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Peak Prosper Helps High Performing Adventurous Men Transform Their Mind and Create The Life Of Their Dreams.



Mike Morelli - Founder

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Scott Rowley - Founder

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Author, coach, global explorer, and husband to Alexandra. Scott draws from his personal and professional experience to create innovative solutions that empower men with the tools and resources they need to master their emotions, their mind, and create the life. of their dreams. His own chapter in life that was filled with self-destruction called him to do this work.

We help adventurous men who are stuck in their head

This represents a very large number of men, and if you are one of them - you are not alone. They feel extremely emotional and unbalanced. A lack of clarity on who they are adds to the confusion of life. They’re dealing with heartbreak, uncertainty, distance, and poor communication in their relationships. They feel stuck in their own head and wonder, “how much harder do I really have to work to find true happiness?” 

Achieve mental clarity, inner peace, and optimal performance.

Within every man there is a calm, compassionate, and peaceful person. Men who are living from this state are rare. These men are shining examples and help others along their journey. They have relationships that display love, open communication, and trust. They have control over their mind and maintain emotional balance. You won’t find them criticizing themselves or others. Instead, you will find them living a healthy, active, adventurous lifestyle, while inspiring others along the way.

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How Peak Prosper Works

Proven Program

We turned the unknown world of personal development and transformation into a simple-to-follow program. Use our proven 3-step model to get out of your head, gain emotional control, and master your destiny.

New Worldview and Self Identity

We created a systematic process to reprogram your brain. Build your discipline muscles and consistently take the actions you need on a daily basis to get to where you want to be.

Expert Coaches

Receive the support and guidance you need to successfully reach your next peak in life. Get access to expert coaches, bi-weekly group video calls, and our private community.

A Brotherhood

Changing your life requires that you are surrounded by the right people. Join an active brotherhood of high performing adventurous men who are walking the same path, want to see you succeed, and who will lift you up to higher heights.

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See what high performing adventurous men are saying about their results with Peak Prosper.

Erik - Wildland Firefighter


"My girl left me and I got hit with an internal storm. I was stuck inside my head with painful thoughts and emotions. I've rediscovered my passion for life and my career."

Evan - Owner of "The Depot"


"Life felt chaotic and my relationship was struggling. I've found inner peace, freedom, saved my business, and elevated my life to new heights."

Logan - Owner of "Basecamp Climbing"


"My internal dialogue and mental strength has improved significantly, romantic relationship is way more intimate, and my business continues to thrive."

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