How Rich Landed His Dream Digital Nomad Job

In today’s video I’m going to share with you Rich's story.

Before Rich joined Peak Prosper he was feeling stuck regarding his personal and professional vision for the future. He was working in a job that he described as "toxic" and knew that he was capable of more.

Rich was looking to clarify the path forward for the next chapter of his life, find work that he loved and that allowed lifestyle flexibility. He also wanted to understand himself and his purpose at a deep level.

Since working with Peak Prosper, Rich has:

- Landed his dream digital nomad job that utilizes his skills & talents.
- Had his best ski season ever, backcountry touring all over the country.
- Defined and accomplished goals in his personal and professional vision.
- Reignited some healthy habits (lost 15lbs & quit cigarettes).
- Rebuilt his confidence and self esteem.
If you want results like Rich, book a free exploratory call with us and we will see if it’s a great fit:

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