10-minute Inner Peace Meditation To Get Rid of Stress + Anxiety {VIDEO BELOW}

mindset Jul 05, 2021

This guided meditation by Scott Rowley from Peak Prosper is designed to help you let go of the stress and anxiety that is holding you back from entering your zone of peak performance.


Research shows that meditation can help to restructure your mind, relieving stress and anxiety while increasing your state of calm, inner peace, and focus. 

We suggest listening to this with your headphones, in a space where you will be undisturbed for at least 15-minutes.


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Let’s just take a moment here to gently close our eyes and make any adjustments so that we're sitting upright, but we're not rigid we're just nice and comfortable in our chair.


And let's go inward, bringing our attention to the rise and the fall of our belly. As we inhale. And as we exhale, perhaps on the inhale, counting to four. And at the top of your breath. Counting to two.


And then counting to six. On the exhale, repeating. As we inhale and exhale. He will feel your breath rhythm slowed down drastically, to perhaps six to eight beats per minute.


This concentration and slowing down of your breath will activate your vagus nerve, which is the healing nerve in your body.


For the next minute, I will give you this space to just breathe just oxygenate your body. Giving yourself full inhalations and exhalations may each breath cycle represent the inspiration and expiration. As the moments of your day, begin to unfold


in your mind. not to wander too far off places during this moment. If it does just simply bring it back to the concentration of your breath in your present time experience.


You may begin to feel a sense of weightlessness, free from any stress or fear or anxiety about the future. Your mind likely feels very clear and calm. From this space, let us begin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Just bringing to mind one thing in our life that we have to be grateful for. Could be a relationship, opportunity, or simply the gifts, we're giving ourselves right now to nourish our mind and our body through our practice of meditation, whatever that one thing we have to be grateful for. Let us sit with it for a minute and really feel into this sensation of gratitude about this one thing. If our mind tries to wander over the next minute, let us just bring it back to this. One thing that we are grateful for.


Let's just bring a smile to our face now as we really reflect on the power that that one thing in our life has. As we transition into our day ahead. Let us remind ourselves that whatever arises, whatever challenges that lie ahead. We're tasks we have on our list, or projects or problems or the unexpected that may arise. We can always return to this space of calm this safe place of quiet. And this feeling of gratitude for what we have in our lives. As we begin to close today's meditation, but it's just gently come back into our physical body. By gently wiggling our fingers, and our toes. Perhaps rolling our shoulders backwards and forwards and rocking our head from side to side. Then when you're ready, and there is absolutely no rush. Just gently open your eyes.