body is hydrated for optimal performance. It's so easy, especially after one's morning routine to drink a couple of cups of coffee, and before you know it, your energy is completely off balance, you have the coffee anxiety the coffee shakes you just your mind is running all over the place, and if we don't balance that energy out with enough water, our mind and our body become dehydrated. This also happens throughout the day, you might go two hours, three hours, maybe an entire day without drinking enough water. And when our mind and our body is even dehydrated a little bit, we're suffering from the performance consequences that negatively ensue. So the second element is to drink some water.
  3. And then thirdly, this more than anything is a reminder, it's a reminder to practice the habit of completion, because the opposite of the habit of Completion is incomplete, which leads to procrastination. Something that plagues many many many professionals and high performing entrepreneurs, the habit of incompletion creates anxiety task switching overload load and brain fatigue, you don't really know exactly what you were working on two weeks ago because two weeks ago is something that you still have open on your to-do list. So practicing the habit of completion actually gives you the dopamine hit, the confidence of completing something really committing to the habit of completion also empowers you with the self-belief and self-confidence that you're building momentum actually building progress towards the things that you want to complete by the end of the day. So, The third element, again, more than anything is just a reminder to practice the habit of completion, finish what you started.
  4. The fourth and final piece to this recentering refocusing of your energy, exercise is to review your clear goals have really specific, clearly defined goals for your day. That means that you're taking the time to clearly define three to five things that align with your vision, and where you really want to be in 30-60 to 90 days, clear goals are specific action items that represent exactly how we're investing your energy for the day. For example, you might write down on your list to complete a standard operating procedures document so that your team knows how to do something that you continuously do the action verb complete programs your mind to actually practice the habit of completion.

Clear Goals and a Prioritized Plan For the Day

Now having the clarity around the five things or even three things that are most important to you, helps you invest your energy consciously, into the things that matter most to you so that you can start saying no to the meetings, the people, the distractions, the things that don't align with that which you desire to complete by the end of the day.

So just to review, this is a practice, a practice that you can implement multiple times per hour. And this isn't part of a morning routine or an evening routine, again this is an exercise that you should practice multiple times per hour, just waking up, drinking some water, reminding yourself of the habit of completion, and reviewing and refining your clear goals for the day.

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