I help high performing adventurous men unleash their untapped potential, and create more happiness, love and prosperity in their lives….

I’ve been where you are. Stuck. Feeling worthless, depressed and disconnected. Knowing you are capable of greatness, but with each passing day, feeling weakness. Coping with this feeling of not enough with over exercise, overworking, substances, and being busy.

Gratefully, I have walked through that darkness to the other side where I get to live a healthy, joyful and active lifestyle with the woman of my dreams.

You are not alone on your journey and redefining who you are on your path to becoming the man you want to be is the first step that I invite you to take.

If you have reached a point where you would like to explore some new paths forward, then invest the time in watching this free training I put together to help become a healthier, wealthier, happier you.

Do You Struggle With…

  • Self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck where you are?
  • Heartache, uncertainty, and distance in your romantic life.
  • Lack of emotional and physical support from your partner and your relationships?
  • Frequent feelings of depression, frustration and fatigue?
  • A feeling of being overwhelmed unable to accomplish what you most desire and get on top of things in life?
  • Unhealthy relationships with women that never seem to bring you a sense of connection, belonging and that your natural needs are met?
  • Misalignment with the life of your dreams? Poor health as a result of habits that hold you back from being the man you want to be?
  • An inner knowing that you are capable of so much more?
Scott Rowley Peak Prosper

Do You Desire to Live the Life of Your Dreams…

  • Moving forward confidently and showing up healthier and wealthier than ever before.
  • Committed to a healthy thriving romantic relationship with the woman of your dreams.
  • Relationships that make you feel supported and able to authentically be yourself.
  • Feeling emotionally stable, joyful and filled with youthful energy.
  • Being more successful as a result of focusing on the work that truly matters each day and getting it done with ease and joy.
  • Living your life on "purpose" feeling like your contribution is significant and making the impact you desire.
  • Living the life of your dreams each day you wake up.

If This Sounds Like You, Then...

  • invest the time in having a short chat with me about a different path forward to peace and prosperity
  • find compassion and empathy for yourself
  • accept that time is not a cure all, but choosing to walk a different path is your way toward where you most desire to be

Who Am I:

Adventure athlete who loves backcountry skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing and trekking around the world. Partner to my beautiful girlfriend Alexandra. And constantly working toward growing and evolving into a more peaceful, prosperous version of myself.

I am passionate about helping men overcome their sense of unworthiness, self sabotaging habits that hold them back from being the greatest version of themselves, and empowering them with the tools and mindset to create thriving relationships, get breakthroughs in their businesses and reach new heights in the mountains.

After years of trying to fight and claw my way through a life in which enough never existed, I found myself on rock bottom, unable to continue on the way I was any longer. I was overwhelmed, overweight, using alcohol, cocaine and porn to numb the pain that represented how I really felt inside. This moment was the turning point on my path.

It’s been 3 years since my breaking point that I call rock bottom. Everything has changed. I’ve realized a childhood dream of trekking through the Himalayas in Nepal, meeting the woman of my dreams and moving to a small mountain town in Montana and finding the work that brings me to life through helping other men redefine success, heal and experience a life of inner peace.

I am here to be your catalyst for making the changes that support realizing your deepest desires in life.

Client Experiences Working With Peak Prosper...

This training will show you a path forward, freeing you from heartbreak and the pain, empowering you with a new mindset to help you become the greatest version of yourself.