How Job Burnout Can Help You Create Your Dream Career

Ever wake up to go to work and just wish you were on a different professional path that brought a deeper sense of meaning to your life?

Each day is just kind of mrrr, your job brings a paycheck, benefits, and consistency, but lacks the autonomy required to pursue projects that give you that zing of professional fulfillment and energy.

You are constricted by your “job description” , unable to tap into challenging projects that stretch your skills, grow your company and expand your opportunities.

Each week that passes makes you feel a little more restricted and trapped, it’s frustrating, confusing and the uncertainty boils leading to disengagement in your work activities, low performance, and in some cases the inability to perform basic elements of your job description.

The most frustrating part is you know that you are capable of so much more, this inner knowing creates a comparison trap between who you are and who you know you could become.

Your inner coach is drowned out by your inner critic with powerful and potent messages like…

“If only I had the courage that Bob had to go start his own mechanic business.”

“If only, I could do what Logan did and stick to my guns even when the going got tough, then I’d be at least doing something I love.”

“If only....”

The “if only’s” just create sadness and suffering, they are not a source of inspiration, but a source of deflation.

You’re probably thinking… Scott, this sounds so dismal.

You would be right in thinking that.

See, years ago this was me, and today it might be you, stuck, underperforming and knowing that I wanted to start my own business that would lead to more autonomy, life balance, pay beyond my wildest dreams, and freedom from the hell of burnout. But not having the courage and support needed to make it successful left me stuck in the muck.

I did not know it at the time, but work burnout was a secret ingredient to later creating a meaningful career that aligned with my purpose. It was the pain I needed to experience that actually fueled me to change.

You might be thinking that is a load of bull, because it is backed in zero scientific evidence, but hear me out.

This bold statement is based on my professional experience, and observing dozens of others go through the psychological turmoil of burnout.

And, the data is profound. In July 2020, FlexJobs partnered with Mental Health America (MHA) to conduct a survey of more than 1,500 individuals asking a range of questions associated with work burnout…

Among many metrics the survey showed that 75% of people have experienced burnout at work, with 40% experiencing burnout specifically during the pandemic. This is largely due to working longer hours for many people who have moved to a remote work model post pandemic, and the increase in our always on, always connected work society.

So what is the solution?

To be honest, the solution is complex and multivariate. Burnout is not as simple to solve as taking these three steps and you are cured, or waving a magic wand and poof having all your overwhelming thoughts, emotions and workloads vanish.

See burnout is generally caused by 1 or a few of 6 different roots. You have to treat the root to heal from burnout, and the solution is not always leaving your job to start a business like I did, but it might be :)

Let’s explore the 6 Primary Causes and Basic Solutions For Burnout:

  1. Workload; Assess and begin practicing planning your workload, prioritizing your work, delegating tasks, saying no, and letting go of perfectionism.
  2. Perceived Lack of Control; What is causing this? What can be done? Can you create boundaries? Do you need a new boss?
  3. Reward; Can you negotiate higher pay or better benefits? Can you become a part of projects that align with your intrinsic motivators?
  4. Community Breakdown; Can you boost team morale? Burnout is contagious. Can you begin offering more appreciation to others? Should you consider a new job/company?
  5. Fairness; Speak up and politely ask for an explanation and desire to see change. Biases often fuel this.
  6. Values Mismatch; Find a new career / job or company that aligns with your core values.

If burnout is messing up your life and career performance to some degree, and you are looking for deeper answers, more detailed solutions and proven methods that have helped get these kinds of results…

… How Justin Went From Having Uncertainty & His Emotions Controlling His Life To Owning His Future & Crushing it In a New Job

… How Erik Went From Feeling Confused and Unconfident to Reigniting His Love For Life & His Career (w/ a promotion).

… How Rich Left His Toxic Job To Finding Meaningful Work He Loves & Becoming A Digital Nomad.

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