Accomplish Anything: How To Transcend The 3 Levels Of Desire

mindset Jun 23, 2021


It’s Mike Morelli here from Peak Prosper and I’ve got a cracker for ya today.

You’re going to love this video because it will change the way you think about achieving your goals and dreams on your journey to your better self.

Too often in life we lack a clear plan of action to figuring out what we want and then how to go about achieving it. This video will clear all of that up for you.

I’m going to break down a few key things so that you can learn:

  1. Why “wanting” to achieve our dreams and goals is not enough.
  2. Why you need to go to a higher level beyond “choosing.”
  3. What it looks like when you make a full commitment.
  4. What you need to turn your dream into real world results.

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Scott, Mike, and the Peak Prosper Team



Hey guys, Mike Morelli, here and in today's video, I'm going to be teaching you how to transcend the three levels of desire so that you can turn your dreams into a reality. So, before we jump into today's video, if you like content like this, that Scott and I are delivering to you, make sure to subscribe to our content down below, just click that little button. And you'll get notified every time that we release new content. So we're stoked to do that with you. And yeah, before we jump into all of this, today, it's going to be a super powerful one, I want to let you know that Scott and I, we are open for enrollment in the peak prosper men's transformation course. So if you are a high performing adventurous man that wants to transform your mind, and turn your dreams into a reality, then make sure that you go into the description down below. And you can book a free call and talk with either Scott Nye. And we'll help you to define a really clear vision for your life, a set of goals that bring meaning and purpose, and really the steps that you need to take in order to become the best version of yourself. So just wanted to let you know that Anyways, let's get this video started today. Cool. So I put this quote up here. First, I think it really encompasses a lot of what we're going to talk about today. And it says the number one reason most people don't get what they want in life, is because they don't really know what they want. And so why don't I draw this circle with an arrow pointing onto it? Right. And this is where we want to be in life, we want to be this circle here. That's just going one direction. Like, we don't want to be this. Like I feel like too often in life, we turn into return into this, return into this. And we're going in all all these multiple directions, and we're scattered, and it's confusing.

And this is exactly what happens when we don't know what we want in life. Right? We go it here we go here. Oh, this is a good opportunity. Oh, yeah, I'll do that. That sounds great. And, oh, we'll go to this opportunity. Oh, here's another fun thing. And it's all these little dopamine hits, and we're chasing and chasing and chasing. And I feel what happens is we develop this rat race in our mind, life becomes very overwhelming, it becomes very confusing. And we lose sight of what's important. What's immediate, what is our what is our goal, what am I really working towards. And when I was working as a server in Jackson Hole, I was working in a restaurant and I hated this job. And I remember like trying to do all these different things in my life, like, I remember I was took this course on, like, how to learn how to trade stocks. And then I was like, trying to learn how to flip Airbnb houses, and I was still working the serving job, and I was trying to recover from an injury, I was doing all these different things. And, you know, the way that we do one thing is the way that we do everything. It's such a powerful quote, to remember the way that you do one thing is the way that you do almost everything. And, you know, you don't want to be this here, you know, you really don't, because it takes away so much of your energy. And it takes away the progress towards a long term mission. And you're going to hear Scott and we talk about that so much like a long term mission, a long term vision. It's so important. So you want to be this. Like you want to be that and the difference between like people and successful people is that successful people say no to a lot of things, because they're very clear about what they want and how they're going to get there. So that's what I'm going to share with you today how to get to those three levels. Kind of transcend each of those three levels so that you can get what you want. And if you are someone's like well, this is perfectly I don't even know what I want. Yeah, this is definitely going to be spot on for you. If you're someone that you do kind of have a broad idea you generally known as an awareness conceptual level is what you want, but you want to turn your dreams into reality this is also going to be perfect for you.So the three levels, levels of desire.


So the three levels of desire, what are they? One I want to be so I see I hear a lot of guys say this, I want to be the best version of myself. How often do you hear that? Think about that? Yeah, I want to be the best version of myself. Yeah, I want to be the best version of myself like wanting is useless. Okay. And just, you know, I know that's I know, that's kind of maybe a little bit intense. But just think about that wanting something is useless. Here's why. Wanting is useless.


Like, there are, there are millions of people around the world who want to be rich, right? They say that, but they don't really want, they don't really want that they're not actually going for it. Yeah. And as an awareness level, it sounds good. But wanting doesn't equate to any real world results. And there's, like, everyone wants love. Here's a better example. I will almost say to you that every single person in the world wants love. But love is not something that you want. Love is something that you work towards. Right? I would say everyone wants health, but not everyone is willing to work for health. So this is why wanting is useless. Like billions and billions of people around the world want a lot of things. But again, if it doesn't align with you, if it doesn't make sense, if it's not something that you're truly willing to sacrifice and work towards, then it's useless. It's absolutely useless. So you transcend this level of desire to the next step here.


