Master Your Mind: How To Get Out Of Your Head FAST


Yo! Mike here today. I’ve got a short and simple method you have to try.

If you’re like me, you may be struggling to get out of your own head and put an end to the thoughts that drive emotions like stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

This was something that annoyed me for so long until I used this simple method that has truly changed the game. This is something we teach to countless men who’ve had breakthrough like:

So I figured - why not share this with you today?

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Hey guys what's going on? It's Mike Morelli, here from Peak Prosper. And in today's video, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can get out of your head. Fast. All right, you're gonna love this video, I'm going to share a three step method with you today that I use, it's been insanely effective for me to be able to think very clearly, and return to the present moment so that I can go about my day feeling calm, centered, and balanced. All right, this is something that I see so many high performing adventures men struggle with, because we lacked the ability to separate ourselves from our thoughts, right? It's very easy to fall victim to a series of thoughts that maybe they're constant for you, right. And what I mean by that is that you may have some specific thoughts that have been replaying for a long period of time in your life. Alright, so think about that are do you have a specific set of thoughts or thought, that is a constantly like playing over and over and over again. And for me, what this was, was something regarding my injury, you know, I shattered my heel bone in a climbing accident, I've had a replaying series of thoughts for years telling me that you know, you're going to be injured, you're going to, you know, going to be this way forever, you're never going to fully heal, you'll never going to be able to really hike again. And so for you, and maybe it's something that you had a bad breakup with a girlfriend, and there was heartbreak there. And you know, you're gonna have a series of thoughts that were telling you that you're not worthy enough, you're not good enough, you're not good enough for her, you're never gonna find true love. Or maybe you had some stuff going on in your past a couple years ago, and you really turned your life around, you really turned your life around, but there's this, these thoughts that keep feeding you that you better keep going, otherwise, you're gonna sink back to who you used to be. Alright, so the problem with this is not that we have thoughts, remember that you are a human being, you're gonna have thoughts until the day that you die. What is really important is that we don't have thoughts that become the master, right? So when you have these thoughts that cause stress, they cause anxiety, they cause you to feel overwhelmed and confused. These thoughts have power over you. This is an incredibly important thing to understand. So, again, it's not that we should never have thoughts and mental clarity is not the is not not having thoughts. I have thoughts every day, right? But I've learned to manage my mind and control my mind. Do I still fall victim to this? Yes. But when we have these thoughts that invoke a lot of high emotion, a lot, a lot of stress, what's happening is that we're actually falling victim to a programming we become a slave to a program. Think about that, right? So think about when you have a thought that comes in, and it has a high emotional connection to it, right? It's based off some memory that you had in the past. So it feels very real, and you buy into it. What happens in that moment, you start going into your head, and then you're like trying to figure it out, you're trying to make sense of it. You're trying, it's coming up with different what ifs, and then you go down the rabbit hole of stress and anxiety. And what that is, is nothing more than a program and you fallen victim to it. And we all do this, I do this right. However, the key is that we don't do it. One. We don't do it often, too. We don't spiral we don't want to spiral. That is when we really go into just being completely irrational. And one thing that has changed my life is that you cannot out think the thinking mind, right? Don't ever try to out think it Don't ever try to outguess it. Don't go into the what if game, because you will always lose? Even if you temporarily think that you've had some insight or you figure it out? No, I got it. No, your mind your analytical mind will always come up with a better solution. Why? Because this is part of our evolutionary programming. This is something this is the analytical mind has been here to protect us in evolution, right. So that's why you go into this fight or flight and it's like the high stress, the mind is always going to keep feeding you. So if you feed the fire, the fire will grow stronger. Just remember that. So this here, oh man, I Unknown Speaker keep pointing to the wrong thing is going to help you to get out of your head fast and recenter your