How Sam Eliminated Confusion & Uncertainty To Becoming A Confident Leader in 90 Days

client reviews Aug 18, 2021

In today’s video I’m going to share with you Sam’s story.

He joined our Transformation Program 90 days ago.

Back then he described his life as feeling it had been turned upside down. He was feeling stuck, confused, stressed out and overwhelmed. He felt like his mind and emotions were controlling his life and he didn't know who he was anymore.

He was in a period of his life where he didn’t know what to do and had a lot of uncertainty around his future. This was causing a lot of strain on his relationship with his girlfriend and his life felt unbalanced.

All of this changed very quickly for him after he focused on changing himself. In Sam’s own words, he says “I'm a much more kinder, calmer, and giving person now. My dad told me how much he noticed the change within me."

In this interview, Sam shares how he:

  • Got control over his emotions and stopped mentally spiraling.

  • Stepped into a calm, peaceful leader that is a role model for others.

  • Created such a change in himself that his dad told him how proud he was of him and how much he noticed the change in Sam.

  • Installed routines and habits that positively impacted his health and energy.

  • Shifted away from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to clear and confident about the future.

  • Improved his relationships, health, and satisfaction with life.

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Video Transcription:

All right, Happy Days, Mike Morelli here from peak prosper. And it is an absolute pleasure, Sam to have you on this interview just about some of the epic transformation that you've made for yourself and the last 90 days. Dude, welcome. Can you intro yourself? It's my pleasure to be here. pleasure to be with you as always. My name is Sam Hill. I'm from Tasmania, Australia. I'm currently working for my family business whose transplants we grow and sell tree seedlings, vegetable seedlings, and I'm currently managing our production. Shed. So yeah. Cool. And just outside of work, I mean, what type of guy would you say that you are? I mean, we connected in, in travels in New Zealand years and years ago. But so what are some of the things that really you're passionate about Sam in life? I'm honestly just getting out there and doing as much as possible. You know, I love being active. I love exploring. I love meeting new people, which is why we met. Just love. I mean, active is a great word. I love to be Adam, I love just doing things, you know, you don't remember the days on the couch, which is what my dad's always told me. And I've kind of stuck to that, but always want to be doing more saying more meaning more. It's like, I love it all. Yeah, very cool. And just as we kind of jump into this one here, when did mean, you first connect? I mean, not in our friendship, right? You know, we've known each other for a long time, but kind of right before you jumped into the Transformation Program. How did we go about connecting? What was that? What was that? Like? That was good. I mean, I can't, uh, I think it's the same for a lot of people. But I definitely, I mean, we've kept in contact, obviously, as good friends. But, you know, I saw what you were doing while you're transitioning into, through social media, and just diving straight into the life coaching kind of thing. And, you know, I followed some of the posts that would pose in, you know, I was relating and eye opening, and was good to hear. And, you know, like, the more when I was getting into that situation where I wasn't really in a good place in the worst of God, I kinda was like, not knowing where to go. And honestly, I thought you were the best option, that order to start off, you know, felt comfortable to talk to you. And that's kind of just what I did. For you. I mean, just based on what you've been posting and stuff like that. I thought it was a perfect person, just to kind of shed some light. Right on. Um, and so would you mind just kind of describing Where were you at? I mean, this was a little over 90 days ago. Yep. Where were you? Where were you out what was going on? was just kind of a crazy time I was with my ex at the time. And we were trying to move back to Australia and COVID happened. And that all went to a halt. And that kind of just turned my life upside down a little bit. Because, you know, we all these plans travel. And I was no big transition in my life, because I've been traveling the last eight years. And I was left when I was 18. And I traveled to as when 2526. And it was time for me to go back to film business, which is always kind of, you know, the hard thing I knew was always going to be tough, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, as well as coming home with Gil. But anyway COVID happen. It can't it off whites, and then we were kind of on the cusp of the Australian Government a little bit. So we were kind of, we were kind of stuck in a way. So, you know, I was living in this great town called Bend Oregon, if you know what we do. Anyway, we decided to pretty much move back with her parents and apply to get exemptions to go back to Australia. And I thought it was going to be pretty quick and easy to get back in but it wasn't so we were kinda you know, eight