13 Epic Mens Vision Board Examples To Manifest Your Dreams

mens vision board examples


"Adventure, opportunity, and reward extend beyond our field of vision and are made known to us only when we test our wings." — Gina Greenlee

What do you want out of life?

Every man should ask himself; what do I want out of life? Sometimes, it can be tough to figure out the answer. That's where vision boards come in.

A vision board is a collection of images and words representing what you want to achieve or manifest in your life. They can help you focus on what's important to you and keep you motivated. If you're looking for inspiration, check out these epic men's vision board examples below!

And if you are looking for a guide to help you create your vision board, check out our step-by-step vision board guide for men looking to discover their purpose, find meaningful work, and create the life of their dreams.

1. The Dream Life

Hi, I'm Scott Rowley, the author of this article and co-founder of Peak Prosper.

I call this board "The Dream Life" because it represents everything important to me; my relationships, health, business success, friends, family, relationship with GOD, traveling the world and experiencing all that life offers. You'll notice that this motivation board's core is everything about healthy living, eating well, exercising with my wife, and doing simple things daily.

This vision board is something I look at every single day to help me stay disciplined and live in alignment with my massively transformative vision for life.

2. Mentor Manifestation

I call this vision board the Mentor Manifestation because it is a collage of my closest friends and mentors. It reminds me daily to embody their character traits.

These are some of the character qualities of each of the people on this board that I strive to embody:

  • Yvon Chouinard; founder of Patagonia - Embodiment of Innovation and Environmentalism
  • Mike Morelli; founder of Peak Prosper - Embodiment of Creativity
  • David Rosell; founder of Rosell Wealth Management - Embodiment of Wealth Guru
  • Nate Kay; founder of - Embodiment of Analytical Mindedness
  • Drew Byrant; owner of Don Bryant Painting - Embodiment of Passion for People

You can use this vision board style to become like the mentors you most look up to, improve your current character, and manifest the perfect mentors for your life and business.


3. The Dream Home

You can also use a vision board to manifest your dream home. Below is an example of a vision board with some of the elements of a dream home; 5 acres of heavily treed property, a yurt, a nature-inspired home, and mountains for skiing nearby.

4. Peaks of The Past

Our past experiences heavily influence our choices in the future and how we respond to current events. They program our minds to believe certain things. Our mind will not think something is possible until we anchor it with proof from either our first-hand experience, which is the most powerful, or the experience of others.

Below is a vision board of past milestones in my life that show me, nothing is impossible with the right tools, team, and attitude. Be sure that you include breakthrough moments from your past when you create your new vision board.

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5. Manifest Your Dream Life

Wow! It's crazy to dig up this vision board from my past. This vision board was used to manifest my dream relationship, attract and build the business of my dreams, improve the relationships with my little bro and sis, move into my dream home in Montana and purchase my first adventure camper. It also inspired me to begin traveling the world and go to Japan and Nepal. I hope this vision board from my past inspires your future.

6. Adventure Travel and Family Board

The man who created this vision board deeply values epic adventures in the outdoors; fly fishing, skiing, rock climbing, and paddleboarding. He also loves traveling the world. He travels to several different countries every year and enjoys months of vacation and quality time with his family, all supported by his own painting business that he runs as an entrepreneur.

7. Motivational Dream Board

Dan T, a member of the 2.0 Peak Prosper Men's Transformation Program, created this vision board that visualizes his Massively Transformative Vision (MTV).

Dan's motivation board inspires him to maintain an active, healthy, fun, adventurous lifestyle filled with global travel, running endurance events, and living in alignment with his MTV.

He has created sections of his motivation board dedicated to the creative agency he is building intending to land his first $5000 side-gig project. By the time this article is published, I will bet that he has turned this into a reality.

8. The Abundance Board

Below is a picture of the first vision board I ever created back in 2014. At the time I'd reached a professional plateau, my relationships were not fulfilling, and my health was sub-optimal. However, over the next year by creating a clear vision for my professional future, a plan of action to turn it into a reality, and taking consistent action, my life changed dramatically.

Almost everything that year on this vision board became a reality. I increased my income to $55,000, purchased my first full-suspension mountain bike, went skiing in Japan, ran marathons, and improved my relationships.

9. Vision Board to Achieve Optimal Health

On this inspiration board will notice several essential elements for achieving and maintaining optimal health. The core elements of a healthy lifestyle are all on the board; aiming for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night, drinking more water, eating, just eating, exercising daily, practicing yoga and meditation, and having a well-rounded, balanced diet.

10. Manifest Your Life and Professional Purpose

We lose sight of our purpose in life when what we are doing lacks a feeling that it truly matters. So we start asking why I am even doing this?

A man used this vision board to create a purpose-driven life and professional future that aligned with his deepest desires.

11. The Manly Vision

The manly vision board was created by a young man working toward creating the life of his dreams.

He dreams of building his own home with a garage full of cars and toys paid in full, traveling the world on his motorcycle, and achieving financial freedom.

12. The Nomadic World Traveller

Mike Morelli, the co-founder of Peak Prosper, created this vision board that aligns with the system he is working on building at Peak Prosper that supports his nomadic dream life.

Currently, he lives in Costa Rica; before that, he lived in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand as a digital nomad. His vision board represents not only the adventures that he enjoys but also the business he is building.


13. Inspirational Men's Vision Board

Gaelan, another member of the 2.0 Peak Prosper Men's Transformation Program, created this vision board that aligns with his deepest desires for the future. He uses this to visualize his coming attractions, including purchasing his own land, building a tiny house, improving his health, and traveling the world.

Creating Your Vision Board + Our FREE Vision Board Checklist Guide

I hope you found these men's vision boards inspiring as you set off to create your own.

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