How to "Let Go" and Tap Into A Peaceful Flow

mindset Aug 09, 2021

In today’s video, I am going to be unpacking a solution to a problem that plagues all of humanity and crushes peak performance.

The Problem; When reality does not match our desire, emotions often run amok and we slip into a downward emotional spiral, blocking us from a peaceful flow state. The spiral if not caught and transformed into inner peace leads to a negative feedback loop that affirms your reality as a mismatch from your desire leading to potent powerful and paralyzing emotional suffering.

Further, emotional attachments block peace and prosperity.

This shows up every time you want something that is beyond your present circumstances in which you attach too much energy and desire to.


Examples might include;

*** Business; thing i want = $60K in business, the emotion of fear arises when reality does not match desire
*** Dream Relationship, i want an epic relationship SO bad...

Today I am going to break the misunderstanding of what it means to let go.

Our Goal; transform your negative spiral energy into positive peaceful energy so you can flow to your desires.

Flowstate; highest state of consciousness where you do your greatest work with what feels like effortless ease, pure presence and a feeling of inner peace.

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Hey guys, Scott here from Peak prosper and in today's video I'm going to be unpacking a solution to a problem that plagues all of humanity. And it absolutely crushes peak performance. See when our reality, our life does not match our desires, some dream or some future thing that we desire to manifest in our lives, we inevitably suffer if we attach a negative emotion to our current experience and that mismatch between those two realities. And what this does is it blocks us from a peaceful flow state. And when I talk about flow state, I'm referring to that optimal state of performance that optimal state of emotional being. Where your goals, your dreams and your work seems to just flow with effortless ease. And when we're restricted to a state of fear, doubt, insecurities, we're just experiencing these toxic emotions. It is impossible for us to tap into a peaceful flow state. So today I'm going to be talking about a solution, not just to let go of these negative emotions and let go of our attachments to our desires, but to transform the energy that we have connected to our desires, so that it's one of peace, joy, love, an optimism for the future.
See when we just hold a negative emotion of fear, doubt and overwhelm it pulls us into a downward spiral of doom. Often, making us just stuck in what we call a negative feedback loop from how negative feedback loop is when we are triggered by a thought that leads to an emotion, that leads us to taking some action that just affirms the fact that our current reality does not match our desired state. And when that negative energy continues on the perpetual wheel of doom. It just increases the power of the negative emotion that we have attached to our current situation. Now this is no way to be. This is no path to a peaceful and prosperous life. And today I want to give you some solutions to transform this negative energy state of fear and doubt and maybe insecurities, to a state of peace, joy and optimism so that you can create a more prosperous and desirable life, this, this problem shows up often, as entrepreneurs and high performers. When we pick gargantuan goals, things that we want to strive for, or even little things that we desire in our lives that are just a little bit out of reach. For example, something I might want is to grow my business to a certain revenue mark. But when I look back at my current performance and it doesn't match that reality. I have the tendency to attach a negative emotion to the fact that where I am now is not where I want to be. And this is no way to actually manifest our deepest desires. It said that he who becomes rich unconsciously suffers and richness. And this is why so many rich people suffer is why so many people who have, what are perceptually great relationships, suffer unconsciously, because of their unconscious, emotional attachment to these things.
Now the goal today is to take this energy and transform any energy that you have that's attached in a negative spiral into a positive energetic flow, so that you can actually create your deepest desires and live in a more peaceful state. So before we dive into talking about a method that you can use to transform your energy and how you can actually let go of positive expectations and positive outcomes that you desire to manifest in your life. I'd first like to talk about the inverse relationship between actions and results in emotions, see there is an inverse relationship between the actions that you take associated with something that you desire to manifest in your life, and the results of that thing actually showing up. And then there's an even further time that lags between the results showing up and you actually experiencing the positive emotions of joy, excitement and optimism associated with that desired outcome that you had. So let's just look at this graph, to create a visual representation of what I'm talking about so you can bring some conscious understanding to why negative emotions have a tendency to get tied into us when we strive for our goals and dreams and desires and future states in our lives. So if we look at this graph here. Now, what I've created is a visual representation of actions that we might be taking. So this here on the y axis just represents quantity, and the x axis will say represents time or the time lag that lapses between where we are now and where we
want to be. So if the beginning of this right here represents the start the incubation of an idea and you beginning to execute upon that idea. And this red line represents your amplified action. So right here at the peak of you taking actions, you're just beginning to experience some of the results.
And because of the limited amount of results showing up in your life affirming that the actions you're taking actually are manifesting your dream or your goal or whatever it is that you'd like to create.