months of you know, being in the spot where I didn't want to be I didn't have any friends around me. I didn't have any family. I wasn't doing the things I wanted to do was complete my life was completely opposite than what it normally is just kind of spiraled into a negative thing as well as the stress of going back to the family business whether or not wanting to know if I want to do that. Whether I wanted to chase other dreams. You know, it was just wind on me in like I was breaking down I was just like struggling. So that's kind of what happened. I got to the point where just had to talk to someone that was you Yeah, I'm glad you did brother, um, and and just to really kind of put that in full circle. So you're essentially saying, I had all this stuff going on in my life. And it was just like this what the stress and the overwhelm and just confusion was just like, how would you describe that was terrible. I was just like, I just, it's so it It's hard to explain because it's just such shit at times, you know, sometimes it's not that bad, I'm pretty good at dealing with stress generally. But it was just to be targeted, just be completely overwhelming. And I'd have on the verge of freak outs kind of thing and just, like go crazy and like run away or like, it just be very overwhelming. And the stress you'd be in the anxiety would be crazy. It just, it's just an average place to BS. I didn't like it. Nothing was good. You know, it was hard to be happy. You know, all that all the above really. Just to get an important question to ask here is, you know, traditionally, when you would be feeling that way, what would be some ways for you to go quote, unquote, relieve the stress? Oh, exercise? 100%? Yeah, usually it'd be exercise, you know, but that's what happened and got to the point where, you know, exercise wasn't enough, and I'll be exercising too much. And I'll be too tired. And that would make everything else bad. Or wouldn't not bad, but make everything else worse, because I was generally taught more dire than I would be. So I couldn't even deal with the extra stresses on top of that. Being extra overworked. Yeah, I'm curious. Did you did you go through this period where you were maybe even experiencing denial? Like, where you were like, you know, whatever, I'll just grind through it. Or Oh, yeah. What was what? So what was that? Like? Because I mean, I went through that for years and years and years, right. And we swear that now I just need this. But was that like, Oh, it was just like you said, You know, I was in complete denial. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me. You know, I thought that's the way I was. That's just who I am. And there's nothing wrong with that. You know, and I think that's, you know, based on a lot of things, but I was like, I don't need to told anyone. And finally, you know, there's nothing wrong with me, like, all this is normal. You know, I'd like excuses for it all. into a, you know, I finally realized that it wasn't right. And then I did something about it. Yeah. And so we had that initial call, I think me and you, we just have a quick conversation. Hey, man, what's up? What's going on? If you had sent me a message, we were just kind of chatting. And then from there, okay, Hey, man, I think I can really help you out. Let's do it. Let's do a longer call there. And before we jumped into that longer call, did you have any hesitation? Were you nervous about that? What was that? I mean, what was that experience? Like from your point of view? Well, I didn't really know what to expect on a thing. So going into it, I was kind of just excited. And I mean, obviously a little nervous, I guess just to be open up. tell you what's going on. Because I had pride and ego. And I didn't want to be I didn't want you to think something else of me when you know what you already okay. I you know, I figured you had this certain image of myself. But I didn't want that to be changed by what I'm about to tell you. So I didn't want you to know that I had all this shit going on all these problems like and that was tough. And that's like, was the hardest part was been actually been able to open up and like talk about it. But I know that once I did that, once we had that initial goal, that outcome or whatever it was, I felt I can I still remember how good I felt just after that call. Like that was just like, oh, shoot. Awesome. So good to see, like getting this out of me. And like talking about it. That was the biggest thing. I was like, Oh shit, this is this is awesome. Yeah, that's great. And, and you hadn't even started the work yet. Exactly. So what was that like for you? I mean, when you came in and you join the Transformation Program, and you're surrounded by other high performing adventures, man, and you know, you're following this system that's gotten it created. What was that experience? Like? Have you Have you enjoyed it? Oh, yeah, it's been great. I mean, I've got to say like, the hardest thing was the initial payment. Like hearing the hearing the price point was, I was like, Ah, shit like that. I remember on that first call was like, Oh, this is this is going on. Now. I really like this. And, you know, I was kind of had it. I kinda was ready to put some money down because I was really worried I'm going to you know, invest in