How To Schedule Your Day Like A Boss: Organization Mastery


 Yo, what’s up?!

A lot of guys have been asking us lately: "how do I stay more organized?"

 They tell us that when they wake up in the morning, they already feel the pressure to get up and start ticking things off the list (and that pressure doubles after that first cup of coffee).

Problem is, that list of “to-do’s” isn’t always super clear. It feels like there are a million things to get done. That always used to give me anxiety and stress me the hell out. Over that.

 So in response to these questions, I decided to go down the rabbit hole for you today and create an epic video for you on how to schedule your day like a boss. You’re going to be a wizard of organization and productivity after watching this video.

In this video, I talk about:

 * How to schedule your day for maximum productivity.

* How to focus on what really matters and eliminate everything else.

* How to decipher what is essential and what is not.

* What I do to eliminate distractions that stop us from flow state.

* The biggest myth to productivity that you need to know.

BOOM! Go take this knowledge and apply it to your own life immediately so you can become a calmer, more peaceful leader as you work towards your dreams and goals.

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Yo, Happy Days, Mike Morelli here from Peak Prosper. And in today's video, I'm going to be showing you how to schedule your day like a boss. So if you find that you're like that your brain has scrambled eggs and you want to get to this, you want to get razor sharp, then this video is going to be perfect for you. So, you know, there's nothing worse than going throughout the day where you feel like it's a con stop, start up and down. Do this do that, right, you feel like you're trying to do a million things. And there's really no flow to it. So by the end of this video, you are going to learn a ton of effective strategies, tools, and really a different way of thinking to go about the way that you schedule your day so that you can have more flow and productivity to it. And also really love the work that you're doing. So this is essential. So if you like videos like this, if you like the videos that Scott and I are putting out new want more of it, just make sure to subscribe to our channel down below. And before we really jump in as well, I'll say one more quick thing that we are open for enrollment here at our Peak prosper Transformation Program.

So if you are a high performing adventurous guy, you do want to level up, you do want to build a really strong internal game mindset. And really take your life to the next level to make your dreams and goals a reality schedule a free call with us that's linked right down below. And we'd be stoked to chat with you. Cool. So let's jump in. Awesome. So, look, I love hard work, like and you probably do too, right? Like love putting in hard work, love, love, like really moving the needle. But I feel like most of my days would take on this type of schedule here like this, just absolute craziness, like where you're trying to do a million things. And we almost like take on that mentality to where it's like, oh, to move the needle to make progress, I have to do a lot, I have to do a lot of things. And it's true, sometimes you do have to do a lot. But you have to do a lot of the things that actually matter. And so when we do a lot of different non essential tasks, we get taken away, we get taken away from our most productive and creative work. And this actually kills us in the long term, I think this is a big thing that leads to burnout as well. So you know, the key concept here is like, stop focusing on doing a million things. And let's start focusing on the things that matter. And these are the things the essentials that really drive our life, our business, our health, our relationships.

And so this is a really, this is key. So let's jump into it right, like, I'm gonna break down some of these some insanely effective strategies on how to schedule your day like an absolute Savage, so that you can have more flow to it. And these are going to improve your energy, they're going to improve your mental clarity so that you can think more clearly, and start making better decisions, right, better judgment, you're gonna have more emotional balance so that you feel calmer, more peaceful and collected, which is absolutely essential if you want to be an effective leader in this world. So here we go, let's go in number one, schedule your day, the night prior, like, one night, night before, like, you have to schedule your day the night before. And I use a little like, oops, I use a daily planner, I'm just throwing stuff around. I'm just getting way too excited. But to start with the night before, and break down exactly what you need to do the next day, right. So right before I go to bed, like I'll spend some time doing some reading, maybe some journaling at night, maybe some meditation or just relaxing, right. And before I go to bed, I'm looking, I'm planning ahead and I'm saying what needs to get done the next day. Oh, I have two calls at this time. But I also know that I need to create YouTube content. So just having that planning the night before will allow you to wake up without that feeling of being rushed.

