5 Steps To Create the Life of Your Dreams + {FREE Clarity Exercise}

mindset Jul 17, 2021

In today’s video, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how I created my dream life. 


I’ll be sharing with you…

  • The primary principle I’ve used to attract my dream relationship with the woman of my dreams, manifest the house of my dreams, create a business that keeps growing with consistency by 50% each month and how you can too
  • A FREE exercise to help you get crystal clear on your dreams and vision for life + a simple way to define your purpose and why your dreams matter to you
  • How you can start taking actions now to turn your dreams into a reality


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welcome everybody to today's live training session on defining your irresistible vision for your life. I'm going to be talking about many key things today they're very important and critical to empowering you with the clarity that you need to create the life of your dreams. This is the exact process that I use in my own life to manifest the relationship with the woman of my dreams. We met climbing Mount Hood and just recently got married in Hood River and the exact process that I use to gain clarity around what it would be like to recover fully from a very traumatic foot injury, and then hike to Everest base camp. And it's the process that I continue to use to regain clarity around the next chapter in my life, and what growth looks like from here. This is quite possibly going to be the most empowering inspiring and life transforming piece of content that you consume this week, so please stick around. Now in a couple of minutes I'm going to be sharing a worksheet with you. And if you just comment life vision in the comments below. I will directly send you the worksheet that I'm going to be sharing with you today. So, what happens in our lives, what happens to so many of us is we find ourselves in a place in our life where we are not living the life that we thought we wanted to live. And the reason that this happens is because we end up living someone else's dream. We look at this beautiful stick figure that I've created up here. This represents a leader, someone who's really crystal clear on the vision that they want to turn into a reality. And all of these little blue stick figures represent their followers, tribe, the people that essentially follow their vision. And these blue people inevitably at some point in their lives. They either reach a breaking point. They do the work that I'm going to share with you today, so that they can define specifically what they want in their lives, they continue on as a follower never really creating the life of their dreams. Now the main objective. The main goal of this live training today is to give you the tools and the clarity that you need to transform from one of these blue characters into a green character that is fully embodying the life of your dreams, or to transform from the leader that you quite possibly are into a new vision for your future new reality. And then along the way. As you begin to turn the life of your dreams into a reality you will inspire other people to transcend this limitation, that so many of us end up following the path of other people's dreams so that they can go create the life of their dreams. Another one of the main goals of all of this work that you'll be doing through the mindset secrets for high performing adventurers men community here that Mike and I will be giving to you over the next few weeks, is to not just gain clarity around what you want in your life but to go out and turn it into a reality. Get some massive shifts in your life quickly, not from a stressful strained state of mind. We want to help you become emotionally balanced, you're in such a energetic state where your dreams and your goals and your aspirations. They happen with peaceful effortless ease. And when I say effortless, I don't mean non action oriented, but it feels like the actions that you're taking that align with the life of your dreams are happening with effortless ease. So it doesn't matter what your goal is, whether it is to build your dream home, your business to $500,000 per year. We're just starting your first business, whether it's to travel the world or Clemson new mountain peaks or get a new vehicle, Or maybe build a healthy, thriving romantic relationship, whatever your dream is what we're going to be empowering you with here over the next 10 or 15 minutes is the, the exercise that you need to get really really specific. Now this is a longitude and latitude coordinates of exactly where in Montana. The Jewel basin year is. Exactly. You can type these coordinates into Google and it will bring up that specific

location on your Google Maps. And what we're going to be doing here, right now, giving you an exercise, so that you can get really really specific on what the life of your dreams looks like that you can begin turning that into a reality. So I'm going to share my screen here real quick. And I'm going to be giving you this worksheet. If you'd like this worksheet, it's called irresistible dream worksheet, just comment life vision in the comments below. So the way this worksheet works is it only works if you work it. Jim Rohn has this quote, he says, I can't do your push ups for you. Which means if you want the result. If you want to turn the life of your dreams into a reality. You have to apply the principles that are proven to help you do so. This principle that I'm sharing with you is just the principle of gaining crystal clear clarity around what you want, specifically in your life. So, this worksheet that I'm going to send to you, again, just comment life vision in the comments below and I'll send you a copy of this worksheet is intended to give you five key steps to help you turn your dream into a reality. And once you get this worksheet, be sure to either download it to your desktop, so that you can fill out your own copy of it or make a copy of it in Google Drive. So if you use Google Drive, you can just go here and make a copy, and then you can fill out your own copy of this document. And once you're completed with this exercise, I'm sure that you share this with five of your closest friends, and the mindset secrets for high performing adventures meant community here. So the goal of this sheet. Before we dive into what it is specifically, is to help you get crystal clear on what the life of your dreams looks like to clarify you what you want to achieve it. I want to see people start achieving their dreams