myself invest in my future, you know, and this is probably going to be good like, Good way to do it. Now. Maybe you tell me the price. I was like shit, you know, I didn't want to do it. And it gave me that gave me anxiety about the price. And I went back and forth, and you got me to do it. And I committed to doing it and like, it's, I don't even think about that anymore. Like, if I was to go back, and I didn't do that, so he's such an idiot, because it's like, it's absolutely. So it's not enough. There's nothing in the long run in the big scheme of things. The investment is absolutely nothing. And it shouldn't even matter how much it costs, because the results you get from it, so worth it. But so I've got a little bit off topic, but back to what you're saying. No, that's, I'm glad you brought that up. I that's super valuable. And I love hearing the honesty. That's, that's what it's all about. So, yeah, so But back to the transition into the course now that it was good. Like, it's just like a big family, and it'd be community. And like, I didn't like as it's another thing that was different for me, I kind of always had the idea of like, one on one, you know, you told your life coach, and you just had the one on one meetings, and that's it. But like going into a big community, like that was definitely different. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was better because you get so many different perspectives. And Shawn help you everyone's like trying to push you need, like, get to gallon. And you get excited to jump on the coals and like be part of the community like posts and like see how people are doing. And I've never met these guys, but they're like best friends. And just like with the course itself, I mean, did you have any hesitation where you're like, wait, this is a course this isn't? This isn't one on one work? Um, what have you thought about about the course format? Once it's good, I mean, the course is what helps the course I put it all down with the course, essentially, I mean, there's a bit of everything. But the course is primarily what helps you transition. And what I would say. And it was the same thing I didn't really I mean, I expect to do a little bit of work, but not as much as I did. With the course I've nearly completed that Not quite. But now the course will because it keeps you accountable every day. You know, every morning, I get up, I do my coursework, you know, sets a great time for the day. And it's it's really what's gotten me I've gotten me to where I am the last eight months. Yeah. Which, which is what I'm excited to highlight right now. And just one quick question, because I'm so glad that you brought up the the investment, right? Because you're like, Oh my gosh, here's the investment. I've got some fear around it. But just a simple question. Do you feel like you've gotten your return on investment from this? Oh, hands and folds? Yeah, without a doubt. Yeah. Yeah. Like, that's when I know, it's a good investment. When I do never think about it again. I've never gotten to a point where Oh my God, I just spent that much money. Like, it's not really that much money, but it's like, I never had that. I've never said that to myself, am I suggesting to other people, like, you know, it might sound like a little bit, but it's, it's nothing like you want to feel it. And you know why, like, the success you get from the course is probably going to make you more money in the future. Anyway, from that. 100% Yeah, so it's like, why would you not do it? So let's highlight some of the stuff here that's transition for you, um, you know, just a really awesome intro into, you know, just like your journey to this point, right? about, like, just the process of us meeting us you coming into the program. So like, what, what have some of the amazing things that have happened for you, Sam, I mean, you're at a point where you're feeling completely overwhelmed, you were stuck, confused, stressed out. And now you're what like, give us give us some insight man. I would say like, I was thinking about this, and, you know, it's, the biggest thing is I don't have, I've just the key word out of all of it would have to be awareness. And more than anything, you know, because I'd have in the past, I'd have these episodes, or these experiences of anxiety and stress, and I wouldn't know what to do, or, like, why it's being caused or anything like that. And I wouldn't even know, like what I'm feeling, but like now, you know, I'm not I still get them. You know, as as everyone does, you know, life happens and you get stress and, you know, but now I can pinpoint it to that like T of where it's coming from and what it's caused by and like how to fix that going forward. You know, stuff that I would never realize in the past. So that's helped me immensely. I feel like I've changed completely in regards to how I am with other people, you know, my relationships with other people were much better. I were much more patient person. You know, I'm much more giving now. You know, it's more about other people than myself. And I judge people you know, I used to do stupid shit like, good road rage. You know, I don't do any more. You know, there's times I find myself doing it, I'm instantly just like, what are you doing? Like, I know that I'm doing it from that awareness. But