“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself, and that will change your stories end.” – Jim Rohn

mt hood reflection scott michael rowley

My life started to change dramatically as soon as I realized that everything was a result of the decisions and actions I’d taken up to this point. When I stopped running from all the problems that “scared” me and faced the changes necessary to build the life I deeply wanted, different outcomes were created. I moved from living a fear-based intoxicated life, to one nourished with joy, excitement, and a community of people who shared many of the same passions and values as I, I no longer felt I wanted to die. I know, this may sound deep, but it is the honest, open reality of where I spent many days of my life.

Living a healthy, prosperous life requires we take 100% responsibility for what happens to us, because there is really only one person who can change our quality of life, that person looks at us in the mirror each morning. Our financial position, relationships, health, feelings… everything is a direct result of our response to events that have occured in our lives.

We must stop the blaming, complaining, and looking outside of ourselves for answers as to why life has created our current outcome.

100% means that it is not our parents, the weather, our companies, or society’s fault for the way things are in life, but rather our own.

You see I am responsible for every single outcome in these scenarios.

If we do not like the outcomes that life is giving us, then we must change our response, because results never lie. If our bank account is not growing there is a reason, if our body is not getting healthier there is a reason, if we are still “stuck” in a job or relationship we do not find joy in, there is a reason… and that reason is us. We must become willing to face the facts squarely, make a new plan to change our outcome and take action.

Our limited energy cannot be wasted away on blaming, stressing out, feeding the negative voice inside, it should be rechannelend, realigned, and the outcomes will change.

“I am broke, my business is not thriving” is a direct result of the responses I have given to an event which can be changed to “my business is healthy, thriving and I love my work”. These are not affirmations, they are fact based outcomes created through ownership and action.

While this is a simple concept to begin steering our lives in the direction of our dreams, it is not always easy, especially given the fact that we live in a blame based world that moves at the speed of light, where time is rarely created to slow down, assess our current relationships, career, and health.

Do you really take 100% ownership over everything that happens in your life? Or, are you busy blaming, the economy, weather, your husband or wife?