I hate that feeling of waking up in the morning and I'm completely rushed. And I'm like thrown out of my zone. I'm not a fan of that. So, you know, just having that assign of effective action is good planning. So take the time the night before just spend five to 10 minutes, figuring out what your day is going to look like. absolutely key schedule in the essential tasks, which will I'm going to talk about essentially a little bit later on this. So the second one morning routine it's got to be bomber Yeah, bomber morning routine. It's got to be super good. And here's why. When you wake up in the morning, this is when your subconscious mind is the most malleable meaning the most willing to change. When we start the day with in the concept of investing in ourselves first, that's what a morning routine does, it sets our mind or the president saying that you, Mike Morelli, or you, whoever's watching this video, you are your greatest asset, right? It's not a computer, it's not an iPhone, it's not your car. It's not some cryptocurrency or some stock that you own. It's you. And so we spend that first hour of the day really investing in ourselves. You want to spend time meditating, you want to spend time exercising, reading. And what we teach here at peak prospers a couple different pot pockets that lets you energize that lets you get into your flow state. And really tap into the key routines and rituals that will maximize your creativity and your energy throughout the day. So you have to have a bomber, morning routine. Don't wake up and go straight to your phone, don't wake up and go straight to YouTube or start checking emails, take that first hour, invested in yourself so that when you do go into the work, you're already energized, you're already working in that flow state. It's key. So number three, what do we got? We're going to keep our goals and priorities close by so goals. priorities. So goals and priorities close by this is really key. Because when you are going throughout the day, like, Look, we have a lot that's going on all the time, right? We're getting constantly bombarded with all these different things. And it's easy to lose track of what matters. I mean, I do this, like it happens to the best of us, right? So what I'll do is in my daily planner, I'll open it up. And on the left hand side of every week, I'll write up my priorities for that week.

And I just write out about three to four. And I don't think you should have too many more than that. Because then it starts, it starts getting a little crazy. Like what are the main projects and tasks that you're working on? Like, what is the most essential so it's like, for example, if you're a coach, and you're trying to get more sales, like, maybe that's the number one priority task for the week. So like what you write that in like number one priority, like get make, get more sales calls, right, something like that. So that way, you know that if you start to wind up checking email, and you're doing all these good things, or you're updating your website, or you're like changing your youtube banner, these are non essential tasks, they don't matter. They're actually taking you away from that main thing, which is getting sales. And really, for getting sales, you should be focusing on all those essential tasks that drives that input. So maybe it's spending more time on social media connecting with people, just an idea at a high level. But yeah, we waste so much time on non essential tasks that don't align with our goals and priorities. And if you're watching this video right now, and you don't have clearly defined goals in your life, this is insanely important. And we're going to create more videos for this. For Pete prosper, we have a framework that we use, it's incredibly valuable. And if you are looking to have crystal clear goals, maybe comment in this video down below, we can help you create some crystal clear goals for you. Really something important to work towards, which leads me right into this next one. I'm just gonna write it in here. Vision. Like, you have to have a vision. You have to have a vision. And a vision is everything. And the reason why is because you think about the way that human beings live our life, right human beings we live our life, with our, with, with our values, essentially like we whether we know this or not, whether we're aware of it or not human beings live in accordance with our standards.

We live accordance in accordance with our values and our belief system. And there, we don't just like randomly do things, right. So vision, having a crystal crystal clear vision for your life, where you define, you know, the type of person that you want to be like the type of person that you want to be in the future that you're working towards, how you want your relationships to look and feel like health. What are the standards for your health, like what is important to you, and why is that important to you? Is the absolute key thing. Like I'm not just creating this sky, we're not just creating content And randomly, like we didn't create, prosper, say, Oh, you know, let's just do it. It's like, no, this aligns with our philosophy, this aligns with our life. Why? Because we value freedom, we value truth that we value, the ability for human beings to constantly learn and evolve themselves. And this is just a platform that allows for that, right? So having this vision for your life is so important. And as we go throughout the day, as we go throughout our week, checking in on that, and saying, you know, am I living in alignment with that, and when we do, we feel that feeling of purpose as we flow through the day, that's that energetic flow, that's that alignment and feeling grounded. So that's absolutely essential. And, you know, I talked about this with goals earlier, the goal support the vision, right, the vision comes first. And then the goals support that. So it all feels aligned. And then the prior priorities are supportive to the goals. incredibly, incredibly valuable framework. And again, if you don't have that vision here, if you don't have that sense of purpose, if you don't have that sense of meaning, that's driving you throughout your life, please either comment below or get on a free call with us, we'd love to just help you create that this is what this is what's really going to help you become the man that you were meant to be right.