overall, I think everything's good. My life is really good for me now. I feel like I'm crushing it at work. just bought a house. So here we go. That's good. You know, we're back to it. And not off school. Yeah, yeah. And I would just encourage you to, you know, these wins here, it's just please share it, I think it's as openly as possible, because it's incredibly valuable for other like high performing adventurous men who were where you were at 90 days ago to now you're, like, crushing it at work, right? You're back at the family biz, you're increased like revenue from doing that, right, like increasing your financial capacity. Not like living in a state of constant like stress and fear and anxiety. You were mentioning before that you got onto the call. You're saying, Man, I feel like my confidence is really going up a lot. Is that something that's been really positively affecting you? Oh, yeah. 100% with everything, especially business, you know, in personal life do not. Yeah, I just feel like, I just feel like I'm a step above. Well, and truly what I used to be, you know, I walk with confidence, I walk with pride on my step, you know, you know, I'm a peaceful person now. I'm very understanding compared to what it used to be just in a better spot. And that's just the effects everything positively. It really does. Yeah. And a question that I had for you is no big thing coming in for you. I remember on our initial call, you were saying, Yeah, I just feel like, I don't know who I am I right was like a big thing for you were like this, like, confusion, lack of clarity? And do you feel like that question has been answered for yourself? Do you feel like you're clear now? And like, who you are? And where you're going moving forward? Yes, I do. I mean, I don't know where it's gonna lead me to, but I know that it's going to be successful. And I feel like I'm a peaceful leader, you know, driven for good things. And that's the thing on on happy and loving, it's always constantly wanting to evolve with the changing times. So I could never tell you where I think I'll be in 10 to 15 years or longer, or, you know, five years, you know, but I know, it's, it's only going to get better. And I just want to improve always, and always improve always involve, and I think I'll get there for sure. But, ya know, that's it right there. That's the confidence coming out. And I think the big thing with an we're gonna teach us in the course, right? where, you know, we, we, as men, we get so fixated on predicting the future, right? It's like a control thing. We want to have everything in our control. And we say, Oh, you know, let's say I want to 3x my business or something in 90 days. And we become so obsessed with the outcome and and knowing how it's going to look and knowing all the right answers, right? Because school has taught us that, oh, there's only one right answer. But the reality is in life, that there's actually a variety of right answers get in, right. So now, that gets like, programmed into people. And the truth is, is that I don't, I don't know where I'm going to be in a year, right. But I do know what it's going to feel and look like in a sense that it's going to be successful, it's going to be what is it? But it's the surprise of life, it's letting go a little bit 100%. And I remember like back in when I was talking to you originally, it's like, I say constantly new me saying this, once I have this, I'll be good. Once I have this, I'll be good. And it's like, that's not it doesn't work like that. You know, am I haven't said I like just you saying there's remind me that I used to do that. And I haven't done that for months. You know, and I could I could easily do that, you know, once I get my business at this level will feel this way. It's like, no, I feel now it's just gonna get better. And I'm not gonna I don't predict that I just, it's just gonna happen. And you know, and exciting when it does. Yeah. Yeah, you define what you wanted, right? And then when we first came in, you told me very clear, this is what I want. This is how I want to feel. But your path to that. Right? Think about it right now. What you've done in 90 days, Sam is so inspiring. Like, I'm always so inspired by your story. And whenever we message each other, and 90 days, and you're you're feeling that right, and you're in you're like, Wow, I've accomplished so much of what I what I set on Mike on that first call 90 days ago. But are you surprised by the path that it took to get there? Like some things like happen, you're like, Well, like I didn't think that these things were gonna happen in my life necessarily. Do you know what I mean by that? You've been, you've been surprised by the journey. Like it's happened in ways that you didn't think it was going to happen. