Learn How To Control Your Mind: My Secret Weapon

high-performance practices Jul 21, 2021

In today’s video I’m going to share with you a super power technique that I use twice daily.

It’s helped me:

  1. Improve confidence, energy, and momentum.

  2. Achieve my dreams and goals faster.

  3. Feel aligned with the man I want to be.

It’s been practiced by legends such as Kobe Bryant, David Goggins, and Tony Robbins.

For the longest time I spent years in a state of confusion and uncertainty regarding who I was, what I really wanted out of life, and how to get it.

This video will show you how you can smash through those mental roadblocks and create the life you really want to live.

We hope you love it!

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Hey guys what's going on? It's Mike Morelli, here from peak prosper, and I'm stoked to share with you today my secret weapon, something that I do every day twice a day, in order to really allow myself to step into achieving my dreams and goals. It's an incredibly powerful tool. And I'm going to break all that down view today. And you're probably sitting here saying, Okay, what is it, and it's visualization. And this is such an incredible tool. I've heard this from really, really successful people who do this people that I look up to and admire, like, David Goggins, Sam ovens, quazi, Joe here navall raava Khan. So these are people that use this tool. And, you know, for me personally, you know, when I look up to specific people, and they're doing a tool or a method that's working for them, and these people are successful, it's something that I'm going to put into my own life. So it's taking me some time to really figure out how to do visualization correctly, because I think, you know, a lot of people think I'm just gonna sit in a dark room and, you know, visualize my dreams and goals, and all of a sudden, they're just going to happen, but there's very specific key things that need to happen in order to allow the visualization to be successful. And so I'm going to walk you through all those stages right here. So let's jump in. Glad you tuned in to today's video. So really, the first stage of this is awareness. And the reason why I wrote down awareness, I could, I could have wrote down a lot of different things here. But essentially, what we want to do in a visualization is to really get ourself into a state of in the present moment, right. So you can really just write down, you know, you want to be present. And what this means is that, you really want to get to a point where your brain is calm down. So if you're stressed out, if you're kind of like agitated, or your mind is racing, this isn't really going to work out. And there's really scientific reasons behind that. And essentially, what happens is that when you are stressed out, and when you're when you're overthinking, your brain is over analyzing, and you're feeling this, like these emotions throughout your body. And it's really tough to get your brain into a specific you can not to go too sciency here, but specific brainwave patterns that really allows this visualization is like manifestation to really occur. So we want to get into this present moment stage. And the best way to do that is through meditation. Scott actually made an incredible, just brief 10 minute meditation video for you. So if you're looking for a guided meditation, just to get you into that very calm, centered and balanced state, for visualization to be effective, I'm going to link that down below so that you can go click that and watch that. But first, watch this full video so that you know how to do it. So really, step one here is that you want to get into the present moment, you really want to get yourself calm, and relaxed. So for me, I'll just do mindfulness meditation, I'll focus on my breath. And I'll go anywhere from five minutes to 45 minutes, but that's specific to me. Alright, so step one, get into the present moment, get this brain get this thinking mind to calm down. Once you've done that, we have a desire. And so we're not just going to go into the visualization, just going after whatever we want. And I wrote down one there because, you know, it needs to be something stronger than wanting, and I've made a video in the past about the three levels of desire and how whatever you're visualizing should be something that you're really, really wanting in your life, there should be a strong emotion behind it, right? So, for example, Scott Knight, we strongly desire to scale Pete prosper, where we're impacting 1000s upon 1000s, of high performing inventors, and then this isn't something that we want, this is something that we really, really strongly desire. So for you here, this is essential that you're choosing something in the visualization in your life, that you really are attacked, that you're really, you know, strongly believe in, it's something that you really want in your life. So let's give an example here. Maybe you're an entrepreneur and you're looking to make $20,000 a month, right? That's something that you really, really, really strongly desire. Maybe this was a what we're using here. Maybe you're a guy who looking to build more shop with more confidence in his life, Unknown Speaker right? You're someone that struggles with self doubt, maybe fear limiting beliefs, and you find yourself constantly just second guessing yourself. Maybe you're not sure Coming up is your true authentic self, you're not really feeling as worthy as you should, right? And you know that it's affecting the way that you speak and communicate with other people, I would say this is a key thing here, very, very, very Unknown Speaker key thing. Unknown Speaker So something that we strongly desire. Alright, so we've got that defined, alright? Make sure that before you go into this visualization, that you're really saying, I'm going in with the intent of this desire, this is really the focal point of your visualization. And so, here we go. So step one, right, we're sitting down in a quiet spot, we're bringing some awareness. So our phones are off, we're in a quiet, you know, quiet room, just relax, there's not cars beeping, there's not things going crazy. You're sitting down, closing your eyes, you're doing some breathing, you're allowing yourself just to calm down again to the present moment. Okay, again, Scott's guided meditation, you can use that to get you into that present state boom, once you're there, you're saying yourself, okay, you know, this visualization, I really this is this desire that I want, I want to start really showing up as more of my confident, authentic self. Alright, so we've got that desire, it's clear, it's not a want, it's something that we strongly want. Boom. So now we go into the visualization. Alright, so this is the key thing here. So now we go in to the visualization. And what we're doing in the visualization is we're getting really, really clear about what that looks like in our life. So if you're a guy who's struggling with confidence, and again, we'll just use this one as the example. I want you to visualize the best case scenario, this is the most important thing here. Well, the second most, and I'm going to talk about this here. But you know, best Unknown Speaker case. Unknown