I choose to be so let's say fino for a lot of the guys watching this video, you know, you're someone that wants to be a light to other people, you want to inspire people, you want to be the best version of yourself, right? You're someone that wants to be a leader. So now instead of saying I want to be, which is again, we know that's useless, it doesn't equate to any real world results. I choose to be I choose to be the best version of myself, I choose to be a leader, I choose to be an inspiration and a light to other people. I choose to live my best life today. And this is a step up, right? You know, it's making a decision. And when you make a decision. When you make a decision, that decision means to kill off anything else. And that's super important. So when Scott and I decided to launch peak prosper together, we made a decision that meant that meant that what I was doing at my point in my life, then I was doing one on one coaching, Scott was doing one on one coaching, when we made that decision to work together we decided to to kill off to kill off other options.


I threw in other options that are so didn't come across as too intense. But when you make a decision, it means to kill off other options. So this is a huge step up here. So if you find yourself saying I want things I want this, I want that no start saying I choose that I choose to be this I choose to do that. And you'll find it's that wow, okay, I am starting to make that decision there. And it's really putting a little bit more of commitment in to yourself and to what you want to become. But there's one more there's one more level two this as I said there's three there's one more level that's incredibly important. If you want to do anything meaningful in life, that you have to this is important here i'm not i'm not saying choosing isn't isn't important absolutely is important. But in order to live a truly meaningful life you need to do this level here. Here we go.


Commit you have to commit and the definition of commit is to devote oneself unreservedly. So if we look at this word like to devote, like when it when you say commit, literally when I say I commit to something or when when human beings commit to something, it means I'm going to die trying and if I Think back to, you know, I'll share some of this story. Maybe some of you guys know that some of you don't, I shattered my heel bone in a climbing accident. It's been actually a little over four years now I've had three surgeries on it. And my doctor told me that I know you don't think you'll ever really walk normally, again, you'll never be able to run, you know, you're just that we're just going to really be that way. Long story short. And, yeah, I want it to heal, I want it to move again. And then I was like, You know what, that doesn't really mean that, you know, I choose to be healthy, I choose to be strong. No, I got to a point I said, I commit, I commit to healing, I commit to walking and running again, I commit to moving in the mountains again. And I literally told friends and family, I will die trying if it is the last thing that I do on this planet. And that's the way that we have to be sometimes when we want to live a life with true impact with true meaning where we wake up in the morning, and we literally feel proud of who we are because of the path that we chose to do. It doesn't come from wanting, a lot of it doesn't come from choosing, it comes to committing. And that's why this is the most important level of desire right here is this third level commitment. It doesn't matter whether it's in health, relationships, business wealth, right, you have to commit. And this is why Scott Knight, it's so powerful to create and commit to a crystal clear vision that you work towards. So for example, like when I was feeling completely stuck, I would told you I was working in this job in Jackson Hole was working as a server, super negative environment wasn't happy with myself, I became negative I became someone that I really wasn't proud of, and I was like, would wake up and go, what the hell am I doing every day, right? I had to commit to something bigger, I had to commit to a better version of myself. And defining that and making it clear and making it something that I felt aligned with so that when I would wake up in the morning, I felt empowered. And there's a sense of purpose beyond that is the most life changing thing. It is the most life changing thing, because you see a version of yourself that you want to become in the life, right.


And now, look, a year and a half later, I have this business with Scott, we're impacting a ton of guys, I'm living out here in Hawaii. And you can achieve that too. Not that you want to be have a life coaching operation, and you want to be in Hawaii, but you have something else inside of you that is unique and special to you. Right. And I know that you feel that you're probably watching this video and you feel that spark inside of you, you have some sort of sort of a dream at a conceptual awareness level, which is up here. But if you really want to turn those dreams into a reality and transform your life, you have to commit to a vision, you have to commit to a set of goals that support that vision. And the vision is based around your core values, right? So if you are watching this video, I know I'm throwing a lot at you. But if you're watching this video, and you're saying, Well, I don't really know what I want, I would challenge you again to just click the link below and just schedule a free conversation with both myself and or Scott, one of us is going to be on that call with you. And we're going to help you to define that vision and find out what's meaningful, and what's important. be incredibly valuable, valuable for you.


So, you know, I hope that you get a ton of value from this video. Today. If you find yourself saying I want often. Well, it's time to think about switching it down to saying I choose right start setting I choose and then go to that third level where this is the most important. I commit, I commit to blank, I commit to being the man that I was meant to be. Start writing it out. What does it look like? Like start defining it and it may be challenging at first. But when you do that work, when you start forcing yourself to ask questions that opens your mind, then the possibilities are endless. Remember, a statement closes the mind a question opens it. So when you say I don't know what I want, boom, it's over. You don't know. But Hmm, what do I want? Just open just start asking those questions, get out a journal and start writing out some answers. And yeah, so I hope that you got tremendous value out of this video today. And if you're gonna leave with anything, commit. Awesome. All right, Cheers, guys. Thanks so much for watching this and we'd love your feedback down below as well. So leave a comment or two in the comment section. Let us know what you think. Cheers.