How I Met & Married The Woman of My Dreams

relationships Jul 12, 2021

In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you;

  • The most powerful speech I have ever given
  • How I met the woman of my dreams climbing Mt Hood
  • A story of romance that will inspire you to create an EPIC romantic relationship

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Hello Scott here from peak prosper. I'm super excited to share today's video. In today's video I'm going to share my story that I shared with my friends and family on my wedding day. I believe that within this speech in the photographs, I'll share in the minutes to follow, you will find yourself inspired moved and awakened to the powerful energy and amazing life that can be created. When two people support one another. When they support one another's dreams and commit wholeheartedly to building a healthy, thriving intimate romantic relationship. I call this story, a Mount Hood love story. Let's send it.


So in the weeks leading up to my wedding day I found myself reflecting on the many days that I'd spent in the mountains over the years in my life, a place that I personally frequent for health, joy, adventure and reconnection to my spirit. Most times my wandering in the mountains has a clear intention. But very often, they turn into something that my friends have coined a Scott adventure. Simply put, these adventures, turn into epics, these adventures in the mountains have taught me one very important thing about life, and it is that nothing ever goes exactly as planned, So you should always be prepared for serendipitous, and challenging experiences often outside of your comfort zone to happen.


In the case of Alexandra and myself. We never know when we'll find ourselves snowmobiling, into the back country and negative 20 to negative 40 degrees, when we'll cross paths with an animal much further up the food chain than ourselves like a grizzly bear. And the grizzly cub that we encountered on our engagement day near Mount Saye and Glacier National Park, or a cougar, that I ran across in the backyard of my parents home, where we got married, or when I'll leave the two of us down 3000 vertical feet of the most blower powder in the British Columbia back country, only to realize that we're a little bit off course. And we'll be getting back into the resort after dark, only to need a snowmobile ride to get back home safely. That evening, or when I'll be crawling into a tent at 10,000 feet with a girl that I'm mad crashing.


Alexandra and ICE Adventure together. It started one spring night on Mount Hood around 1am, where we met for a ski ascent of the South summit with a few buddies.


Under that cool mountain morning we'd never met one another.


I thought the sheer fact that a girl who just returned from a multi week adventure in the Patagonia's would be joining our climb that day was pretty epic. I was stoked. The five of us shared a successful summit of Mount Hood that day in Arad ski down the west crater. You're listening to us from Portland, you likely heard our stoke level because our hoots and hollers were off the decibel chart. What I did not know that day was that summit on my childhood mountain marked the beginning of the most amazing adventurous love story with Alexandra.


Over the next few months, we shared adventures at Mount Rainier in South system in just a few.


I found myself falling head over heels for a beautiful mountain woman who embodied the adventurous spirit full of compassion, kindness, and the joy for life that I'd been looking for in a lifelong partner was falling fast. Thankfully, she knew how to belay and caught me before I drifted off on yet another Scott adventure to the Tetons or God knows where, on our beautiful planet.


Our first rock climbing adventure to index Washington. Shortly after we started dating, really made me realize how freaking epic life could become with this woman. I guess when you're attached to a rope and your life depends on your partner, you quickly build the foundational elements of trust, open communication and loving kindness, All necessary ingredients to a healthy, happy long term relationship.


The peaks and valleys that filled the surrounding landscape during our adventurous outings represented a reflection of our own inner lives each adventure brought us closer together as we spoke of the ups and downs, the smiles and frowns beauty and ugliness nightmares and wonderful dreams that life had brought. I soon came to realize that, Alexandra was the woman I was looking for. And while that realization scared me more than any hazard present in the mountains. It also filled my soul with an enlivened and fresh energy. It opened my heart to the energetic flow of love, that can only be experienced between soulmates.


It said that love is spiritual. And I couldn't agree more. The pure presence of a grizzly mama and her little bear cub on Mount Saye, during our engagement is proof enough to me that there is a powerful force at play. That is guiding this amazing journey we are on.


Alexandra is my love. She is my soulmate. She's my mountain woman. And on our wedding day she looked absolutely stunning.


And I'm so grateful for each day and each adventure that brought us to this beautiful moment that we got to share with our family and our amazing friends.


As I close this short story I'd like to sincerely thank you for listening to our love story.


I hope that it inspired you, that it moved you, and it got you in a space where you're ready to create your own love story.


Love like this, I found it doesn't just happen by chance. I tried to make love happen in my life by chance and, well, the universe just doesn't work like that.


I found that it takes clarity and intention and right action to manifest a healthy, thriving intimate romantic relationship that brings both you and your partner to higher levels of consciousness, where your greatest grandest dreams become a reality. Now if you've enjoyed this story. If you've enjoyed my personal story, my personal adventure to creating the relationship of my dreams, and you'd like to learn more about the principles I applied in my own life and the principles that I teach to other men at peak prosper, to help them create amazing relationships, then check out some of the additional videos that we have here on our YouTube channel, or if you'd like to take a deeper look at the work that we do at peak prosper, to help high performing men gain the clarity that they need to manifest the life of their dreams to create thriving relationships, then go ahead and watch the free mini course that I've included below. Or if you just like to book a call with me. Go ahead and do that as well.


Wishing you happiness, love, and success in your life, get after it. Peace.