Speaker Always choose the Unknown Speaker best case scenario, even though it can be challenging sometimes to really allow ourselves to visualize the best case scenario. But you know, if you're that guy, you want to show up with more competence in your life. really visualize yourself speaking the way that you want to speak, treating people the way you want to treat them, the way that you're interacting with others the way that you're you're thinking about yourself and viewing yourself. And even when you look at yourself in the mirror, like really, like making crystal clear. The best case scenario with you is the maximum amount of confidence. And when you're doing that, this is this is it right here, this is the hook. So pay attention, you need to attach the feeling that you want to feel so you can actually in a visualization generate the type of emotion that you want to feel. And if you don't believe me, simply think about something that you don't want to think about something that you really hate. And watch how your body responds with that emotion of like fear or like anger or whatever it is right, we can absolutely generate feelings of happiness of success of confidence. So when you're doing the visualization, visualizing the best case scenario, generate teacher body, the emotion that you want to feel while that experience is happening, and here's what's crazy, your mind does not know the difference between whether you're in a visualization, or whether you're in real life. it's mind blowing, it doesn't know the difference. So what we're doing here is we're teaching the body how to think and feel ahead of the actual experience. So this is why this is such a powerful, powerful tool, because emotions guide our actions and life. Human beings make decisions, whether you're conscious about this or unconscious, all the decisions that we make are based on emotion. All right, so our thoughts and feelings are connected. That's why it's this is such a powerful tool, it's literally changed my life. And really, you're teaching the body how you want to think and feel ahead of the actual experience so that when the actual experience does happen, it becomes unconscious. Right? So we're just training our mind and body here. So most important thing is that you need to attach the emotion that you want to feel to the visualization. Okay? And so, again, we're visualizing the best case scenario. And once you've done that, right, once you have done this here, this is something that I learned from my coach, Tim, and it's disassociate. This is the final kind of piece here. So a lot of the times with hydroforming Adventures men, I think that we can fall into the trap of being very attached to our boat dreams and goals, very attached to our personal growth as well. leader in this world, and really just like the, you know, becoming the best version of ourselves. So we become very, very, very attached that and that can cause problems. We don't want to create deep attachment to these things. Yes, we desire them, yes, they're important for our life. But it's not it can't make or break our happiness, like whether these things happen or not, I'm still going to show up as who I, you know, the best version of me every day, I'm still going to show up and, and take responsibility for my happiness. So this is why we have to disassociate because these things they're going to happen, but they're going to happen in their own time. Right. So this final piece here, disassociate, again, just releasing some attachment. So what does this look like? So after I go through this, these all these stages here, and I was talking about, you know, visualizing the best case scenario and attaching emotion to it, at the end of your visual visualization, I want you to spend one minute and visualizing really that best version of you that that best case scenario, I want you to then visualizing that it's separate, it becomes separate from you. So you almost see yourself from a third person kind of watching that best version of you. And like, imagine, allow yourself, the way that Tim kind of described it to me is really allowing yourself to kind of imagine yourself being like pulled to it. So that let's say, for example, this is the, you know, the best version of you that you're visualizing that you really want to show up as, and then this is like your current self. Really think about saying, okay, what's that timeline to that maybe it's a month, maybe it's two months, maybe it's six months, whatever it is, I want you to imagine yourself, just seeing that version of you that best case scenario and kind of being pulled to it. And you can use whatever, you know, Unknown Speaker maybe this description that I'm using here is not something that you want to do. But really just imagine, the key here is to imagine that you're just you're being drawn to it, right. So in these stages, here you are at you are living in the present moment, you're visualizing yourself acting and feeling and really being that, but just that final piece here is letting go, like letting go of the attachment recognize it, recognizing this is something that you're becoming right, this is something that you are becoming them is the key thing. I don't know some of these things, maybe send them new to you, right, it's maybe it sounds kind of like woowoo or spiritual, I promise you it's not really, it's just different methods and modes that really highly successful and really happy. And people that are purpose driven are using in their life, I'm telling you, I've been doing this, it is insanely powerful. But this really key piece of the puzzle is that you don't hear too much when people talk about visualization. And this is just again, releasing that attachment. So we don't become so obsessed. And it like can create that make or break scenario. So recognizing that you're always becoming, you're always kind of evolving here. And this is that final piece to just really visualize yourself saying, okay, you know, I am really gravitating towards that. So, hope this has been incredibly valuable for you today. And if you're kind of at this point here, where, you know, maybe even in this desire stage, you're not really you don't have the clarity that you do want on who you are, who you want to become, and the dreams and goals that you do want to achieve. Now what you can do is you can just go down to the description below and we have a link. And you can just book a free exploratory call with either myself or Scott and what we're going to do on that call, it's not a sales call. This is purely just a exploratory call to help you gain massive clarity around you know, where you really want to go in life, what dreams and goals that you do want to accomplish. And then Scott and I will just help you build a roadmap on that call to get there is completely free, insanely valuable. And this is just for high performing adventurous men that want to transform their mind create the life of their dreams. So yeah, so if that's you if you're looking for more clarity, for definitely book that exploratory call right now click the link down below. Otherwise, we hope that you love this video so much. Hope you got tremendous value out of this today. And we'll see you on the flip side. Peace.