How to Create More Time in Your Day To Do What You LOVE {VIDEO BELOW!}

Do you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough time…..?”


I don’t have enough time to…

… do what I love doing with my life.

… spend quality time with my family.

… grow my side-business.

… take care of my health.

… invest in my personal growth.


In today’s “always-on world” the draining effects of wasting time on things that don’t matter are seemingly unavoidable. I see it every day in the lives of my clients, and those I care the most about, myself included.

For example... 


A 30-minute grocery store trip actually takes 2 or MORE hours of cognitive energy away from what could have been invested into moving forward on something we care about far more than going to the store. I know shopping for food is essential, but there are more effective ways to accomplish the same task.


And, our phones...


They magnetically pull our attention at seemingly all hours of the day and night.


The news and social media program our minds to think and believe things that are not even in alignment with our core values. This leads to extreme cognitive dissonance between what we believe and what the world is programming us to believe. Further, it means that we are not only losing time swiping that we will NEVER get back, but we are also losing time from the aftershock of consuming this media.


My examples could go on and on about how we are wasting time every single day. The point here is that we have 24-hours a day, and much of the time we have is being wasted away on things that we ultimately don’t care about, they don’t make us feel better at the end of the day or week and they certainly don’t give us that “fuck yeah” feeling.


I mean be honest with yourself for a moment, when was the last time you read something in the news or went grocery shopping and you got that “fuck yeah!” feeling in your gut that you get from shredding pow in the mountains, riding your mountain bike, working on meaningful projects… doing things you really do care about?


At this point, if you are still reading, I’m sure you get it. You do have plenty of time to do the things you want but you are trading what you want to do for what you think you have to do.


So if you want to reclaim your time, ultimately your life, then I suggest you watch this video, eliminate at least the 5 things I share with you, and get back 2+ hours of your life every day, perhaps way more.


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Hey peak performers Scott here from peak prosper. And in today's video, we're going to be talking about liberation through elimination, where the principle that less really is more. See if there's one thing that decreases the performance of peak performers more than anything. It's doing the things that bring little to zero intrinsic value to their lives, or doing the non-essential, or doing the essential that which they don't enjoy. You might be thinking, What am I talking about? Well, before I dive into the specifics of how much time we waste, doing unnecessary things, I'd like to make one clear point. More than anything, peak performers value things like simplicity, minimalism, investing in doing things that bring value to themselves, and others. And when we put time and energy into doing things that don't contribute to our greater purpose, it just saps our energy and our ability to really stay laser focused on the tasks, the projects, and the relationships that matter most to us. So today, we're going to be talking about eliminating the unnecessary in your life so that you can be given back time to see if there's one thing we don't get more of its time. And how we use the 24 hours that we have each day really determines where we get to in a day, a week, a month, a year, and in our lifetime. See, we can use money to get time back, we can use money to get time back time is just a pre determined money set that we have the ability to trade for, for example, I could hire somebody to come in and clean my house once a month and be given back four hours of my time. I could order healthy nutritional meals that are already prepared for me. I can do these kinds of things to get time back in my life. But before I go into some of the mindset shifts that are necessary to begin eliminating the non essential or eliminating the essential things that have to get done that don't actually bring value to your life. I want to talk about flow state and non flow activities. See if we look at your current life right now, if you do an honest, detailed assessment of where your time is going, you'll probably realize that you're spending a very large chunk of your time doing low value activities, activities that don't that you don't actually value things that don't bring value to your life, like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store and going shopping, commuting to work. And you might be thinking, well, Scott, I, I have to clean the house, I have to go shopping. But you can actually hire those essential things out to other people. So that you can focus on the things that you value more. See, it's unlikely that you're spending any time in flow state, when you're doing these low value, low value add activities that don't actually align with your goals and your projects and investing in the things that mean the most to you, like your relationships, and your business and your health. And when you identify those things that you really do value most, it becomes really easy to begin eliminating the things that don't align with what you value most. So another part of today's activity is actually to invest in identifying that which you value most in your life. And it should be as soon as you value your top three to five things. As soon as you identify your top three to five, core value, add activities in your life that align with your vision and your mission and your goals. It becomes easy to eliminate the non essential. And what you get as a result is a lot more time back time that you can spend in flow, creating your greatest work, investing in your present time experience with amazing relationships, taking care of your health, doing things that matter to you.

Now you might be thinking, well, like what are some of the top five things that I could eliminate to my from my life right now. And if you've already eliminated this list of the top five items that you should definitely take an honest look at eliminating from your life then kudos to you. But my suggestion if you're just starting out, you're just getting started with identifying things to eliminate from your life is to begin with this list of five things. And the first one is your phone. And maybe it's not eliminating your phone entirely but eliminating some of the behaviors. associated with your phone, for example, not bringing your phone with you to bed at night, not checking your text messages and your social media feed first thing in the morning. Maybe it's leaving your phone off entirely throughout your workday so that you can spend time in deep focus, getting things done that matter to you without having to deal with the ringing and dinging and constant distractions that we're getting from these digital devices that we carry around with us on our day to day, and maybe it's getting rid of your phone entirely. That would be a complete extreme example. Now, when it comes to food, I understand we all have to eat, we all have to nourish our body. But we spend so much time shopping, preparing, and then cleaning up the mess that we make from cooking. And if we look at our relationship with food, there's some simple things that we can do to decrease the cognitive load decrease the time that we spend, associated with food, we can order our groceries online, now we can hire someone else to shop for us, we can order healthy meals that are already prepared for the internet, we can do some of these things to decrease the time that we spend preparing food that's necessary for our function. Thirdly, eliminate news and social media entirely. In my case, I use social media largely for work. But I've put feed blockers and ad blockers and other things that turn off certain functions of social media so that I don't get lost in the social media swiping, liking and commenting void that we often spend 30 minutes or even hours a day on. And the fourth one to eliminate entirely is TV. Just get rid of it. Just run an experiment, at least for 30 days, just put your TV in a closet and see how much time you get back in your life. And maybe you don't have an unhealthy relationship with your TV. But I guarantee that if you take your TV and you put it in the closet for a week or even a month, you'll realize that you have so much more time and you have so much more cognitive energy to invest in the things that really matter to you. And the last thing on our top five list is alcohol. And almost no matter what hack you try or thing you try to do to optimize your alcoholic consumption, this will have a negative effect on your performance over the next day, the next week. And if you have a tendency of binge drinking, even once a week, this has a long term consequential impact on your health. So you might just eliminate alcohol entirely, at least for 30 days to run an experiment to see what kind of an effect that has on your life. And what you'll likely realize is what I've realized through eliminating alcohol entirely, and it's that we get so much time and energy back in our lives. So even if you take one or two of the items on this elimination list and get rid of it entirely in your life, I guarantee that you're going to get a lot more time back time that you can invest in high value flow activities in which you can do deep work you can invest in meaningful and nourishing relationships, you can take care of your health, your mind and your body. You'll decrease your cognitive load, you'll decrease the stress associated with just daily living, nearly existing. So I suggest that from today's video, you at least go and eliminate a couple things from your life. Take an honest assessment of where you're wasting time. What can you do to improve your human experience your performance and ultimately create the life of your dreams. So that's it for today's video. If you got value out of this, please share some of your thoughts in the comments below. Have a great week. Peace

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