Breaking Free From the Corporate Grind To Do Work You Love - A Short!

It took about 2-weeks for the excitement to fade from my new “job”.


Again, I traded entrepreneurship for working in an operations role in a company owned by a private equity firm. By all accounts, the functions I was working in should have been automated if the tech stack had been properly configured.


On average it took about an hour each day for me to go from having just enough energy  to thrive in the role, to feeling like smashing my head through the computer monitor in front of me. Yeah, I was that excited about the work.


The worst part, I knew there was an extreme misalignment between what I valued, and what my new corporate employer valued, between my strengths, skills, and passions, and what I was being paid to do. 


Taking a job that goes directly against your strengths, skills, and passions is the exact formula to apply if you want to feel like you are having your soul ripped out by a job that you were never supposed to be invested into in the first place. So, if you learn one thing today, learn from the mistakes that I made years ago.


During this time in my life and career, I lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hood River, Oregon, I skied pow, mountain biked on world-class trails, got to enjoy quality time with my family, life was abundant with one major exception… professionally I felt confined to a 4*3 desk space. Our clients and accounts were global, but my impact felt tiny.


I was stuck in the “burnout” cycle for 6-months until putting in my notice and leaning into the life of my dreams wholeheartedly.


Corporate Departure Day

What I now call my “corporate departure day”, 5 years ago, was the beginning of one epic adventure into discovering the things they don’t teach us in school. That is, how to find work you love, how to keep building a dream even when the results are not yet pouring in, and how to connect with people just like you who are crazy enough to think a little different and create a life outside of the traditional 4*3.


Months started ticking by, my marketing consulting work had replaced my corporate income, I was traveling all over and skiing in places that I dreamed about as a kid. I’d finally achieved a lifelong goal of time freedom… which is to basically have the freedom to work on what you want, where you want when you want.


The Power of Masterminds To Get Your Dream Job

After about a year into my adventure, an old colleague and now great friend Nate Kay; now owner of; a multi-6 figure marketing consultancy started a mastermind that would change everything for both of us.


At the time we were both floundering entrepreneurs, we had a dream, enough income to get by, but still lacked the clarity, plan and team necessary to scale our wild ideas. Nate and I would meet each week and talk about business strategy, and passion projects. These meetings were the garden that Peak Prosper was originally nourished in. 


Call it faith, or the manifestation of a dream, but one morning after a meeting with Nate, I woke up and there was a voice in my head saying Peak Prosper… Peak Prosper… I could not tell you exactly where the name was derived from other than the culmination of years of doodling about mountain peaks and prosperity. Gratefully the domain and business name was available, and I could begin building the platform that would house my life’s work and all the personal growth principles that Nate and I would talk about in our mastermind meetings.


Now, years have passed since my “corporate departure day”, honestly, I’ve almost quit this venture over a dozen times. I’d be lying if I tried to paint a different story for you. In reality, starting and growing a successful business is hard, especially when the only people reading your content during the early days are your dad, mom, sister, brother and gf. And, when you don’t have clients, or when the world goes to total muck over something like Covid and everything you’ve built has to be re-built.


Gratefully, I’ve never quit. I stuck with the path of helping others find meaningful work, scaling their businesses to beyond $250K per year, taking their careers to the next level, and creating the life of their dreams. I’ve found my life’s work, there is no denying that fact. And, I now have the greatest business partner I could have ever asked the universe for, Mike Morelli, is one rock star coach with a creative innovative vision for the future of our decentralized work and leadership world beyond anything I could create alone.


Some say they choose their work and some say it chooses them, some take a job just for a paycheck and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s simply not the path for me. I prefer the route less climbed, and scary Everest size goals. 


A World-class Community of People Doing Work They Love

In the case of Peak Prosper, I have to say it is a unique combination of the work choosing me and me choosing the work, and I’m so grateful that we get to build this platform together, a global community of people looking to discover meaningful work that makes a difference in our world. We now have a world-class community of clients in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia, and we are just getting started.


I believe all of us have a calling, work that when we find it, we can’t not do it. 


Join Us! 


If you’ve resonated with this piece of my story, I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your vision for the future. Your vision for work-life freedom, what you are building, or want to build, and see if or how we might be able to make this world a better place by both doing work we love.


To learn more about Peak Prosper and the method that we have developed that is now helping 100’s of men all over the world find work that brings them meaning and aligns with their purpose, then check out this short video we put together for you.

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