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Our Methodology

NOS - Natural Operating State

By clarifying your Natural Operating State, you’re going to develop a powerful sense of who you are, what your true calling is, and the key skills, strengths, and passions that you should be focusing on to do the work you love and be the happiest you’ve ever been.

MTV - Massively Transformative Vision

Once you clearly understand your Natural Operating State, the next step is to create your MTV - Massively Transformative Vision. This unique process will give you the clarity, direction, and confidence to know what the end goal is and why you’re working towards it.

Path To Prosperity

The final piece of this method is  called the Path To Prosperity. We break down your MTV into a simple-to-follow plan of action that allows you to build serious momentum and stack wins - which we call #newsummits. You know you’re moving toward your dreams because you’re seeing them become a reality.

What Men Are Saying


Got clarity on the business he wanted to pursue that uses his creative ability.

"My self-confidence began to improve almost after a week because I had something to work towards."


Took his rock climbing passion to a 6-figure adventure business.

"I've built a world class guiding company, gross six figures, and most important achieved goals beyond my wildest dreams."


Clarified his GIS dream and landed his first $4,500 client (and $100k in future work).

"The amount of people I can reach and help with my GIS design work is incredible. The money & financial freedom & changing the world is so amazing."

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How Peak Prosper Delivers Results

Proven Program

Our program is fueled by a results backed, principle based methodology that is driven by our real world experience and obsession to get our clients incredible results. All of our clients get results, or we work with them until they do!

Expert Coaches

Receive the necessary mentorship and guidance to successfully reach your next peak from people who have lived it. Get access to expert coaches, twice-weekly group video calls, and our private community.

A Brotherhood

Changing your life requires that you are surrounded by the right people. Join an active brotherhood of high performing adventurous men who are walking the same path, want to see you succeed, and who will lift you up to higher heights.

How To Work With Us

Before inviting anyone into our 2.0 Transformation Program, we provide a free clarity call to determine if we can help and if it is the right fit.

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Our 20-minute masterclass will give you an overview of the Peak Prosper methodology and how it can help you move to the next level.

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