How To Achieve Optimal Health: 3 Secrets To A Healthier Man

high-performance practices Sep 08, 2021


In today’s video, I share with you the 3 most powerful and transformative lifestyle hacks that have resulted in experiencing the best health of my life.

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As you can relate, great health is the foundation of living a thriving life as a man. It’s what gives us a strong sense of self, purpose, and the ability to follow through on our passions in life. When our health is where we want it to be, it feels damn good.

That’s why I wanted to share with you the 3 most powerful lifestyle hacks that have transformed my health (and allowed me to heal from a shattered heel bone).

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced since incorporating these 3 habits are...

  • Improved emotional balance
  • Feeling more energetic throughout the day without the ups and downs.
  • Higher productivity and stronger connection to my purpose.
  • Better sleep, mental well being, and performance in sport / hobbies / work.
  • Improved connection and satisfaction in my relationships.
  • Improved mental clarity

If you’re looking for more detailed information on the resources I share, be sure to check out…

Ben Greenfield:
The Ultimate Guide To Fasting

Wim Hof: Cold Showers

Kelly Starrett: Mobility

Hope you guys loved this video. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, what's going on, I got a cool video for you today, we're gonna switch it up. I know a lot of the times I talked about mindset, this one is going to be totally different, I'm going to be talking to you more about lifestyle hacks, the habits that I've been using every single day for the last couple years to really optimize my health and just take it to such a such a higher level. For me, I really, really value feeling good and healthy every day. And because of that, it keeps stress levels low, I feel emotionally balanced, mentally clear. And just that energy, right, I want to wake up every day with that, you know, passion and energy for life. And I'm feeling like I'm really moving the needle. So if that's you definitely watch this full video, I'm going to be giving you the three key lifestyle hacks and habits that I use just to really optimize my health and performance. So let's, before we jump into that, by the way, September 11, through the 15th, to become the man you're meant to be five day challenge 100% free, the link is down in the description below, you should definitely join if you haven't already. It's free. We've got a private community, Scott and I are going to be sharing all of our resources and blueprints that we teach in our transformation program and our one on one coaching that has yielded crazy results for guys. So if you're looking to really improve your improve yourself, right, like show up as a calm and peaceful leader that has thriving romantic relationships, you're definitely going to want to join this. So okay, let's jump in enough talking about the challenge. So number one, and the reason why I'm shooting this video today is because I'm actually I'm doing a 24 hour fast. So you guessed it, intermittent fasting. And maybe you've heard some, you know, talk about this over the last couple years, it's starting to gain a lot of popularity. And I think there's a lot of misconceptions here. You know, people say things like, Oh, you know, you're starving yourself. And now, so without going too far down the rabbit hole intermittent fasting is restricted time eating, okay, so, for me, I used to start with a 12 hour window. And this is something that I do every day. So let's say for example, I eat dinner, and I finished dinner at 730. At night, I just simply look at the clock or look at my watch and know that I finished my last meal at 730. And I'm not going to eat again until 730 in the morning, that gives me 12 hours. And the reason why this is so powerful for you is it gives your digestive system a break. All right, we have this idea that, you know, a lot of beliefs get thrown around in our society, we you know, we say things like you got to grind. That's one of the ones Scott and I we always talk about, but one of the ones that people like to throw around is, you know, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and you got to eat three square meals a day. And really, if we just step back and recognize that those are all myths, those are not real truths. Those are beliefs that have been kind of propagated through society. And the reality is, is that your gut, your digestive tract has the highest concentration of immune cells in your body. And really, what we don't want to do is be constantly eating, be constantly eating. And if you say things like I'm always hungry, well, maybe your blood sugar's completely out of whack. And this is why we should think about intermittent fasting. The mental and cognitive benefits from this have been profound for me, I have not, was actually not mental, but I have not been sick. And on over two and a half years. I'm very fortunate to say that. And I would put so much of this down to intermittent fasting, giving that digestive system a break, and allow it to heal. Especially if you feel like you've been having gut issues or your blood sugar has been super wacky. And when your blood sugar gets super wacky, you know, when you get like really hungry all the time you become irritable, become emotional. And so what intermittent fasting does on a mental basis, is that it allows you to actually it's almost like short term suffering in a way and I'm not saying that you should be starving yourself. That's definitely not what I'm saying. And this isn't medical advice. And you should find out if intermittent fasting is is right for you. But really just allowing yourself to handle some stress and allow yourself to to feel the hunger a little bit that there is a mental benefit to that that is a really, really important and just I would say that intermittent fasting again, without going too far down the