Having that vision for your life that you're just obsessed with. Doesn't mean that it's easy, like nothing good is easy. We know that. But the vision, Happy Days. Awesome. So as we kind of scale on here, like, let's keep it moving. I want you to work in time blocks. And this one's going to be an absolute game changer. So as you work in time blocks like never, never ever, ever, just like work randomly, like get on your computer and just start like hammering away. This is when things get out of control. I'll put my hand up right here and say that I've absolutely done that too many times. It doesn't work for me, I've never seen it work for me, it always leads to me, like going like two and a half hours unchecked. And then my brain is just completely fried. You want to work in time blocks, how do you do this, take your phone and put it on, go to the timer mode on the clock, put it on 45 minutes or an hour. Try that first. And done, set it, set it and forget it, boom, 45 minutes, set it off to the side. And when that alarm goes off, stop, stop what you're doing in just get up. That's it. So for example, I take my phone, I go to timer mode, I set it on 45 minutes, and I let it go. And I'm going to go I'm going to focus on my priority tasks that support my goals. And I'm gonna work on that. And then doo doo doo doo doo doo, cool, the phone goes off. I said, Okay, no matter what I'm doing, I stop, I get up. And I take which leads me into the next one. breaks, breaks, you have to schedule and breaks throughout your day. So time blocks, breaks, the time goes off, timer goes off, and then you go and you take that 10 to 15 minute recharge, it's absolutely essential that you do that. This is going to really help you just to break up that feeling of like pressure of that I have to keep grinding of that I have to keep working. And we do this as men who want to achieve a lot. They want to accomplish a lot of things in life. It's very easy, very easy for us to just go and keep hammering the nail hammering the nail and not just like stop and step back for a second.

So these breaks 10 to 15 minutes, get that energetic flow and what do you do during those breaks? One, I do not ever bring my phone with me my phone stays on Do Not Disturb all day. And I'll explain a little bit more about why I do that. But go and take those breaks, walk outside, go do some yoga, go foam roll, go do some breathing. Go Have some water. Don't start planning don't sort of thinking about work. Go just do something go stand outside and and go look at the trees, get in the sun for a little bit. Go do some push ups do five minutes of core. This is an opportunity for you to just still scale back. Invest in yourself. Check in with your day. Don't think about work like this is an opportunity for you to really take your mind off of work right so that these mini breaks throughout the day are huge and Then that leads me right here to lunch. So taking breaks and lunch, lunch, I schedule in an hour minimum every day. And I scheduled at noon to one. That's just what I do I have it set. And it's and it's scheduled right there. And the reason why I take that hour is could I go 30 minutes? Yes. Right. Could I go 40 minutes? Yeah, I could. But for me, what I found is that you want to take that long break during the day to really recharge your batteries. This is what that opportunity is, it's truly an opportunity to completely recharge, refresh, and go into the second half of your day, feeling as productive as it was during the first right during the first block. And that's going to be and that's going to be absolutely key. So what do I do during lunch? Again, I'm not checking social media, I'm not checking email, I'm not responding to phone calls or text messages. I'm making a really healthy lunch, right? If you go and you work outside of your home or not nearby your home, pack that healthy lunch the night before. And so I'm eating well, I'm drinking water, right, I'm, I'm recharging, I do like typically, I'll do like 20 to 30 minutes of yin yoga, it's what I've been doing the last week, it's been such a game changer. I'll go outside on long, like a 15 minute walk in the sun. This is an opportunity again, to just kind of get the blood flowing, right. Sometimes I'll even lay down and just take a nap for like 1015 minutes. And I'm not like going into a deep sleep or anything like that. I'm just laying down and relaxing. The key here is that you get away from your screen. Don't go from one screen to another, don't go from your computer screen to your phone screen, sit there and eat lunch and scroll, like go outside, like go on a walk, eat your eat your lunch outside, stretch it out foam roll, maybe even read a book for a little bit, something like leisurely and nice. And that's really, the key thing here is that you're taking this long lunch and really allowing yourself to re charge emotionally, this is the biggest thing. Remember that human beings, everything we are made up of energy. And once you use it, it's gone. So that's going to be like an absolute just again, game changer for you guys. So I would talk about just like managing technology. So I'm actually going to put this one in red, because this is seriously. This is seriously one of the biggest things that I see that limits people's growth more than anything in the entire world is I'll show you. And I have to go get it because it's placed away from me. But this thing right here is the number four, the number one killer of all, first of all growth of all, like productivity and creative work. And the reason why is because, look, it's a tool at the end of the day. And as my dad once said, you know, you can use it to either hammer nails or hammer your head.