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, and By quicker than you think it will turn me. Without a doubt. Yeah, no, it's definitely been, it's been a hell of a journey, but and then that's the thing, like, there's times where, you know, you might be a month and you feel like a different person and you feel like, Oh, I'm good. Now I'm done. You know, or, you know, you're not though. And I guess the same when I complete the course, you know, it's not like, I'm going to complete the course. And like, oh, let's see it, I'm perfect. Now, this amazing person, I've never had to do any more work. It's like, another huge thing. And there's, like, I've learned from the courses that you have to do, you have to invest in yourself and put in the work every day, in some way or form. You know, you have to work on yourself every day in some way. You know, if it's a course like this a transformation course, great. But the transformation course doesn't last forever, you know, there's going to have to be future investment. So always, always working on yourself. It doesn't have to be a messy thing, like they but I don't want to do that every day. Because it doesn't take a lot like I do 30 minutes a day, every morning. It all takes totally. Yeah, it just takes some time and some investment, like any good thing. I mean, it's like someone wanting a thriving relationship with a woman. But they're not willing to invest in a time into the relationship. And they wonder why it's falling apart. It's no different in personal life in your mind, we put 100%, right, we put so much energy into our phones, we put so much energy into watching like Seinfeld, or whatever, that Family Guy, and that's for sure you got Seinfeld, so good. But it's amazing. You know what I mean? But it's like, it's not that we should completely eliminate all these things from our life. But we have to remember that this thing, we have to take care of our mind up here and invest in it in some way, shape, or form. And it doesn't come from just like going like going into the gym or like setting a new goal or like, you know what I mean? We have to, you have to work on it. It's like, why would you work out your body, but not your mind. Totally. Not a man. And I've always been a huge proponent of healthy balance, a healthy balance to be on your final day, or you know, watching TV every night. It's like, get up in the mornings, it's like and gone do something in this in your mind, invest in that time. I get very, very valuable. And it's amazing how far richer Sam, was there a specific I'm curious, was there a specific module or coursework that you you did in the transformation course that was like really gave you like a huge lightbulb moment? Was there anything that stuck out to you? Um, honestly, I wouldn't say nothing. I just say the course in general is what got me. Yeah. Every like, I couldn't really people. I couldn't say this. This this part was better than others. It was old. It all applied to me. Yeah. It was it was old chain. It was all like life changing in a way. Coke. No, every little bit was different. But every little bit, you know, affected me and and I applied it. And it helped me out, though. I wouldn't say one was better. The other was just all good. Yeah. So when you were like, let's say four months ago, you're in the state where you were stressed out stuck, overwhelmed, anxiety, confusion about who you are, and your path moving forward. And you were saying, well, it was affecting, like you're trying to become an entrepreneur at that point. It was affecting that it was affecting your health. It was affecting your relationships, right? And you went and you said, Okay, I'm going to invest in myself, I'm going to do something new. 90 days later, I'm sitting here, joy in my life, interviewing you about the amazing results that you've had. You're like, I feel great. I feel peaceful, calm understanding. I'm compassionate, I'm confident. But how has that shifting your internal world right? You worked on here on yourself? How has that affected your relationships? Like maybe with dad and Josh, your business, the family biz? How's it affected your health, like your energy? that's what that's what I'm really curious about. I would say leaps and bounds again, like my health is probably probably some of the best It's been a long time. I'll be at my lowest weight that I've been in months, I have a better healthier relationship with food. You know, I used to and I wouldn't say this is a bad thing, but I used to track all my food i'd weigh it all and all that sort of thing. Now I don't need to do that. Can I have better self control? You know, my portion sizes I don't being more that sort of thing. My relationships with my dad and my brother have just gotten better. My brother and me and his best mates we always have been but it's even better since being back we kind of lost touch in the last three four months. But now we know Tyler's ever we just bought that house together. So that was awesome. When my dad really good because you know in the past or a different have experience or moments where you know, I wouldn't have patients and I would get frustrated with them to a lot You know, and especially at work and living together, you know, like, I would just experience a lot of moments where I'm stressed and, again, anxiety around them. And, you know, I lose my patience and I wouldn't be nice, but I don't do that anymore. Like, I have complete patience and like, dad's made made that clear. You know, he said that to me, pulled me aside and he told me and I, he's very impressed and who I'm becoming I'm definitely a new person. And all my family's been saying that, actually. That's, it's really good to hear. And they're all really impressed with what I'm doing and who I'm becoming so. Yeah, it's good. I love it. When you told me that about when dad said