rabbit hole, you should definitely do more research. I would point you to Ben Greenfield. You should research Ben Greenfield, the guide to intermittent fasting it's free article on his website. This has been arguably the most profound health change that I've ever done in my entire life and inspired by today and doing 24 hours. I do that once a month at the beginning of each month. I fast for 24 hours. Tim Ferriss has also talked a lot about this. The second thing cold showers, Holy smokes cold showers, I am addicted. I think some of the guys even in our transformation program are starting to do cold showers now but the benefit to cold showers is emotional stability, and emotional resilience. Look, life is hard, and it's not going to stop being hard. There's, you're constantly gonna be faced with challenges. And so what I do with cold showers is, it's an opportunity to really withstand some, you know, it's kind of like that emotional intensity. So when you first go into a cold shower, you know, your instinct is to jump out and get out of the way. In reality, all it is, is cold water. So you're just handling discomfort, there is so much profound benefit in being able to handle discomfort in life. Why? Because that's when we're growing. And if you avoid discomfort, you're essentially restricting yourself from growth, the physical and health benefits of cold showers are profound. I actually recently left Hawaii, but when I was living there, my best friend and I, we had bought an ice chest and we were doing ice baths, I was typically doing them twice a day. So you have a reduced reduction in inflammation, you have increased blood flow actually with with cold water, you are reducing cortisol, which is the chemical that's released when you're feeling stressed out. So if you're someone that's really feeling stressed, you're maybe your blood pressure's up. cold showers are gonna be so powerful you powerful for you, they lower your resting heart rate. And they generally just lower your heart rate in general. So for me, I notice a very feeling sense of like calm tranquility. My, my mental clarity is razor sharp. So I would say, up near intermittent fasting, cold water has been profound, you can start with 30 seconds and then build up to a minute. Yeah, I would just I would strongly, strongly recommend that you start incorporating cold showers into your life. And the number three most profound little life hack that I've been using is daily mobility work. And, you know, if you're a guy watching this, you value health, you love being out in the mountains, you love being out in nature, exploring working out. Like I just, I just know that if you're a guy that loves Pete prosper, and loves our channel and follows us, you are someone that just really love taking care of your health, like feeling good. And I do mobility every single day. And what I mean by mobility is not just bending over and touching your toes and stretching. It's getting a lacrosse ball, a golf ball or a foam roller and working out sore muscles every day. So a lot of the times I'll take a foam roller, and I'll roll out my hips, my glutes, my quads, I'll take a lacrosse ball and I'll roll out the arches of my feet. I'll take that lacrosse ball, and I'll put it between my shoulder blades in my back, you know, kind of work out some of my traps and my lats. And the reason why I do that is because we just build up stress, right? You know, the guys in our program are hardworking, we're trying to live a life that we love. And the impact of that is that our bodies and stress, it takes a toll. And we have to take care of these things. So the person that I would point you to for more information on this on a deeper dive is Kelly star at sta r r e TT. Kelly is the is the Oji on mobility, he got me into it, the book, how to become a supple leopard is something that I use to overcome my injury, shattering my heel bone and regain full mobility. And so I would just say that, you know, if you're someone who works out a lot, you train a lot, you've also got to take the time to do that mobility. And I like to do that like that hour before bed. So get off your phone, you know, get on the ground, and start doing some mobility and working out sore muscles stretch out. And what you'll find is that it actually releases that stress, and you'll kind of put yourself into that nice, relaxed state ready for bed. So these three things have been something that I do every day, I fast every day, minimum of 12 hours. Again, do do your own research on that and find out what works best for you. But I'd strongly recommend you do fasting, cold showers and daily mobility work have just been profound, profound for my mental health profound from my physical health, and overall, just general quality of life. So I hope that you love this video. The actions that we take are really important. Our habits make us or break us. And again, you know what other I would love to know what lifestyle hacks and stuff that you guys got going on too. So if you if I missed anything here that you thought was essential, drop it down in the comments below. Let me know. And just gonna give you one final shout out for that five day challenge that we're running this starting this weekend, September 11 it's going to be epic. Become the man that you're meant to be five day challenge 100% free. Scott and I are going to be just giving you all the blueprints and if you're saying hey, you know I don't think I can make it I don't think I can, you know get the first couple days and that's cool. We have replays so you just you want to just join anyways, just join for free and that way you at least have access to the replay. And all of our blueprints and our resources in the community as well. So, guys, it's gonna be epic. You're gonna love it and try to make this background kind of nature but to be totally honest with you, I'm in the parking lot so you know Happy Days sunshine and go get out in nature guys and make sure you join that five day challenge for free so we'll catch you peace.