And that's what the phone represents that thing, like, keep it on Do Not Disturb all the time. And you just set it on that little like half moon icon. And it's changed everything for me like I'm getting text messages, phone calls, I don't hear it. Like I don't respond to it. And the reason why is that it leads to this, like it leads to this up here where your brain is literally scrambled eggs like it will just keep taking you off and off and off every beep every ding every phone call, you're taking your energy and you're placing it somewhere else. Remember that to be a true leader to be like a really deep, deep thinker, clear thinker, emotionally balanced, you have to say no to almost everything. You have to be willing to say no to all non essentials. That's what this is really about. This schedule here helps you hone in on your essentials, helps you to hone in on the inputs that really drive you forward. And and that's how you really manage and schedule your day like an absolute Savage, that phone. All the text messages and stuff that you're getting are non essential. They can wait until the end of the day. And it takes sacrifice. I'm not saying if you have a wife, or you have kids or something like that, that you should be ignoring them. That's not what this means. You can go and you can set alerts for if there's specific people that you know that you need to respond to. That's, that's absolutely great. And maybe you should do that. But for the majority of our life, humans want the majority of our lives without ever needing a phone or ever needing to respond to people. I mean, when I was a kid in the 90s I would Go out. And I would play all day without any contact from my parents, any contact, we didn't have cell phones, we didn't do those things I was out playing in the streets all day. So it's only within the last couple years that people feel like they need to respond to people. And really, that's just something that's created in your own mind. Being a true leader requires a sacrifice, it means sacrificing some short term discomfort for long term, compound interest that really, really moves the needle in our life. And that phone is one of those things that absolutely crushes it. So leave it on Do Not Disturb, leave it away from you put it arm's arm's distance the other side of the room so that when that timer goes off, you have to get up, you have to get up and move to it and shut the timer off and then go. So you're saying okay, Mike, like when do I respond to text messages?

Phone calls? Never know, I'm just kidding. When do you do that? You go, maybe at the end of the day, and this is gonna leave me right here. One down. So here's what I do, right, like, jump into work, we schedule it out. We have a bomber morning routine. We have our goals, priorities and vision close by to make sure that we stay on track on what matters most. We work in time blocks. I work in 45 to one hour time blocks. When that alarm goes off, I stop, I go I recharge. I do some other things. Go to the bathroom, walk outside, do some quick yoga, foam roll, breathe. Anything other than work. Don't think about work, shut it off. All right, I take those breaks. And I do lunch, which I was just referring to earlier about. What do I do with technology, keep it away, keep it silence, keep it quiet. Focus on the deep work. And then seven, at the end of the day I wind down. So my cutoff time is anywhere between four to five depends when I started. Depends what type of day I've had. And when it hits that when I say I'm done, I'm done. And this is key. When I'm done, I'm done. And the computer goes off. It goes in my case and I put it in a closet. And I take my keyboard and my mouse I turn them off and I put it in the closet. Why do I do this? it's it's a it's a boundary, right? It's a boundary that I put on myself that says, When I'm done, I'm done. And I'm not taking my work with me, right. I'm going to go and I'm going to go outside, I'm going to go on a bike ride, I'm going to go on a walk, I'm going to foam roll, I'm going to do some meditation, I'm going to go down to the beach because I live here in Hawaii. I'm fortunate to do that. But go outside in nature, like if you're, you know, drive to a park have like a little nightly routine that when you shut down for the day, it's like, okay, here's how I decompress.

And that's the key thing. You know, again, as high performing men, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we do we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. do allow yourself to decompress at the end of the day, cook a good meal. And we can I'm going to talk about evening routines in a later video. But yeah, this is key here. spend that time every day winding down and, and letting go of whatever's happened throughout the day and just allow yourself to completely recharge and relax and enjoy your evening. So I hope you got tremendous video. tremendous value out of this video here today. This is how I schedule my day. It's been insanely effective as Scott and I we grow Pete prosper and also more than just business right? It's about living a life where you actually feel good about yourself and feel good about your day and feel good about just the work that you're doing. So yeah, hope this has been insanely valuable for you. If you love this video, definitely share with a friend subscribe and let us know your thoughts down below. We'd love to hear from you guys. So Alright, thank you so much for watching. Peace out

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