How To Overcome Your Fears with the Power of Vulnerability

mindset Aug 21, 2021

Vulnerability is the courage to act despite your greatest fears.

Many modern men however have a psychological subscription to something we call machismo... stay strong, be tough, don’t show how you are really feeling.

While this machismo can protect men from emotional harm it also holds them back from much of what they truly desire to create in their life, because this emotional resistance paves the path for resistance in other areas of their lives.

This resistance holds men back from leaving the terrible soul-sucking job that brings them to an utter state of complete despair, it stops the energetic flow of love between them and their gf, wife or partner, ultimately leading to a life that is less than what they desire to be leading.

Part of the solution to this is embracing vulnerability not as a form of weakness but a sign of strength, courage and the ability to act despite what we fear.

In this short video, I’ll unpack a simple method that you can apply immediately to embrace vulnerability and step into your power as a courageous man who is leading the life of his dreams.


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