Stop Doing This To Achieve Happiness and Success

lessons from adventure Jul 14, 2021

In this video I break down why so many high performing adventurous men feel disconnected from a deeper sense of happiness and success in life.


I bring real clarity to the following topics:


  1. Why doubling down and working harder will not bring you a deep sense of fulfillment.

  2. Why having a clear definition of success that is personalized to your journey is of extreme importance.

  3. Why chasing material things keeps leading you to short term happiness and long term dissatisfaction.

  4. Why having a clear vision that is based around your purpose, core values, and ideal life is the #1 “must do.”  


In this video I also give you some essential questions to answer such as…


  1. What are some things that inspire you with a sense of meaning and purpose?
  2. When do you feel most creative and connected?
  3. When do you feel the most inspired?


Watch the full video so you can implement some breakthrough strategies immediately to help you reignite your passion for life and become the man you are meant to be.


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Yo Happy Days, Mike Morelli here from peak prosper and woke up this morning and decided to go on a long bike ride up to a nice viewpoint here. And I'm out here in Oahu, Hawaii. And, yeah, my friend and I are living just little over these hills here in a town called Kailua. And, you know, I wanted to show you this, and we got some wild kittens here, as well for dramatic effect. But, you know, I wanted to show you this viewpoint here and talk about something that's really powerful topic of conversation that I think a lot of just high performing adventures, men, we don't talk about too much. And it's about success, and what is success. And this is a an interesting conversation, because, you know, society gives us mixed messages about what success is, you know, from a very young age, we're told that success is, you know, having a three bedroom house in the suburbs with, you know, two car garage, and we've got nice cars, and we've got nice clothes, and our wife has nice jewelry, and, you know, we're working this like, nice high end job or getting our nice salary. And while all of those things do have merit, I'm not taking anything away from any of those things. Success is not found in the material world, right? So a lot of the times with, you know, these men, right, we Scott and I, we work with men who are just, they want to make the most out of life. And because of that, you know, and I can speak for myself here, I've just worked harder and harder and harder to chase certain things in my life. And what I've come to realize is that success, like at least my definition of it, is geared around fulfilment, like feeling that I've reached my full potential as who I am as a human being, and that's based around learning and growth and, and character and trying to do, right, you know, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, I, you know, and, and the act of in trying to improve upon yourself to become a better person to inspire more people, to me is my definition of success. And I want to make a caveat here, I want to I want to make a couple notes on this. You know, success is not found in the material world. So if you go about chasing material things, then they're a lot of the times the opposite end of that is that there's this empty feeling of like, I'm missing something. And that's why Scott and I, we talked about having a clear vision in your life that's geared around, elevating you to a higher potential and that spirit gate, based around purpose, right? Like, what are the things that give you a true sense of fulfillment in life? What are the things that give you a true sense of meaning, and then inspire you and that make you feel like you're living a better life. And you know that that's why I shot this video today, biking up this hill. And I wanted to show you this viewpoint, because, for me, it's about chasing experiences, right? It's about going after the things that inspire me with a sense of curiosity and passion for life. And I'm not an absolutely not against, you know, chasing material things. For me financial freedom is something that's very important, right? And it's not that I want to live as a homeless person and actually have no material things. That's definitely not the point of it, right? We don't want to go to one extreme, like, we don't want to go from one extreme to the other. But finding that balance, and recognizing that success is just as much internal as it is external, I would argue that it's more internal, the way that you feel about yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. So, you know, if you're wondering, okay, like, well, I want to have this feeling of accomplishment in my life, I want to have this sense of purpose and drive and passion for life. answer these questions. You know, I've kind of stated a few of them already. But what are the what are the things in life that inspire you with a sense of meaning and purpose? When do you feel most creative? When do you feel the most inspired? If you could do anything in the world? Right? What would that be?


Unknown Speaker  

What goals could you set for yourself that would challenge you to learn new skills and go after new opportunities? What things are you putting off that you know, that you should be doing? If you can sit down and write out and answer some of those questions, you will have new ideas, right? And there's this balance between, like, when we're going after our potential when we're going to elevate our life, we have to understand that there's this balance with success as balance between working towards something and letting go. And, you know, I think a lot of the times when men who are high performing, right, they work so hard, they're like, Yeah, I love hard work. I'm gonna go after the hard work, but they they work so hard for the results. Right, we become attached to results. And that can be a dangerous game, when we continue to go after results and results and results or results, but we missed the point. The point, the point of this is the journey, right? The almost the spiritual warrior, warriors journey to getting to a goal that you want to accomplish, why because it makes sense for your life and aligns with your vision. And your vision is the thing again, that brings you the most meaning and purpose. So, you know, I just want to have that little like side note in there that don't become so attached to results don't become so attached to making more money, or, you know, getting that promotion, or whatever the case may be. Like, it's the journey along the way to the goal. And this is something that I try to remind myself that all the time i've i've as I've gone through four years of trying to heal with my, with my shattered heel bone. And this morning, you know, I was biking up here and my mind's kind of wandering and thinking about this and thinking about that. And I'm just like, Hey, bring it back to the present moment. It's a beautiful day, seven o'clock in the morning in Hawaii, the sun is up, my body is moving, I feel great, like love that journey of life, love the love, you have to love your journey, you have to make a story out of it. And so, yeah, I hope that this is kind of like a deeper video here. But it's a super important topic that if you are a high performing adventures, man, and you are trying to, you know, really get to that point in life where you're feeling super successful. But like something's missing, right? Like you have all the outside stuff, and maybe you've got the job or, or maybe you've got the relationship but you feel like something's missing, I would challenge you to just click the link below and schedule a free call with either Scott or myself. You can you can click the link below. It's right in the description. And this is a free opportunity free exploratory call. I'm getting attacked by flies here, free exploratory call to just connect with Scott Knight and figure out what is most important for you like what what do you need to overcome? And what are the steps that you need to take in order to achieve your goal? So I think that's so valuable just to have guidance and mentorship around, hey, what are the steps that I need to take next? And Scott and I will help you to create a detailed action plan. And yeah, so I just want to offer that invitation to you. We are open for enrollment in this transformation, course and program but first, yes, super valuable just to just to help you paint a picture. So if you resonate with this video, definitely click that link below. Otherwise, enjoy a beautiful day. Hopefully, wherever you are, and go and just do one thing today go and do one thing that's going to help you to take action to move the needle a little bit. Even if you don't know what you need to do, just go do something, right. If you like videos like this, you can hit the subscribe button down below. And I'll just leave you with one last bit of little inspiration here. from Hawaii. better days are always ahead. Happy Days.