Mindset Secrets - Lessons From A Hailstorm In Arizona

lessons from adventure Jun 30, 2021


Hey guys - it’s Mike Morelli here. Hope you’re having a great week.

I flipped the script this on this one and decided to create an adventure based story for you with some real value and lessons.

Last fall, I went on a 14-day gravel bike trip in Arizona. For those of you who know me...you know I absolutely love adventure and exploring new places. This trip was sick. We got caught in a major hail and lightning storm that led to me having some profound insights into my own personal journey.

That’s why I decided to share this story with you for the first time. You can watch it here.

In this video you will learn:

  1. The major insight I learned after making this big mistake that you can avoid in your own life.
  2. A unique mindset shift that you can implement immediately to start generating more happiness, peace, and success.
  3. The truth about why most men continue to hit plateaus and what to do instead.

I hope you love this video!

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Hey guys, it's Mike Morelli, here from peak prosper. And in today's video, I'm going to be teaching you what I learned from getting caught in a hailstorm in Arizona on a 14 day gravel bike trip. What it really taught me about life and what it really taught me about growth, there was a major insight that happened on this on this trip, and really what happened in getting caught in this hailstorm and how it equates to really how we evolve ourselves as a man in this world and really stepping into someone that we're truly happy with someone that we're really proud. In. So yeah, let me jump into that. And last fall. One of my good friends, Sam, we always go on these big adventures together. And we've done trips such as walk across Iceland, we've done a 200 mile trip walking through this year in Nevada's in California. This the john Muir Trail, we did that when we were in our early 20s. And we've lived in New Zealand together. I mean, we've had these incredibly intimate and special experiences with nature and pushing ourselves always on this quest to really reach our full potential. And so another idea that we came up with was to buy gravel bikes and gravel bikes or bikes that there are similar to road bikes. But you can take them on dirt, roads, gravel roads, and the benefits of this is that you can really go on the road less traveled. And also, it's nice to not be near cars all the time. So we did this trip, and we planned it out. And it was amazing. It was a very powerful trip, the desert and the mountains in Arizona are incredibly spectacular and special. And so when we, when we were doing this trip, we were on day four, and we're in this area called the rim road. And the rim road is a is about a 50 mile gravel section that follows the rim of a canyon, it's incredibly beautiful. There's vistas of mountains, you're 1000s of feet above the valley floor. And just feeling so connected to, to nature. At that point, we had a wild experience with coyotes than I before. And so we're on day four of this trip. And we're biking in that night, we had actually woken up. This is what this is day three, we went to sleep. We're waking up in the morning of day four. And it's about four o'clock in the morning, and we started getting rained on right we hear thunder and there's thunder and lightning that we're literally watching out across the canyon. It's It was incredible. Coyotes are howling. And so we quickly set up our little tarp tent and just in the nick of time and all the rains come in. And so as we go throughout day four, there was, you know, little rain squalls that were coming. But we were saying, Wow, that, you know, it feels like there's so much energy in the sky, we feel like there's going to be a huge thunderstorm, a huge lightning storm that's going to break out but it kind of held all day. So as we go along, it's about four o'clock in the afternoon. And the sun is starting to set. It's fallen in Arizona at this time of the year. And so as we're biking, we're saying, Wow, like, you could feel kind of the electricity, you could hear the thunder starts getting louder and louder. And it's coming towards us. And you know, we're looking at each other. We're saying, Hey, man, I think we should stop. We should stop early and set up camp. But the ego inside of us does not, you know, keep pushing. You're all right. You've done this before. You know, you've you've been in hard situations before just keep going. And then it starts raining. And you know, we're kind of looking at the yo, hey, man, should we stop and sup camp, let's not get soaked. It's starting to get cold. The thunder is getting louder, but because of our own ego, we decided to keep pushing it and pushing it right. And as we keep pushing it, sure enough, we start pedaling and now we're in a complete downpour. And it's just absolutely dumping on us and the wind is picking up you're hearing the trees are, you know are shaking, you know, like when a thunderstorm is really about to break and the trees are like swaying but we're still pushing it. And the thunder is like really like right overhead now and we're saying brother, Hey, man, we got we have to stop. We have to stop right now. And after about the third or fourth time of kind of going back and forth here. And we were literally on the verge of saying hey, let's push it another couple miles. We stopped and as soon as we got off our bikes, but our bikes it starts hailing. And we're like scrambling at this point. And then the trees are like really like


