11 Wild {But True} Things About Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is about as wild as flying to the moon on a spaceship because at times it will feel that impossible.


You must be a little crazy to start your own business. 


Think about it for just a moment…


Everything is on you… 


The success of your business, the happiness of your clients, the performance of your team, your ability to weather the storms of down markets and down months. Everything is on you, and you must take full ownership for your company to succeed.


It really is a little wild when you step back and look at all the mechanisms that must be in place to build and run a successful business. Heck, it’s not just wild, it can become overwhelming, seemingly impossible, and make you feel like the road to success is all uphill… 


From personally starting and successfully building 3 of my own businesses in 3 different industries as a painting contractor, digital marketing consultant, and now a creator of Peak Prosper where we help others start and scale their business ideas… I’ve learned a thing or two about starting your own business, things that are totally wild, but absolutely true. 


These 11 truths come from the 1000’s of conversations with clients where I’ve helped with the concept, strategy, and deployment of dozens of businesses across a wide range of industries.


These are 11 hard-learned realities that must be embraced as you embark on your journey of entrepreneurship. Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Excitement Overload; In the beginning, you will be overloaded with “excitement” and “expectations” for “quick” success as you embark on your new journey toward starting your empire. The truth though… results will come slower than you want them to. Overnight successes happen after hours, days and months of hard work. 


2. Mindset Management is of The Utmost Importance; You will become your best inner coach and at times worst critic. Self-doubt will plague your ability to succeed while having a focused, optimistic and exponential growth mindset will get you through all challenges that await


3. Pivot and Prosper;  When things are not working, this is a good sign that now is the time to pivot in order to prosper. This is a process I’ve coined for building a success plan that shifts you away from the mindset and strategy that is not working, and toward one that will inevitably lead you to where you want to go.


4. Surf The Waves; You’ll learn to ride the biggest waves of your life. Entrepreneurship has ups and downs, it's not for the weak and timid, your ability to flow with the tide and ride the waves will determine your level of success, and ultimately your ability to maintain a cool calm collected aura as you climb to the rolling hills of business sustainability.


5. Expectation Management; Expectation - Communication = Frustration. This simple formula will apply to the relationship you have with yourself, your clients, and your vendors. You must align your expectations with clear and concise communication so that you understand what you are doing and others understand what to expect from you. Failure to properly communicate expectations will result in catastrophic failure. 


6. Business Identity Attachment; Your business will become an extension of your personal identity. When the business is succeeding you will feel like a success, when the business is failing, you will feel like a failure, when the business is stuck, you will feel stuck. This identification with the performance of the business can become unhealthy if it gets too strong and is not well managed.



7. Your Inner Circle Influences Your Outer Results; Your inner circle, the people you spend time with will have a profound effect on the results you experience in your business. Be sure to always have a group of people that are a few steps behind you, and a few steps ahead of you in business, this healthy relationship balance will inspire you to help others and show you what is possible when you stay in the game.



8. “Quitting” Should Not Be In Your Blood; It is easy when things are not performing up to your greatest desires for the voice of disaster to creep in and tell you to quit, to take the easy road, to give up on your dream, but if you do this, in a year or two you will have regrets weighing on your shoulders. And, if you don’t quit in the hard times and instead get help from mentors, and have the grit to keep working through, the successes that await you will feel like quantum breakthroughs.



9. Celebrating Success; Taking a moment each day to celebrate your progress no matter how big or small is the key to maintaining positive momentum. If you only celebrate your results and not the process, then many days will be much harder than others. Celebrate the days of flawlessly executing your process regardless of the results.


10. Build Your Business on a Solid Inner Foundation; Many entrepreneurs get their start on a faulty inner foundation. They launch into taking massive action without investing in getting their mind right, their vision clarified and their plan of action aligned. Take the time to tune your mind.


11. Have FUN!!! In general, people become way too damn serious, just look around at all the frowny faces that people are rocking, look at the furrowed foreheads showing signs of extreme stress. Remember, you started your own business so you could have more fun with life and your career. Remember to make your work into a giant game, something fun that you work to master… each day getting a little better, each day learning how to win your game with less force and more flow.



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