attention. Why because where you focus your attention is where you focus your energy. Now, this video, we're not going to go into the scope of changing the emotional connection to the thought. All right. So if you are someone that's looking to do that you can watch our free training. That's going to give you some major, major breakthroughs or you can just book a free exploratory call with either myself or Scott will and will help you to build massive clarity and then see what you need to do to to get to the next level. But that's not for the scope of this video. This is simply here to get out of your head fast and then boom recenter your attention What you do want. Alright, so boom, let's get into it. So, when I'm going through this when I'm in my own head and I'm sorry, oh crap, I've fallen victim to a set of programming first step Hey, don't beat yourself up. us guys. Dude, we are so freakin hard on ourselves chill out. You've got to be your best friend. You have to love yourself. So what I do, okay. Hey, Mike, no big deal. You've seen this pattern before. First question, Who am I? Unknown Speaker Who am I asked that question. I'm Mike Morelli. I'm Mike Morelli. Okay, next question. Unknown Speaker What am I doing? I'm making a video for you. All right, that's what I'm doing right now. Right. So first, I'm in my head. Okay, whoa, no, Hey, no big deal. I've fallen victim to this before I see this. I've seen this pattern before. That's all it is. It's a pattern. Your mind is like a computer is running a program. Hey, I see the program. Who am I? I'm like, merrily. What am I doing? I'm making a video for you. Three. Unknown Speaker Where am I? I'm in Kailua. Hawaii. And so what is the benefit of asking these three questions, it helps us tune back into reality. Alright, so this here, this programming that's causing you to feel stressed out and anxious? Is not reality. Right? That is an illusion that you're experiencing in your mind. But it feels real. Why? Because of the emotion. Okay, so we step out of that into reality right here, the present moment. All right, this is all we have. And when we do that, we are able to slowly disconnect from this heavy feeling. And this, my head is going crazy million miles an hour. And this is going to take multiple, multiple times. This is not a one and down done. This is not the magic pill. The magic pill doesn't exist. Okay. But this is a simple and effective method to help you get out of your head very quickly. And the best things in life are simple. Alright, complicated. systems don't work. If you look at any complicated system in the world, it is very error prone. Why? Because there are a lot of moving parts. Simply complicated systems don't really work. Simple mechanisms work. It's been that way since the beginning of dawn, right since the beginning of man. And what we want to do is just simply ask three questions and to recenter our attention, which is our energy. So Attention. Unknown Speaker Attention is energy. So once you've done this three things, but it takes you five seconds. Who am I? I'm Mike Morelli. What am I doing? I'm sitting in my room making a video for you. Where am I? I'm in Hawaii. Okay, here I am present moment. Now what do I want, what what we're going to focus my attention or my energy on right now, same thing. For the next 30 minutes, I'm going to just put in the best work that I can do to make this as valuable as possible to make this content this piece of content as valuable as possible. Boom, get into it. Now, what you'll find is that this will be something you'll have to do multiple times a day. Alright, and what this is just a tool and a skill that we use. That's all it is. So we just bring it back to the present moment. Use this tool, recognize that this is a practice, like all good things, it is a practice and allow compound interest to take part I guarantee if you did this for if you tried to do this as many times as possible. I mean, don't go crazy with it, you don't do 1000 times in a day. But if you did this multiple times a day for 30 days, I would guarantee at the end of 30 days, you would not be the same person. Alright, so let me know what you think about this video. Go try it right now. And go try throughout the rest of your day and then come back and let me know in the comment section below. Let Scott and I know was this effective for you? What did you notice? And even ask us questions that you have about it so we can really help you get some breakthroughs. That's what this is all about. So go try this out. Have fun with it. Don't you know don't go crazy. Don't become obsessive about it. But just allow yourself to come back to the present moment as much as possible because that is where reality exists. And that's where you're going to be able to show up as a calm and peaceful leader. Alright, so thank you so much for watching this video today guys. I hope you got tremendous benefit out of it and I look Look forward to hearing from you in the comments section. comments section down below. Happy Days peace out

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