just daydreaming and thinking that it would be cool to someday do stuff. I can tell you there's a lot of dreams sitting on the sundae shelf,

and I don't want to see you just put your dreams on a Sunday shelf. Take them off and build the clarity that's necessary so that you can turn them into a reality. Don't continue to be one of these people that's not living the life of their dreams. Most people in our world are living the life they truly desire because they have not taken the time to consciously find specifically what they wanted. And when I say specifically I mean, exactly. The exact longitude and latitude coordinates that define specifically where you want to go in your life. So this is your invitation, and giving you this invitation today to do the work that's necessary to define your dream and turn it into your reality. Again, if you'd like this worksheet just comment life vision, and I'll send it to your inbox. So take the time right after watching this video today to answer each of these questions that I'm going to share with you in as much detail as you can. The more clarity that you have the more clear that you can be higher the probability of you turning that specific desire into a reality. I'm going to share in more detail. What that means here in just a couple of minutes, so I'm giving you five key steps five key questions to answer, to help you the clarity that you need around your desired life. And the first one might sound kind of ambiguous, but I'm going to unpack it in more detail. Just what do you want. What do you want, I mean so many of us we spent so much of our lives just being given things to do and things to be and things to have but he never actually took the time to answer the question what do I want. Do I want to look back in your own personal life you were maybe given a job with a specific number of duties to do and people were telling you what to do, they never really asked you What do you want, went to school and follow the curriculum and the agendas and you were on time and you did what other people told you to do, but you were never asked, Do you want. What do you want, take some time after I send you this worksheet, take the time to write down at least 10 separate things that you want in your life. I aim to have a couple of things in each of the core areas of my life. One of the core areas that represent my life or my relationships, my relationship with my wife, my friends and my family adventures, I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast and I always aim to have a couple of new adventures in my vision, my dream for my life. I also seek to build a lot of clarity around the business that I'm building the health that I not only desire to sustain and maintain but also improve upon so that I can become faster and stronger and smarter. My spiritual practice. So whatever core areas are really important to you. Make sure that you define specifically what it is that you want in those areas. If you're having a hard time beginning this exercise you might just go do an internet search for 30 things to do, or 30 things to be or 30 things to have in life, and you can start really broad, but the more specific that you get with each of these things, the higher the probability of you getting exactly what you want. What I mean by specificity is for example, green is one of my favorite colors. If I just say, I want a pen. Well, the universe is going to give me a pen. I have no idea what color, shape, size, ink style it's going to be. But if I say I want a fat exposed green dry erase marker, made by 3am probably going to get that exact pen. The exact pen that I desired to use. Get as clear as you can on each of the items that you want in your life. The next step after you've clearly defined at least 10 things that you really want in your life is to pick one of the most important things, build a lot of clarity around this one thing. Use pictures and images and get really descriptive, you might write a few paragraphs about this specific thing that you truly desire to manifest in your life. Remember, the more clear that we are on that specific thing that we truly desire, the higher the probability of it actually becoming a reality becomes. So one thing that I have as a part of my Dream Vision right now is that I live on five acres on the jewel basin Road in Kalispell Montana in a small nature inspired home with my beautiful wife Alexandra and our adventure dog Nyla, Now I won't bore you with the details but I've gone and written multiple paragraphs about what

the dream home looks like, what the shop looks like. The yard is like, they're kind of features and functionality are in the home, and I've also collected images that represent my dream home gone on Google and found Google Earth photos that represent the property that I intend on by found photographs and home magazines that represent the home that I desire to build, to get really clear on this.

