How to Build a Healthy Romantic Relationship with Her

relationships Apr 30, 2021
thriving romantic relationship

Save Your Romantic Relationship and Ultimately Thrive!

Are you looking to become a better man, improve your romantic relationship, or save it from collapse? If so, you are in the right place… read on, invest in yourself and save your relationship or take it to the next level and turn it into a thriving romantic relationship.

Romantic relationship reflection is a small part of our mens transformation course and it is a proven process to help men save their relationships and marriages, get clear on what they want in a relationship and turn it into a reality.

Are you settling?

First, let’s distinguish between the difference of really stepping into a relationship that fully aligns with that which you most desire and the impact of settling for less than your deepest desires.

I'll talk for a few minutes about the battle for alignment and how these misalignments in our relationships really have a detrimental impact on our mental health and carrying out our deepest desires. And we'll discuss the impact of relationship resentments and how those are holding you back.

What Is A Romantic Relationship Reflection?

Reflection is the process of honestly looking at the relationship you're presently in or were in during the past and clarifying the aspects of the relationship that align with your deepest desires for love, belonging, connection, support and those that do not. This process empowers you with the clarity you need to create the healthy, thriving romantic relationship you deeply desire that truly aligns with your personal and shared beliefs, values, and vision.

However, what often happens to many men, is they settle. They settle for a relationship that is less than that which they most desire. This creates a lot of emotional discontentment and pain. Things might appear to be smooth and simple, but inside your mind, you're settling for something that's less than that which you deeply desire. What happens as a result is you may never realize what you could become in your relationship, or what it feels like to have a partner who supports you wholeheartedly free from conditional love.

And as a result, both you and the lady that's in your life suffer. You're held back immensely and the ability to reach both of your potential suffers.

How to Break Relationship Complacency In Your Romantic Relationship

So what do you do if you've settled? How do you break out of this state of complacency?

Well, it's absolutely critical that you clarify your differences, shine light on what it is that you don't necessarily desire in the relationship and secondly identify what you've given up on in your personal life and within the relationship. Thirdly, get clear on your vision for your ideal relationship. I mean, what is it that you really desire? Then most importantly do the work to build or rebuild and maintain your relationship.

What happens when we settle is an internal battle is created, a battle between what we most desire and what we've settled for. This internal battle for what you both desire will continue until both you and your partner face what is not working and align your beliefs, actions and love with a shared vision.

The Effect of the Internal Relationship Battle

We may often hear ourselves saying things to ourselves like I have to make a sacrifice in order for this relationship to work or I can't have what I want because she doesn't want it. I have to make decisions for both of us and therefore I can't make decisions in self-interest. What happens as a result of this settling is that an internal battle for alignment rages on as we experience a loss of our personal identity and feeling of freedom.

What this internal battle and settling often lead to is relationship resentments. See, settling and living in a relationship that's misaligned leads to these internal resentments which are really toxic and feel like a heavyweight that just holds us back from reaching our next peak in life and in our relationship. Your partner may have done things to you in the past or in the recent present that has harmed you. And this harm creates this internal resentment, this grudge. It makes you hold something against your partner. This resentment, if you don't let go of it, will wreak havoc on your personal well-being and the longevity and health of your relationship.

What Do I Do About Romantic Relationship Resentments, The Internal Battle, and Manifesting My Dream Relationship?

Now it's time that you invest in your own romantic relationship reflection so that you can get clear on your differing beliefs and actions in your present or past relationship. And so that you can clarify what you like and dislike and what you truly desire to have in a romantic partner. It's critical during this stage that you identify any resentments that you are carrying with you that are against your partner or any past partners. You will also gain clarity around any insecurities that you are now consciously aware of and how interactions in your past or your present relationship amplify the impact that these insecurities have on your life.

Now, a healthy romantic relationship with a woman truly has the power to lift a man to higher levels of consciousness, a greater sense of fulfillment and prosperity across his entire life, and a sense of love like he has never felt before.

Contrary to that, a toxic relationship will do the exact opposite. It will ruin a man, devoid him of all personal value, and drag him into such a state of despair that he may question his own existence and purpose. He will do and say absolutely ridiculous things under this poisoned state of mind.

Complete Your Romantic Relationship Reflection Worksheet

The worksheet that you're about to apply to your own life is linked below, and there are two different copies of it. So whether you're a single man or you're presently in a relationship with your wife or girlfriend, there's a worksheet that's been customized for you.

This process will help you:

✅ Identify and break any personal insecurities in your relationship, help you look at your beliefs and your desires and where you align or don't align right now
✅ Clarify what you desire to change in your romantic life.
✅ Improve your communication with women or your partner and create a thriving romantic relationship.

Download the romantic relationship reflection worksheet right now and complete your own reflection so you can become a better man in your relationship and gain clarity around what you most desire in your relationship.