Achieve Your I’m Possible Career Goals

One of the #1 reasons people are undisciplined, stuck in “burnout”, and feeling unclear on their next steps to improve their career is quite simple...

… They lack clear goals aligned with a massively transformative vision that they are excited about fulfilling.

I’ve written this short lesson on goal setting for those looking to discover meaningful work, scale their business ideas to the “moon” and live the life of their dreams. Enjoy…

In the 1960’s Edwin Locke and Gary Latham, research psychologists began to pave the way for modern goal-setting theory. In his research, he discovered that clear goals, with an immediate feedback system, contributed significantly to task performance.

Further, he proved that specific, clear, and challenging goals are motivational fuel to keep you engaged, growing, and excited about what you are working towards. Think of goal setting as a programming method, to give you a summary of your desired destination and the inputs required to get to where you want to be.

Clear goal setting has been leveraged for decades to turn seemingly impossible ideas into a reality…

  • NASA used it to clearly define each intricate task and element required to land Neil Armstrong on the Moon.
  • Warren Miller used clearly defined goals to build the biggest ski movie production company on the planet.
  • Hundreds of people just like you are using goal setting every day to chunk down their overwhelming ideas into simple daily achievable baby steps that when repeated over the long haul, get them to where they want to be.

The naysayers to goal setting may think…

Goals don’t matter; “I live a pretty good life, goals don’t really matter to me.”

And then when they see someone outperforming them they wonder why… “should have set clear goals”

I keep my goals in my head; “I have a list of epic goals stored in my head.”

And then their mind is so full of information that it has less energy to execute on the plan…. “Should have set clear goals”

Goals don’t work; “I’ve never seen goal setting work for me, why would I even bother wasting my time”

And then they are no further along in getting to where they want to be… they’ll complain for years about their circumstances. Same inputs, same outputs… “Should have set clear goals.”

The advantage to having clear goals is MASSIVE...

  1. Provides Direction; You will know exactly where you are going professionally, where previously perhaps you felt lost, you’ll now have a roadmap of actions aligned with your vision.
  2. RAS (Reticular Activating System) Begins To Focus on Goals Instead of Fears; You’ll begin to focus on your goals instead of your fears of failure, rejection, and undesirables.
  3. Opens Up Opportunities; You will begin to notice new opportunities that were waiting for you all along.
  4. Increases Motivation; Your energy and excitement will skyrocket. Goal-setting becomes jet fuel for your dreams.
  5. Fuels Purpose; You’ll feel like the work you are doing truly matters. You’re not just wasting your time.
  6. Elevates Flow State; You will tap into your optimal state of performance with consistency.

So now you understand the unfair advantage of setting clear goals aligned with your vision, but you might be wondering “how” do I actually implement a system to achieve goals aligned with my vision, and how do I even create a crystal clear vision for my future?


Show up for our watch our free training that I've included below.

In this training, we are going to show you exactly how to…

✅ Define a crystal clear vision for your professional future
✅ Create a plan of action to actually turn your dream into a reality over the next 3-6 months using our goal setting system
✅ Find work that impacts others using your authentic skillset.
✅ Create financial stability to live the life you love.

Watch the training right here→

PS; it’s totally free!

Your business idea or career pivot you’ve been dreaming about is just waiting for a crystal clear goal aligned with your vision. This is your internal rocket fuel to turn your professional dream into a reality. Let’s go!

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