One thing that you truly desire to build in your life. And you might choose to condense, several of your top 10 things that you've created into this more detailed vision

that you'll be creating in step two. I'm not saying to exclude the 10 things because they may all be important. they may all be something that you want to manifest in the near future. Now step three is to get really clear on your why. They say when your what and your why is crystal clear. Your when and your How will show up, simplicity and ease. So the first step of this we were getting really, really clear on what you want. It's important to get clear on why you want it so badly. So take five minutes or so to ask yourself, why do you want to turn your dream into a reality so badly, write down three to five reasons that represent why dream that you just defined is the dream that you want to turn into a reality, and continue to ask yourself, why, why do I want to turn this dream into a reality. Till you get to your core emotional driver, and your CD are your core emotional drivers is your inner most powerful reason that represents exactly why you want to create the life of your dreams. After going through this exercise myself. I first discovered that I desired to build a $60,000 per month coaching practice, because I wanted to earn more money. But when I got deeper and deeper and deeper and continued asking myself why I really desired to do this. It was purely from a place with the desire to live my sole purpose. My sole purpose of inspiring and impacting 1000s of people all over the world. So ask yourself why back to your dream. Maybe read through all 10 of the things that you wrote down and then read through your crystal clear. One item that you just built a lot of clarity around and ask yourself why you want to turn this into a reality. Why will this thing that you achieve in the near future in your life creates such a quantum transformation for you. Once you've gotten really clear on what your why. Dream and the ultimate purpose driving that dream. It's time to build a little bit of clarity around how a lot of people say well this is my dream but how am I ever going to turn it into a reality. Well our mind does a wonderful thing, once we have clarity around what we want, specifically, and it begins to look for solutions. When we can actually move our mind into a state of peace quietude, we can turn down the noise. Just ask ourselves, what will it look like to be living the life of my dreams. Take five minutes, or 10 minutes or maybe even a half an hour right now. Half an hour is not that much time to invest in the life of your dreams. I can tell you that really quiet yourself from distractions, and imagine yourself living a dream that you just defined imagined yourself having already accomplished the goals, the dreams and the desires that align with the life of your dreams that you just defined today. Made it. You've succeeded. It's a reality for you. Just take five minutes to visualize what this all looks like. Does your new life look like. And the most powerful thing that you can do this exercise is to actually have someone else guide you through visualization exercise by simply reading back to you. your life vision, so that you can almost objectively look at it and feel yourself in your new vision in your new reality. And if you don't have anyone in your inner circle, you might just take a few minutes to record your life vision on your phone or your computer. and listen back to it, time or two. So you can really tap into what living the life of your dreams feels like, you can see yourself actually living in that reality. Now after spending these five minutes, practically living in your dream state. Take some time to write down three to five, or even 10, things that you were doing, were living

the life of your dreams. How are you dressing. How are you feeling, how were you moving, how are you using your time what actions and activities were you doing that were necessary to create that life. It's my friend, is the answer to how you will turn the life of your dreams into a reality. The final step is exercise. This is super important. This is quite possibly the most important step that you will take, so that you can begin turning your dream into a reality. Immediately. And this step is to share vision. Share your dream life with five of your closest friends, family members and mentors. Just share your dream life with them and ask them if there's anything you can do to support the life of their dreams. See if you help enough people turn their dreams into a reality. Your dreams will become a reality as a byproduct. And the final step is really key and really important so that you can get the most value out of this community that you're a part of the final step here is to share your dream, and share your key actions that you identified in step four. The mindset secrets for high performing adventures men community, and just close your post community by asking specifically how other members of the community can support your dream. How can we help you turn this into a reality. So you never know when a person knows somebody could put you in touch with exactly what you need to turn the life of your dreams into a reality. So if you'd like a copy of this worksheet, just comment. Hashtag life vision. In this post within the community, and I will send it

directly over to you. So that's it for this initial training on creating an irresistible dream for your life. Please do the work, get really specific on exactly where you want to go to, you want to grow. You want to go, what is the life of your dreams look like sending out some additional trainings, next week, and we look forward to sharing those with you. Have a great day. Peace.