How You Can Begin Accomplishing Goals That Matter

According to a Harvard University study, on average, only 3% of people have clearly defined goals that support their vision of what life should be like. This small group of people accomplishes ten times that of people who do not have clearly written goals. They earn ten times more money, have ten times the quality of relationships, and have the ability to take ten times the amount of vacation.

Goals move us forward in life and are the oxygen that keeps our dreams alive.

Goal setters and go-getters live a 10X life, you can be one too.
– Peak Prosper

Goals Are The Path To Living Your Dream Life

Goal setting is a skill and you have the ability to master it — just like riding a bike, reading books, working through math problems, and walking down the street. The process and principles of goal setting provide you with the framework and daily rituals necessary to build your map that will direct you toward living the life of your dreams.

For many, their ultimate aim in life is simply to live a long, fulfilling and happy life. Easier said than done. Many people never get to experience this, or they do, but not all the time because they don’t believe clearly written goals are the key to making their dream life a reality.

There are five types of people with different beliefs and understandings about goals. Their belief has a huge impact on the life they get to live.

5 Different Goal Beliefs:

  1. “I Have No Need For Goals.”: People who are good with letting life just happen to them, they are stuck in a reactive state of living.
  2. “I Keep All of My Goals in My Head.”: People who have goals in their mind but do not believe they need to have them written down. This lack of clarity creates vague results.
  3. “Life Is Uncertain. Why Have Goals?”: People who believe life is unpredictable, so why have goals?
  4. “I Believe Goals Matter, But How Do I Define Them?”: People who believe goals matter, but do not know exactly how to create a roadmap to achieve them.
  5. “I Am Part of the 3%. My Goals Are Clearly Written.”: People who have clearly written goals and a clear plan for achieving them. They are making progress toward living the life of their dreams each and every day.

Today is your day to become part of the 3%.

If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.
– Warren Miller

What is Goal Setting and What Do You Want?

Goal setting is the process of clearly defining something you want to accomplish that supports your life vision. Your goals should answer two simple questions.

  1. By when?
  2. How much?

Example: I am going on a trip to Australia from August 1, 2018 to August 10, 2018 and it will cost me $2000.

Many people focus on one or two goals at a time from one or two areas of life. We have found that to live a truly fulfilling life it is important to have goals that you are working towards in the eight key areas of life; Physical Environment, Money, Career, Relationships, Adventure/Fun, Personal Growth, Health, and Community. Your core areas may be a little different, but the point is that a balanced life is a happy life.

So what is it that you wish to do with this one amazing life you get to live?

Why Do You Want to Accomplish Your Goals?

If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find an excuse.
– Ryan Blair

The inspiration for change often comes from one of two places. A focus on positive outcomes and experiences as a result of accomplishing your goal. For example, financial freedom, the excitement of seeing new places, or self-love and happiness. Or, you can focus on the negatives if you do not change or accomplish a goal. For example, bankruptcy or severe health problems.

Positive or negative, it’s absolutely critical to define what will make achieving your goal an absolute must.

What is the massive reason why you want to achieve your goal?

Make sure that your reason for setting a goal is personal to you. It will be clear when you have found the right reason for going after something in life. Your why will drive you to emotionally invest in the progress of your goal.

Example: My goal was to lose 30lbs by December 30th, 2017 at 12:00 PM. By losing this weight, I will have more self-confidence, energy, and be able to enjoy what I love more. If I do not lose this weight, I will lack the confidence to meet the girl of my dreams and not be in a state of mind to radiate hope and prosperity to others.

Whatever your reason is for setting your goal, make sure it hits a certain place inside of you that sparks an emotional fire of commitment.

How to Accomplish Your Goals

There is no denying the fact that accomplishing your goals will take a lot of one thing.


However, the work will flow naturally so long as the goals you set are the right goals for you. Think about the last time you did something for yourself. It likely felt a lot easier than a goal that was prescribed to you by someone else. For example, a reading for your college curriculum or a target sales quota from your executive team was likely a lot more challenging than going on your last dream vacation or purchasing your first mountain bike.

Activity: Close your eyes for 30-60 seconds and imagine how your life will be when you get to live it on your terms, based on goals that truly matter to you.

The how, or path to accomplishing your goals, will slowly begin to unfold in front of you as long as you continue to take action and gain more clarity on exactly what you want. As a result of clearly defining what it is that you want, the universe will begin giving you opportunities, people, and resources to make progress each day on your goals.

Small steps forward each day add up to miles of progress over time.
– Peak Prosper

After you have your goals defined, break them down into milestones and smaller bite-sized tasks. It is not realistic to complete your larger goals in one working session, and just looking at them might be overwhelming. Patience and persistence will be your key to success. As Fred Deluca from Subway says, “Start Small, Finish Big”.

Create a Daily Ritual

In order to accomplish the goals you have mapped out you must keep your plans in the forefront of your mind. Reading your goals aloud to yourself on a daily basis will engrain them in your subconscious. This simple daily action will put your mind to work even when you are at rest. It will ensure that when people ask you… (what are your goals?), that you have an answer prepared and as a result of your clarity, they will be more willing and able to help you.

When will you review your goals each day?

Time of Day: AM_________ PM_________

Schedule Time to Work on Your Goals

We all have a limited amount of time each day. While many of us wish we had superpowers that enabled us to do everything we imagined, that’s just not the case. Without scheduling what we are going to do, it is easy to end up planning too much or wasting time doing things that do not really matter. This leads to being overwhelmed with little to no progress on our goals that truly matter.

Take some time at the end of each day to schedule how you will spend your following day. Use your personal time wisely to ensure you are making daily progress.

Get Accountable

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.
– Unknown

Activity: Pick at least five accountability allies to share your goals with and write them down in your notebook.

Accountability Ally: A friend, family member, or mentor whom you can share your goals and progress with.

Reach out to them to share your goals. If they have a specific area of expertise that supports one of your goals, then ask them for their help. Better yet, if they have already accomplished one of your goals in their own lives, ask them how the did it. What mistakes did they make? How did they feel when they accomplished it? What did they learn through the process of accomplishing the goal?

Take MASSIVE Action

Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.
– Dr. Steve Maroboli

Take a small action right now to move you closer to accomplishing your goals. It could be the tiniest thing in the world. Maybe send a short email or make a quick list. Pick something that only takes 5 minutes or less and does it. Let the momentum build.

Where Will You Go From Here?

Become a part of the 3% club today and take the next step to setting goals that support your vision of the ideal life.

You are not alone on this journey, and the work has just started. At Peak Prosper, we believe in surrounding ourselves with people that will not let us fail and resources that provide the necessary structure for creating the life of our dreams.

The Peak Prosper Guide to Setting Goals That Matter

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See you at the next summit,

Scott Rowley and The Peak Prosper Team