that to you. I just that. I know that probably meant a lot to you because you have an incredible relationship with your dad and your dad is an outstanding person. Really? Is. He really? He's someone I mean, I look up to your dad to be honest with you. Yeah, well, yeah, he's a legend. Um, kind of a just a couple more questions here before we wrap it up, dude is how has how has just doing also some of the work shifted the way that you even view yourself and view the way that you talk to yourself and treat yourself has that shifted from like, maybe Yeah, yeah. How to be a big time. I mean, I used to be really hard on myself, you know, I say, Are you fucking idiot? You're so stupid. And, you know, we don't therefore. And like, I don't do any of that anymore. You know, I'm really I try and be really kind to myself, you know, in good to myself, you know, there's moments where, like, last night, you know, I had moments where, you know, I'm just my mind's racing on work and that sort of thing. And I just, I like, just told my son My go savings, relax your nice convoys and say, relax. Just don't worry about it right now. We'll deal with it later. Yeah, no, I don't mind best friend. You know why? Now? I've got myself and you have to have yourself. Truth. Yeah. Now it's been good. The reason why I asked you that is because just, you know, the men that Scott and I work with, right? We're men that are high achievers, and we want to make the most out of life. And we're adventurous, like we love traveling around the world, or spending time in the mountains. We are so brutal on ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves. We're our own worst enemy. never good enough. never good enough. Until we change that internal world, things really start happening. And then all of a sudden, you're your own best friend. And you're like, wow, I love you know, people are treating great. I'm treating people great. And it's like an NA, like, becomes contagious. Yeah, you know, that's the thing. You You treat yourself like shit. You treat others legit? 100% how you judge other people's reflection how you judge yourself, or what you think of yourself. Unless you I used to do you know, I used to always judge people for x&y things. And it turns out I would judge myself for those things. It's it's funny at works, but it works like that. Yeah, yeah, that that one was an eye opener for me as well. Like, yeah, it was what had to put that one in the course like the bias judgments like exercise and the second module like so powerful to see that you that you are your own worst enemy in ways that we don't even we're not even like aware of and it cycles back to what you talked about earlier, is that it's awareness, it has to start with awareness is the foundation of achieving anything in this world, you have to at least become aware of the way that you're living thinking being and from there, everything else can change. Yeah, I just think that, for me was the two biggest things was creating awareness and letting go of ego. That was the biggest thing he got was a big thing. Like I used to have man a guy. Like you couldn't tell me like if I was doing x&y, like wrong. I wouldn't want to hear it. But now I like hearing it. It's like, I try and tell that to me, like, tell me where I can improve. Like, if if I'm doing something that's bothering you, if I'm doing something that's not good, or there's some part of my life that I could be improving, like, let me know. I'm not going to be offended. I'm just gonna take it on and learn from that. Yeah. Yeah. And that's how you become dangerous in life. Yeah, exactly. When you're when you're receptive to Hey, I'm open right? We're not controlled. We go back to like the conversation earlier where we try to control everything we try to control what people say to us, we try to control our thoughts. We try to control our emotions, we try to control our future and everything and we like will manipulate whatever is around us in order to create this like event that like we think should be so like happening in the world. But until we actually let go of our ego of what we think we know and what we think is so right, things can go in a absolute variety of credible ways and you're you're out absolute proof of it. It's I just absolutely love this conversation, saying, dude, well, you can't that's the thing. You can't control what others do either. Are you your own URL, in control of it yourself, you know, you can't blame anyone else for how you feel like you're in control of how you feel. You know, this didn't happen to someone else. It happened because of you. Yeah, people don't know that. And the sooner people realize that it's very eye opening and helps you a lot. Yeah, that's direct truth. And it's, it's a tough one, because we want to, we want to fight that. But, and I am curious if even like, because that's something that's a huge message and what we teach a peek prosper. 