like a kind of like almost the feeling that they're about to fall over. We're like trying to throw on like, clothing, all this different stuff. We're ripping our tent, the little tarp tent that we have out of our bag to try to set up camp and then sure enough, the skies completely open up. lightning flashing overhead like directly overhead and we're on these steel bikes, kind of like right out in the wide open. And it was dangerous, it was actually a super dangerous situation where I remember saying to myself, you know, if you get struck by lightning, you have no one else to blame except yourself because this was stupid, like you guys shouldn't have even put yourself in this situation. And you know, we grab the top 10 out of the out of our bikes, so like our bikes have these little bags attached to it, and we grab the tarp tent up. And we literally just throw it over ourselves didn't didn't even set it up. And we're sitting there and shorts and like, essentially, like little flimsy t shirts were completely soaked, the temperature drops down to like, kind of near like, I would say, 40 around freezing. And there's just huge chunks of hail hitting the ground. And lightning is just flashing overhead, crazy loud thunder. And we're freezing cold. And we had to stay under that tarp tent for about half an hour until it stopped. And really, you know, we we got away with one. But the point is, is that I see this with, you know, high performing adventurous men, men who really want to make the most from their life, I see this happen. And I'll put my hand up because I've been this guy for so much of my life, where we wait, we wait until the skies open up. We wait until there's thunder and lightning and we're getting hailed on for us to truly do something to change. We wait until our life hits rock bottom or close to it. Right? We wait until our relationships get affected. We wait until our financial situation gets to the point where we're freaking out. We wait until our health suffers. We wait until we feel truly unhappy with our life and completely stressed out. And our mind is just spinning for us to actually change for us to actually do something different. And this moment, here in the mountains in Arizona on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, fully loaded up with gear and food around the back country. And we're getting hailed on and thunder, there was no one coming to save us. You know, if we had gotten struck by lightning out in this little, you know, on this little dirt road trail. You know, we had no one else to blame but ourselves. And I think this is a key thing in life is that when everything starts to pile down on us, when everything feels like it's going wrong, we have to put her hand up and say, Hey, I put myself in this situation, you know, take full accountability and responsibility and just say, hey, I've pretty much sabotage myself into this place. The beauty of that is that you can you do have the power within yourself to change that. But the the greater lesson in this video here today, and what I'm showing you with, you know, pictures and videos from this experience, and now's me speaking to you now is that don't wait for things to hit rock bottom. Don't wait for things to get so bad that you finally decide to change. So many times, we feel like this in life. We feel like we make growth. And then we crash back down. And then we say, you know these bottom points here, go, Okay, I got to pick it back up, I got to, you know, I got to work harder on my business or I've got to double down on my relationship or I got to go back to the gym or I got to like journal more, I got to like read more self development books. And so what happens is we make that growth back up. But then we hit this plateau point where we're not able to break through and reach our full potential. And we get complacent here, we get comfortable here, right, we get satisfied here. And so we crashed back down. And it's at this point here, where the thunderstorms and the lightning and the hail hits. Right.


The key thing is that you don't start sinking deeper. You don't want to sink deeper into that place where the mind really takes over. And we're completely overwhelmed and stressed out. If you feel like you continue to follow this pattern of Up, down, up, down, but you're not breaking through this point here. This is your plateau level, which means that in order for you to break through this plateau and stop feeling like you're going through this up and down cycle here. Right here requires new actions up here. Like where you really want to be. This place here. I got to fill him a star. This place up here requires a new way of thinking. It requires a new Internal foundation requires a new set of tools and resources and potentially being surrounded, well, not potentially, and being surrounded by a group of people who are also up here, right? A lot of the times, we just continue in this zone here to take the same actions, the same habits, the same ways of thinking, we're surrounded by the same kind of people on the same level up here requires an evolution of you. Right? It requires an internal evolution of you. And I hope that you find tremendous value from this video today. And this, these lessons that I'm sharing with you here, don't wait until it's hailing. Don't wait until you're struggling and you're suffering, overcome that ego overcome the ego that tells you that I have all the answers, I know what to do. Those are the worst words in the entire world, I know what I need to do. If you know if you knew what you really needed to do, you wouldn't be following this whole pattern your entire life. It's one of the biggest lessons that I've learned in my life is that when things are not going right, when you're stagnant, when you're hitting that plateau, it's time to change your way of thinking. So yeah, I hope that you just get amazing value from this story that I had in Arizona, and even just sharing some of these lessons with you here today. So as we wrap up this video today, if you're finding tremendous benefit out of this content, you know, make sure to subscribe down below and click that, click our little logo there and subscribe. So you get notified when we post videos. We want this to be a tremendous resource for you. And also, if you are a guy, you're a high performing guy, you're an adventurous guy you want to make the most out of this life. And really, truly feel happy with yourself and your journey. And you want a different opinion, you're saying I feel like that's me, I'm hitting those plateaus. And I'm sick of going to those rock bottoms and feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. And I have to like pick myself back up. Again. If you want to break through schedule a free exploratory call with both myself or Scott, you can click the link below in our little description there and just schedule a free 45 minute exploratory call and what we have designed these calls, it's completely free. We're going to help you to gain real mental clarity around what's holding you back and what you need to do moving forward and creating a vision and a set of goals that bring new meaning and purpose into your life. And that will take you to that higher level. That's what Scott and I are we're so passionate about. So if you are ready for that, right if you if you feel like hey, I want to take a new step and talk to people in a different headspace. Please click that link below and schedule your FREE exploratory call it will be insanely valuable for you. So yeah, hope you got tremendous benefit from this video today. Much love and respect. Mike here from peak prosper and I'm out. We'll see you on the flip side.