Because of the limited results, our emotional state, often goes to an all time low. So while we are taking massive action. We're getting limited results. This is simply because of the law of cause and effect, meaning that the cause is created before some future effect is manifested. So as time goes on you began to take less and less action, ultimately reaching this zero point where you just stopped doing the things that were associated with you, experiencing the result. So, often by the time you experience the result in the future, whatever it might be an amazing relationship, maybe your business it's a record of $60,000 in a month, or you've experienced peak health. By the time you experienced this peak moment. You've often stopped doing the things that cause that result.
Now what happens, again, is more time passes before you actually experience the positive emotions associated with that outcome.
And this is just a visual representation of the inverse relationship between the actions that you take to turn a goal or a dream into a reality. And the actual results, and the emotions, the positive emotions that you experience result of turning your dreams and goals into a reality. So again if we revisit our goal today. Our goal is to take any negative downward spiral energy that you're experiencing, we look at this blue line here, and break free from the emotional peaks and valleys that high performers often experience on their journey towards turning their goals and dreams into a reality. So that you can live in a more joyful state. I call it the joyful journey. So, how do you do this, how do you take this negative energy and break free from the emotional peaks and valleys that you're experiencing in your life, as they're associated to relationships or your business or maybe just your mind state. So again we want to break free from this emotional roller coaster, and just ride more on some smooth, emotional, hills, and ultimately just transform this, this, this fear state.
And this doubt
to peace and joy and optimism.
No matter what is happening in your life, even if it's an unwanted current situation.
See the Real Peaceful Warrior, the real peaceful leaders of our day are unshaken inside of themselves, their peaceful state does not move.
Given their external circumstances.
So how do we take this negative overwhelming doubtful fearful state of emotion that is triggered from an unwanted inner or outer experience, and transform that into a peaceful state, so that you can live more in flow and joy. And just a state of calmness. How do we do that, well we're going to talk about that right now. So, let's just say a triggering event happens, and you realize that your current business performance, or your relationship with your wife is not in alignment with your vision. It is not what you really desire.
Let's just use that trigger that leads to an unwanted emotion of fear, doubt, anxiety, stress overwhelm whatever it might be, as a trigger to just wake up to your current reality, to just become consciously aware of your current circumstances, and the prior cause of your current circumstance. And during this moment of waking up let's just ask ourselves, one question is my current circumstance, something that is within my control right now. Or is it outside of my control, meaning that it's really in the hands of someone else, some other institution some organization, somebody else. It's not something that I actually have the power to control and change.
If I do have the power to control or change it. And even if I don't. It's important next to just attach a positive to whatever this unwanted experiences to break free from that downward spiral that you're stuck in.
And you can simply do that by asking one question. What is the good that is going to come from my current circumstances, whatever you might see if you look back on your life right now there's likely been some undesirable unwanted things that have happened experiences you've gone through that have led to the most beautiful outcomes in the future, and have that negative experience not happened, you wouldn't get this future beautiful peaceful state. For example, in my own life going through multiple heartbreaks and challenging romantic relationships, inevitably those ups and downs, were a necessity for me, meeting the woman of my dreams and creating a healthy, thriving romantic relationship. So, had it not been for those unwanted experiences in the past, the good wouldn't have been created in the future. So the second step is to just attach something good to what is happening in your present unwanted situation.
And the third piece, the third step in transforming your negative energy attached to an unwanted situation to a peaceful state is to let go of your current circumstances, no matter what they are. accept them for what they are, and settle in a state of peace and optimism. As you sit in a vision for your future. Really just being in a peaceful state. As you visualize your positive, optimistic future that is coming to you. See remember if we were to go back and look at the inverse relationship between action results and emotion, the actions that you take today associated with your future desire, are going to manifest what you most desire.
And it is something in the past that created this current unwanted situation. So as soon as you can change what you're doing in the present, begin to work towards creating your future reality.
And just to revisit today's objective of our lesson. it is to simply transform your emotional attachment your negative emotional energy to any future desires that you'd like to manifest in your life, to transform it to a state of peace, harmony, so that your goals can happen with seemingly effortless ease as you tap into your flow state. Now, if you'd like a blueprint for applying the method that I've talked about today on the whiteboard so that you can reference it in the future and begin applying these three steps to transforming your emotional energy, then please just comment path to peace in the comments below this video and I'll send you the blueprint to apply the method that I've talked about today, as well as the reference to notes from this video. I hope you got tremendous value out of today's video. That's it. Peace.