100% accountability for your life. And when you start developing the awareness, like when you develop that, like consciousness of yourself in life, you actually can see it, you actually can look at the past experiences, events, like your specific thought patterns, your behaviors and go, Oh, my Oh, my gosh, I am actually like, manifesting all of this. Now. Yeah, yeah. 100%. Yep. Yeah. So what can do? I mean, what can we expect from you in the next three months? I mean, you've done this in 90 days, what can we expect from you for the next 90? Like, what are you working on now? And what things are you trying to create in your life that are just freakin awesome, man, I mean, you just got a house with Josh, what else? Um, one hour, I'm definitely putting a lot of focus in timing to the business. So needed, you know, I'm done. I mean, I've only been back two months, but I really want to learn that in, learn that business in and out, and then find different avenues of new areas I can of business, I can bring into that as well. Obviously, get the house to Josh, I would like to, you know, do a bit of work on it, renovate it, you know, increase the value of that, and then just continue to get better every day and work on myself. And who knows, I know, it's I don't once again, when I said earlier, I don't know what it's gonna be. But I know it's gonna be good things. And, you know, as long as I'm doing the work, and I'm putting in this work, I don't know what end up happening, but I know will be a good thing. And, you know, in three to six months time, we'll have another call, and we'll see where we're at. Yeah, yeah, I can't wait for v2. Right? Because then you just look at all the different, you know, it's like you can't pick it's so hard to predict it. You know, like, you told you so five years ago, you'd never expect to be where you are five years later, you don't know what the paths going to take. Take go for the ride and evolve on the way and you know, things will be good. Yeah. Yeah. And just to make this like quick clarity thing here, what Sam is essentially saying is that he's not defining every like the what he's going to eat for breakfast in six months from now, right? Because we don't know that. But he can be defining essentially, maybe like, where he wants to be living or like, what that's going to feel like and who he wants to be surrounding himself with. Or maybe like a specific relationship that he wants in his life or maybe a new adventure. These things we can get clear on we can define. But yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna be having for breakfast six months from now, but maybe some scrambled eggs. I don't know. I put the bacon in there to 100% Coffee as well. I'm you better still be on that coffee game, man. I've had six six shots of expressive this morning. So now you haven't. Yeah, I used a series. Yeah. Wow. Oh, God bless. Um, well, it's a perfect way to end it because you're about to go off like a rock you're about to go off on a rocket rocket ship rod for the rest of that to just unleash. Dude, absolute pleasure. And before we kind of wrap this up, final question here. Like what words of wisdom would you give to just any guy right now who's watching this? he's a he's an adventurous guy. He wants to make the most out of life. But he's, he's like, super resonating with your story. He's like, dude, dude, that I really like, that's what I feel like I was where Sam was at, like, 90 days ago. What would you say to that guy right now? Just take the first step. What is the first step? Open up and talk to someone you know, it's okay to seek help. It is, you know, a gay guy. Go talk to someone you know, talk to Mike. You know, invest in the course and you will never regret that. Yeah, and it's okay. Like, no one's gonna judge. Yeah. And I don't think to be okay. Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. And you know, if there is any guy here, listen to that. I mean, please, you know, book just book a free call with either Scott or myself and we're just gonna diagnose and help first that's what we do. There's no hard sell. Like, it's not trying to sell you. That's the thing. They're not gonna, you're not gonna jump on a phone call and then just sell Yeah, you know, like that. Yeah. I truly want to help So, Sam, powerful, powerful, I appreciate this so much, and just the ability for you to just go and just tell your story and I hope that's super empowering for you. And just been valuable for you to just really like, you know, bring to light. Because some we can forget so quick, right? Like, oh, that's it's so easy to forget, it happens fast it is, you know, that's the thing. Another thing I realized, you know, it's like, it's it is very easy just to life goes on. And you know, it just keeps moving. And it's easy to forget the past and see it's easy to not realize how far you've come. So it's great to be able to you know, talk about it and see for myself the difference, because you forget about it. You just live in the present moment. And, you know, you forget about where you work pretty easily, but it's good to bring that back up and feel the feelings. It's good stuff. So proud of you, man. I love you, brother. And I can't wait to be down in tazzy Yeah, man. Right on camera down in tazzy with you guys. It was back to normal. Yo, Danny. Am I you? Should I rent a room in my place? Yeah, yeah, I'll pay for rent so it's totally fine. Yeah, just not free for you. Cool. All right. Well, Sam, thank you so much for this and I hope that anyone watching this got insane value out of it. Because this I The story is just so epic dude. So much love brother. Thank you so much. Thank you, dude. Really appreciate it man. Cheers.