How To Become Your Authentic Self

Looking to become your true, authentic self so you can feel confident and empowered in business?

This article answers exactly what your authentic self really is, why becoming it should be your top priority, and how to step into the most authentic version of yourself you’ve ever been.

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Why Becoming Your Authentic Self Should Be Your Top Priority

Men who are successful in business and live a life of uncompromising freedom are playing their own game - they are authentic to the core.

What does authenticity really mean?

It means being crystal clear on what makes you unique.

Truly successful men (which we define as living your life’s purpose, your business is thriving, and you are experiencing the highest levels of happiness and fulfillment you deserve) can answer these questions without thinking twice.

  • What are your key skills, strengths, and passions, and how are you leveraging them to create impact?
  • What is the unique value that you can provide to other people?
  • What do you feel like you were “born to do?”
  • What do you feel that you’re a natural at without even trying?
  • What activities give you an energetic buzz when you are doing them?

On the other hand, you may feel like you don’t really know yourself at the core to answer these questions. If this is the case, you are not alone.

Why Do We Feel Inauthentic?

Many people feel inauthentic when they think about themselves. Where does one get the feeling of being inauthentic?

If you think about nature, things just are what they are. In the same way that a cat is a cat, a tulip is a tulip, and a tree is a tree. Everything just is what it is.

Only human beings are able to be one thing and pretend to be another.

Where does this come from?

When grownups punish a child for telling the truth for revealing what it really thinks, the child's authenticity and honesty is destroyed. Soon it will join the endless number of people who exclaim, “I do not know who I am.”

For they have hidden the truth about themselves for so long from others, they end up hiding it from themselves. 

To chase things like fame, acceptance, or power is something that will bring only self-glorification. When you chase self-glorification, you chase worldly feelings. Worldly feelings are feelings that have been created by man, not from nature.

Understanding Worldly Feelings vs. Feelings From Nature

What is the difference between worldly feelings and feelings created from nature?

Take a moment to recall the kind of feeling you had when someone praised you or when you were approved or accepted by a group of people. Now contrast that feeling with when you looked at the sunset, walked amongst a beautiful forest, or stood on the summit of a mountain peak.

Understand that the first feeling comes from self-glorification or self-promotion. It is a worldly feeling. The second feeling is a soul feeling. It comes from self-fulfillment. The soul feeling comes from nature.

Here's another example. Recall the feeling of when you “made it to the top” or won an argument to prove your point. Now contrast that with the feeling of being completely absorbed in work you love or an action like getting into a flow state while surfing.

Again, notice the distinct difference between the worldly feeling and the soul feeling.

And one more example. Remember a time in your life when you had “power,” you were the boss and people took orders from you. Maybe you were even popular for a time. Now contrast that with a soul feeling such as the companionship with a close mate or the time when you were in a group of people and everyone was speaking freely, laughing, and loving one another.

Authenticity is found in understanding the nature of worldly feelings. The main feelings which are represented by self-promotion or self-glorification. These are the most unnatural feelings that one can experience.

They were not invented from nature. They were invented from society and culture. These feelings have never and will never lead to long-term nourishment and happiness that feed the soul.

They don't bring us to our highest self. They don't help us truly understand our soul purpose.

Living by these feelings is what it's like to live by someone else's game. To play someone else's game is to chase worldly feelings like approval, acceptance, applause, or power.

All are a fool’s game - and chases never end.

When you really see how billions of people spend their lives constantly chasing worldly feelings, you will understand how so many people attempt to gain the world and, in the process, lose their soul.

When we chase worldly feelings, what is ultimately happening is becoming someone that society and culture have created.

How Authenticity Affects Your Success In Work & Life

I want you to think of the most successful humans, leaders, inventors, and artists.

Picasso, Mozart, Da Vinci, Jordan, Schwarzenegger, Aristotle, Lincoln, Churchill, Einstein, Shakespeare.

The reason their names are remembered is because they were playing their own game. They lived true to their mission, vision, and purpose.

At various times throughout their journey, they were called “fools,” “ignorant,” “stupid,” or “crazy.” Now, they are recognized as some of the most important and influential people ever to walk planet earth.

Imagine the case of Michael Jordan. People fill their homes with pictures and merchandise and even wear clothing with his name on it.

Could you imagine having such a positive impact on someone’s life that when you walked into their home, they had a picture of you above the fireplace and wore a t-shirt with your name on the back?

If you commit to walking your own path, you may be called “crazy.” But I’d rather be called crazy while being insanely happy than be miserable and be one of the crowd.

“Think sadly of the divine spark of uniqueness that lies within you, buried under layers of fear. The fear that you will be ridiculed or rejected if you dare to be yourself and refuse to conform mechanically in the way that you dress, act and think…You dare not break out of this prostitution and reclaim your original innocence. This is the price you pay for the passport of acceptance by your society.”

Anthony de Mello, “The Way To Love”

Five Ways Your Life Changes When You Live As Your Authentic Self

Here’s what happens when you live in true alignment with your authentic self…

  • Your income drastically increases: if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll be paid what everyone else is getting paid, which is “just getting by.”

  • You do the work you love: when you’re clear about who you are and what you enjoy most, you can identify and do the work that aligns with it.

  • You positively impact others: when you feel like crap, it is reflected in how you act, speak, and think. When you feel in love with yourself and life, people become magnetically attracted to you.

  • Your quality of life goes through the roof: your health and energy significantly improves because you’re happier, calmer, and more peaceful.

  • You have clarity, vision, and direction: when you know who you are and what you want out of life, all your energy and focus goes toward your mission. What you focus on expands!

Solutions To Become Your Authentic Self

It’s time to get back to the root - to the source and soul of who we ultimately are.

To become who we were meant to be.

The path to authenticity is having clarity on what makes us unique and what will motivate us to sprint out of bed as soon as we open our eyes in the morning to go put in the work.

The key to discovering genuine authenticity in yourself is to become clear on the things you do in your life regardless of praise, approval, and glorification from others.

These are the things you would do for the purity of what it is.

It is often something that you can't even explain why you genuinely enjoy it, but you just enjoy it for the soul of what it is.

Begin to carve out and cultivate time doing these things every day - things you would do regardless of whether you are getting paid for it. Things that, if time and money were infinite, you would do endlessly.

This will be life-changing for you and your business.

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